Basic Rules for Poker Games : How to Play 7 Card Stud Poker

Basic Rules for Poker Games : How to Play 7 Card Stud Poker

Another game increasing in popularity today
is called seven card stud. Seven-card stud
is, each player is dealt seven cards. Three
of the cards will be face down, called their
hole cards. And four cards will be dealt face
up for all the players at the table to see.
Let’s see how this game is dealt out. First
the dealer deals two down cards to each player.
Once the dealer has dealt two down cards to
each player, he will then deal one card face
up in front of each player and the first betting
round follows this. On the first betting round,
the low card that is showing will actually
start the betting. So, in this case, the seven
of spades, they will start the betting. Once
the betting is over, the dealer will then
give each player another card face up called
Fourth Street.
After this deal, now the betting starts with
the player with the highest card showing.
In this betting round, the player with the
king would start the betting round. The next
card to come to each player is called Fifth
Street. Again the player starts the betting
with the highest card showing, this being
the king. The next card to each player is
called sixth street, and this will also be
the last card face up to each player. In this
instance, the pair of tens would start the
betting. At the end of this betting round,
the player will deal the last card to each
player, this card being dealt face down often
referred to as down and dirty. After the cards
have been dealt out, there’ll be one final
betting round and each player will look at
their hand and use their best five cards of
seven to make their best five card hand. And
this is how seven studs are played out.

17 thoughts on “Basic Rules for Poker Games : How to Play 7 Card Stud Poker”

  1. good video but 1 question, why did the guy with king of hearts start the betting mon 5th street when 2 other guys also had a king?? is it because of his kickers?

  2. what happens when there are 2 players with a 2 as their first "open" card? who gets to start the betting then?

  3. expertvillage puts out horrible instructional videos but this instructional video is just fine. Thanks to the person in this video for making it so easy to understand.

  4. Well, the first better, the low card, has to 'bring in' bet… which is a fraction of the actual calling bet or fold, other players either: 1) check, 2) complete the full call bet, forcing the other players and bring in to complete, raise or fold. If there's a raise, all others must either raise or fold… Once betting is complete, the dealer must burn one card, then deal a face-up card to each player, making Fourth Street, for every subsequent Street, the player showing the highest hand controls the bed.. eg… pair of 5s showing face-up will control with bet, raise or fold.  this continues up to Sixth Street…. After the 6th Street is called, the 7th Street card, or River Card, is dealt face-down, as a third Hole Card.  After this, final betting ensues and showing of cards to show winning hands.

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