Basic Poker Strategy | Gambling Tips

Basic Poker Strategy | Gambling Tips

Hey, guys. I just want to go into a quick Texas Hold
’em poker strategy. This is very rough and basic, just enough
to get you by if it’s your first time playing. Right now, we’ve hit the button set and blinds
are already in place. And we’ll deal everything face-up just so
everybody could see what’s going on here. So, a hand like this. Generally, the hands wouldn’t be shown here. But this guy with no knowledge of anything
that’s going on. Right now, with four people at the table,
he may feel that he’s got a pretty good hand right now. He may opt to raise or he may want to just
call and see if he can improve this by getting another 5. But I’ll just place a bet right here and say
he calls. A hand like this generally, any hand with,
that’s like 2-6 or 2-7 or 3-8, or anything with just a bunch of low numbers. They’re generally considered really bad hands
to play. So we’ll say this guy is going to fold. If you were to treat your poker hand like
a blackjack hand like Aces are 1 or 11 or face cards are 10. Basically, if something adds up to 19, then
it’s a good hand to play. Anything less than that, you probably want
to stay away from. Anyway, with a pair of Aces, he’s got a monster
hand, so he’s going to want to raise. So, we’ll have him raise 10 here, because,
I don’t know whatever stakes you’re going to play that this same rule will apply. And then, the player here with the Jack-10,
they’re both of diamonds, they’re both connected. He’s got a good possibility of getting maybe
a straight or a flush by the river. So, let’s say he’s going to come along. And the guy with the 5 thinks he’s going to
get lucky, so he’s going to come along as well. This is all going to come here in the pot. One card gets burned. And now, the guy with the Aces. He’s what’s called an overpair. The board has got a 4, Jack and a 3. The Jack is the highest card here. He’s got an overpair to the board, so even
if somebody like this guy, who’s got a Jack. He’s going to think he’s good at this point,
so if he sits and bets, say 20, then the guy with the Jacks is probably going to want to
come along with this. Now, the guy with the lower pair, with the
smaller pair. He came in with the intention of getting a
set. A set is three of a kind with two in your
hand and one on the board. So since he didn’t get that, he’d probably
want to fold this here. So now, this money goes into the pot, the
other card gets burned, here it comes up. It’s a King. So now, this guy might want to bet again. Say he wants to bet 40, because he still an
overpair to the board. The guy with the Jacks, right now. If somebody else had a King, he may have him
beat. He’s going to think really hard about it. He says “Okay, well whatever. I came here to gamble.” So he ends up calling. Another card gets burned, river comes up the
King. All right, so now, with the Aces, the only
thing he would be worried about is if he had a couple of Jacks or if he had a King in his
hand. So say he’s afraid of the King, he decides
to check. And then this guy decides to check, as well. So what ends up happening, the cards get flipped
over and then, this is the best hand which beats his Kings and Jacks. So Kings with the Aces would take the hand. Generally, if you have a really good hand,
it’s a good idea to bet. Like a lot of times, new players will try
to get really fancy and act like that you don’t have anything. And then, just spring traps on people. But if you’re new to the game, basically just
bet out your cards. If the cards start going your way, then you
will win. That’s a very basic strategy for Texas hold

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  1. Always look at the cards on the table and see who has the highest card or need a card to make a straight or flush. Knowing what your opponents might have is enough to Check or Fold.

  2. poker is always about long term expectation from betting or calling with priced in situations. Only small minded folk play for the immediate ups and downs

  3. What is with this card burning?
    At first it seem that it was do to one hand folding ….
    However when the second hand folded you still only burned one card ?
    So Please explain…. Thank you

  4. YouTube has very few quality guidelines, but that doesn’t me you shouldn’t upload excellent videos. I like to listen to videos while I drive, so the audio and the message are more important than the video. This person used over 55 fillers. He also used “you know” for about a third of them, which is interesting considering I would not have chosen the basic how to video if I DID KNOW. His fillers did decrease as he progressed through the video, so practicing a little before recording will likely help. One or two fillers are fine; 55 fillers is distracting. This video shows up pretty high in a search. The better the communication the less thumbs down will result. I wouldn’t be sending this if I didn’t experience the #umfactor.

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  7. BAD ADVICE about saying a card that adds up to 19 is good….Any hand can be the winner

    You have to be smart on how much you call or raise to see the flop, turn or rivers…Know when to fold on flops, know when to call, know the mathmatical chances of hitting your pairs, straights, flushes ext.

    Most importantly, know when to leave the table when your up.

  8. O K, so I am still confused as to WHAT EXACTLY the special STRATEGY was here. This video was not helpful #BasicPokerExplained…LOL

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