Barbie Digital Makeover – PC Game Review – brutalmoose

Barbie Digital Makeover – PC Game Review – brutalmoose

I am a man of many haircuts. Just a quick look through my videos, and it’s easy to see that I Iike to change it up from time to time Just usually due to general boredom Currently my hair is growing out and while some people are very pro-hair there are other people that are not too keen To those of you out there that don’t really like the direction my hair is headed in I wanted to let you know that I hear you I hear your complaints I just don’t care. Maybe today will finally be the day that I can meet everyone’s standard of beauty because today I’m getting a makeover. A Barbie Digital Makeover that is. Before I was told that they were for girls and that I had to play with GI Joes instead I actually used to enjoy Barbie. More accurately, I enjoyed playing with my older sister who had tonnes of Barbie dolls. She even had that big pink dream house. She also had some type of Barbie makeover software, but this isn’t the same one I remember her having I don’t think Still, this all feels a bit nostalgic for me because it’s similar enough. [tacky techno music plays]
Barbie: Hi, I’m Barbie [tacky techno music plays]
Barbie: Let’s give each other a makeover. [tacky techno music plays] Oh man, listen to that song. This soundtrack is bumpin’. [tacky techno music continues playing] Bumpin’. Bangin’. It’s not bad. In fact. If you’re just absolutely captivated by the game’s OST you can just pop the CD into your boom box skip track one and just like that you’re bangin’ with Barb – uh no never mind. Barbie Digital Makeover is all about making over digital Barbies. Your Barbie is presented in stunning 3-ish D, and at your disposal is a small variety of make ups. Using the power of point and click, just select a shade and it’s time to get makeover. [sick Barbie techno music montage] Barbie: Pick out cool accessories to go with your makeover. When you’re done ‘prettying up’ Barbies face, it’s time to accessorize with necklaces, earrings and temporary tattoos. You can even change Barbie’s hair. There are five hair cuts to choose from and you can customize the colour, length, and even add highlights. Lookin’ good, Barbie. It’s time to show off your new style on the red carpet. At your wedding. Standing in a field supporting the… team. On a beach. At Grandma’s. And in hell. You can also put your picture on things like albums or magazine covers. Alright, that first one went pretty well, and now that I know the basics who’s next. [another techno montage begins] If you’re unhappy with the colours of makeup provided to you just take a stroll over to the makeup factory where you can combine various ingredients together to create your own shades. [weird in-game whoosing noises] [gross in-game squishing noises] [audience ooo and aah] [audience applause] If you’ve ever had the desire to rub a combination of flowers, lollypops, and slurpie on your face then, boy, do I have good news for you. It’s the first in my new line of makeups, I call this specific shade… uuhhh Green. [another strange Barbie music montage begins] Making over these virtual Barbies is fun and all, but the fun doesn’t stop there. I promised you guys that I would get a makeover, so let’s get started. Simply take a photo of yourself. Put that photo on your computer. Drop it in the game’s folder and your makeover has begun. Barbie: Adjust your photo to prepare it for a makeover. The face editor works… Uhh… kind of. It has some good ideas, but it could have used a few more good ideas. Centering your face in the circle would be easier if you could nudge around your photo pixel by pixel instead of jumping it around. It’s tough to get it just right. Getting to choose different head shapes is a nice touch, though. You also have to line up where your lips are, and you can adjust the size by stretching and squashing. Same goes for your eyes, though they really should have given you options for how far apart your eyes are that seems pretty important. Then you just select your skin colour and pick your hair colour and it’s time for your makeover. [inspiration Barbie music makeover montage] Check me out! I’m in Hawaii with Barbie, sporting my new look. Don’t be jealous. I’m actually having more fun with this than I thought I would. I mean, why stop here? Just grab a picture of a friend from the internet and the possibilities are endless. Okay, endless isn’t really the right word. In fact, when it comes to the makeup, I wish there were more options honestly. More makeups or styles, I’d love to give myself a more in-depth makeover but it’s still pretty fun. It’s incredibly simple and limited, while at the same time completely insane. [eerie silence] [sonic music plays intensely] And that’s 1999’s Barbie Digital Makeover, a solid option for those of you for looking for digital Barbies to makeover. I feel like there are probably some better digital makeover options out there for you these days but, hey, where else are you gonna hear these jammin’ tunes.

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  1. Omg! I thought that flag said “Go Tranny”. Boy was I surprised & then saddened when u read it. I was kinda happy for a minute….lol….

  2. Excuse me, but could you PLEASE show how you managed to run Barbie Virtual Makeover in your Windows 98 Virtual OS? (With lots of screenshots explaining the drivers and programs you used, etc). Because I REALLY want to play this game (It was part of my childhood) but I can't ;-;

  3. I cant handle the terrible terrible singing! Whoever recorded the barbie music is just awful! Ahhhhhh its stuck in my brain!!!

  4. i used to play this game as a kid and i had completely forgotten about it til this vid. can't even imagine the amboinations i must've created lol

  5. The fact that you played with Barbies until you were told you had to play with boy stuff somehow makes me relate to you and also really sad. I mean, I know you're gay and I'm not, but I loved video games and (to a degree) violence as a little girl, and the toy I wanted most in the world that my parents absolutely refused to let me have was a fake sword. I have ALWAYS wanted a plastic sword (or a real sword, but those are dangerous and I was a tomboy, not stupid), it was a childhood dream to have a plastic sword and my parents refused because it's too violent for a little girl. Or kid, it could have been the same if I'd been a boy, but I bet me being a girl had some effect on the decision…

    The point I'm trying to get at is, I'm sad that you felt you couldn't just like the things you like. I never let anyone tell me what I could or could not like as a kid, and that remains true to this day; it's a point of pride for me. I'm sorry you felt pressure that you couldn't shrug off, Moosie. You go out and enjoy Barbies if that's what you like, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 🙂

  6. Hearing that soundtrack again makes me so nostalgic. I spent so many hours playing this game as a kid, and thought the music was awesome too.

  7. I always wanted this as a kid, no joke. I got the big barbie head that you could make over instead that just had dead eyes which stared into your soul.

  8. Is that supposed to be dandruff in Barbie's hair at 2:30 ish?

    Also, I thought I would be the only one to really like the ost

  9. My sister got the Barbie Perfume Shop one christmas. Me and her would try and mix the various smell to create the most VILE pungent noxious concoction we could. Our greatest successes would have made the Horde's plague alchemists weep with pride.

  10. Here we learn about how bangin’ with Barbie and your sisters big pink dream house leads to questionable fashion sense? This is pure and real.

  11. It's been 2 years and I just scrolled through so many comments and … was no one ever going to address the whole pulling a floppy disk out of the camera thing?

  12. Since watching this video a while ago the lyrics "Peanut butter jelly with an einstein mind" cross my mind like a lot..?

  13. This game is my childhood and the first song fucking slaps, and the hey beauty one is a masterpiece

  14. Not to sound fake deep but the intro to this video is a great lesson on how simple practical effects can work wonders. Want a cool intro to your gaming video? Put a copy of the game on a lazy susan and just spin it! That's it! Absolute genius.

  15. Barbie PC games ways had a bumping sound tract. I had the fashion show game and I'd just sit on the clothing design level and let it play.

  16. "Before I was told they were for girls and I had to play with G.I. Joes." From what we've heard of certain parts of Ians childhood I'm slightly concerned…

  17. So the lyrics on that Rebecca song were harrowing. I got "drink the cool aid" vibes. Also Ian. That picture of you honestly looked like the head in the jar from silence of the lambs.

  18. I just left a Like on a Barbie Digital Makeover video…

    I'm gonna tell all my friends work, if only to see their reactions. Totally worth it.

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