Basic Poker Etiquette : Understand What String Bets are in Poker

Basic Poker Etiquette : Understand What String Bets are in Poker

Another topic for poker etiquette is what’s
called a string bet. Now string bets can be
used to gauge the reactions of other players
at the table, when you are trying to either
get a read off of them, whether or not they
have a strong hand or maybe you think they
are trying to bluff at a hand. So, lets look
at a situation where a string bet would happen
and why it’s illegal. Or very bad poker etiquette.
So if you look at the board, the hands dealt
out, we’re in the middle of the hand, the
flops out; the first three cards, and the
player in seat three has made a bet of two
dollars. A string bet would be me coming out
and saying “I call and I raise.” That is known
as a string bet. My first verbal declaration
of my action was “I call.” That means I cannot
raise at that point. I have to call the two
dollars, and my action is over. Another string
bet would be, if I put out the two dollars,
and I don’t verbally declare anything, and
I go back to my chip stack grab more chips,
to come out with the intention of raising.
Now, this is also very bad poker etiquette
because I’ve put the two dollars out there
to make the call, and I cannot go back to
my stack at this point to grab more chips
to make a raise. The reason being so, because
now, this is when if I’m trying to do this
I can look around the table, look at the players
and try to get a read of whether or not they
were trying to bluff. One instance where you
can go back to your chip stack is if he’s
bet two dollars and I verbally declare that
“I raise.” Now I can either say that “I raise”
or “I raise ten dollars.” So I can come out
with the two, and now I can go back to my
chip stack and grab two five dollar chips,
finish the raise of ten dollars and this is
not a string bet. So be careful when you are
calling a raise or calling a bet when you
mean to raise, make sure that you verbally
declare your actions, so that you are not
calling for a string bet.

7 thoughts on “Basic Poker Etiquette : Understand What String Bets are in Poker”

  1. So if someone puts a stack of chips in front of the white line & does not declare a raise & starts counting out the chips in 10s then this is of course a string-bet.

    We had a Leb who was really p!55n everyone off early this morning because another player was going to raise but he did the above stated actions without verbally announcing it. So the dealer & the rest of the table was telling them it was a call & not a raise = string bet.

  2. Fire4FX that is not a string bet. You do NOT have to announce a raise if you put multiple chips out there. Just gonna give you insight on how professional poker rooms do things. You can bet 5 dollars I can bring out a stack of 20 1 dollar chips without saying a word count off 3 stacks of 5 in front of me pull the remaining 5 back to my stack and that is a legal raise. The only time not announceing something is a call is if i threw 1 25 dollar chip in n didnt announce anything. THE END

  3. Despite you trying to make it sound like you play in professional poker rooms, its obvious you don't. What you described is a string bet (unless it was announced $15). If you hold 10 $10 chips in your hand, you CAN'T just drop 4 in, a bet has to be in one motion, or what's in your hand. You can hold 10 $10 chips in one motion put it down across the line, and you can count it out (usually in two stacks of 5x$10).

  4. In dice, we ask that you make your bets all at once instead of stringing us along with a five dollar chip for the four, a five dollar chip for the five, a five dollar chip for the six ( it's six dollars, moron!), a five dollar chip for the nine…. ugh.

  5. HOW TO BE AN ASSHOLE AT POKER 101. The only people worried about someone putting their money in the middle of the table are those with weak hands and weak play. Who cares what someone "announced" before they start to put their money in a bet. They can speak in tongues for all I care. Just as long as their money ends up in the pot for me to take. I play with some losers who call foul every time I did this. But every time I did this, I won the pot and the only reason they said anything is that they could not call or raise my bet. Losers call string bets.

  6. I thought a string bet was motioning forward with chips on your hand, looking for a read and then , without dropping them, bringing them back in?

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