Barbie Jeep Gets a Real Winch

Barbie Jeep Gets a Real Winch

[Music] got an exciting new box for Cinderella it’s which time it’s a vital they winched and the real practical reason is the wheelies are uncontrollable and it’d be nice to have some more weight up front but mostly it’s just for the swag it’s just gonna look so cool why didn’t going out the winch I like a little bit thinking maybe a little underneath but for the first step we got to get the body back on so we know where it can fit and what its gonna look like this is our first time seeing what that new front suspension looks like with the body and it’s super sweet that’s got to be the spot yeah it’ll take some reason three arranging of the bumper but I think something like that would be perfect plus that keeps the weight way lower down [Music] it’s too big and I got carried away doing two front on my Porsche that’s all we have left town is half an hour away so I went to look in the scrap pile found some good old-fashioned plumbing pipe which is just a tiny tiny hair larger so stick it in the bender and see if it bends all right guys we’re gonna take a quick break from building to talk about the sponsor for this video Vikings war of clans now the game devs asked me to try out this game and I said well if it’s free it’s me and I got hooked right away because Vikings is based off of some of my favorite strategy and RPG games I played growing up like Star Wars galactic battlegrounds and civilization in the game you’ll train your Vikings build up your army and village fight against other players and the scale is insane over three million players in a single event that’s like whole countries fighting each other it’s crazy and you really get to choose your own play style another thing I really loved about this game I can play for five minutes or five hours and pick it up whenever I feel like it so make sure you download this game for free using my links in the description below and you’ll get two hundred gold coins and a free protective shield now that’s gonna help you a lot and once you get the game don’t forget to join my clan you and now let’s get back to building [Music] [Applause] [Music] gonna be so funny pulling the winch out for the first time looking for something I needed a piece with a tight bend in it to go down and around the winch here and seeing us how we’re out of pipe I went looking through the scrap pile found this nice [Music] [Applause] so last day I was working on a jeep got the new bumper all welded solid and looking pretty got the fairlead on there and the winch all bolted up obviously it’s not wired yet but it’s never taken for a test drive and see how much of the difference the winch makes on steering and really control so it’s pouring down rain outside right now which means perfect time to test drive [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] soaked it up like nothing yeah that was a shakedown of a lifetime right there I think it’s safe to say that all the new suspension and everything works flawlessly and the reakless that thing is so nice I don’t even I spent a day building this clutch lever and now I don’t even need it yeah also it looks like your steering way more easily with that weight in the front yeah well beyond the better steering the new steering geometry and the weight it’s just it’s so much better so much better obviously it still doesn’t corner well you can get it to corner well at high speeds or low speeds but somewhere in the middle is hard like tight corners where you want to go quick that’s harder because the rear the tire just has too much grit sometimes like the rears you can’t just slide it into the corner because they’ll just bite and try to tip you over yeah I can’t wait to see it ripping around at this level with the body on there and with the new bumper it looks so good with the body well now that we’ve done a proper shakedown we know for sure everything is good and gonna hold tight I’m gonna wash it off wire up the winch put the body back on to test the winch went out to the scrapyard and found a perfect piece for a battery tree it doesn’t get better than that [Music] goes there and it’s a nice snug fit it is the moment of truth we’ve got a little bitty remote here I turn the power on so the blue lights on that’s a good sign and yeah aha yes [Music] oh yeah all right test number two will go free school on this one so we will take as long oh wait women wait a minute very important part we’re missing here oh yeah Oh Klan you’re getting that around a rafter up there [Laughter] Ruth May league of it it’s just a little bit [Applause] it works [Music] [Laughter] [Music] well we got the windchill work and we’ve got the body back on so that looks proper and I’ve got a fan switch wired up awesome spot yeah so I’ve got the battery in there we have agreement with the battery yes so that’s extra weight up front it should be even more controllable but the main thing is we got to go test out the winch in a real-world situation so let’s go find something that we couldn’t normally get up yep [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is the hustle robbery recovery techniques [Music] [Applause] [Music] you cleared the entire driveway oh yeah you could almost have drifted a Mustang underneath you there if we built that jump up a little bit that jumps not the best but yeah we could we could improve it a lot I don’t think you landed until like here like you cleared it by lost a foot yeah the Front’s landed somewhere in here yeah I think you can see an impact yeah from a tire right there that was awesome and it was surprisingly smooth I mean as you probably saw it was way up out of my seat oh yeah my own legs absorb some of it but when I slapped back down to see it it wasn’t that uncomfortable awesome [Music]

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  2. Boys that Driveway jump was sweet and the background music fit so well….i wanna buy that jeep from you guys so bad…Lol…like seriously let me know.

  3. Another 1-1/2" on the rear radius arms would still suit the jeep body and stop the back end biting as much when your trying to take your tight corners quickly. Winch, battery, slight extension to rear end, and soften your front end a little more. One of the most fun looking buggy type contraptions I think I've ever seen. 👍

  4. Hard to believe there are aholes out there that thumbs down cool vids. Not a good reason on this earth this vid gets a thumbz down. Also I personally feel that people who subscribe, which means they like the vids, don't click the like button when they watch, are also aholes. Help the brother out, if you sub, also click thumbz up it.

  5. what if… you added front light and brek light for that jeep since you have battery ..well just wanna make it look nice

  6. Love the build guys, love your attitudes, love your ingenuity…plus I can't enjoy the PNW living in FL so I do it vicariously through you!

  7. Incredible. Looks like so much fun! Gotta do something like this someday! Great work guys! I've really love watching this come together and change over time. Improvements are amazing, so well done!

  8. You guys are ridiculous, and I love it!

    I would like to see this thing with the same wheels but slightly larger, slightly wider, and slightly LESS aggressive tires.

  9. i have the 5000 lbs version of the bad lands winch on my geo tracker. its slow bud actually works well.

  10. I'd take away the spare wheel too since the wheelie problem seems not have been resolved… A bunch of lead inside the new tubes in the front could help too…

  11. Maybe add a higher seat head rest that u could but some type of harness or belt on and u could put lights on top

  12. what if…you took the spare tire on the back…turned its mount 90 degrees…attached the steering to it (somehow), so that it would act kinda like a rudder while you're doing wheelies? 🤔

  13. Love your vid's you need a brush gaurd under your feet and seat just a precaution a sharp stick could ruin your life

  14. Now it just needs a transfer case and some low range gears so it can rip and crawl! Either way its pretty sick!

  15. add a small dc motor to the mid shaft and a small charge contoler or regulator to keep the battery charged

  16. honestly pisses me off that i have to wait so much to see the riding. not saying just this videos but others too

  17. Either in the jeep or on the next build make an all wheel drive it will help with the wheelies and traction

  18. It is very awesome how well the jeep handles in jumps, drifts, wheelies, and while doing a combination of either and more even though it has a really small wheel base, I wish there was a not-so-impossible way to replicate that jeep! 😀

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