Basic Rules of Pai Gow | Gambling Tips

Basic Rules of Pai Gow | Gambling Tips

Hey guys. I wanted to go into a game that I was very
excited about covering, because I couldn’t find any videos on it online when I was first
learning. Hopefully I’ll be able to teach you all also. This is how to play Pai Gow Tiles. In this game, there are 32 dominos. Each player will place a bet. Four players here. Dice are rolled, usually it’s in a cup, and
it determines who would go first. So, these come off to the side. Dealer gets his. Every player gets a stack. The object of the game is to have two sets
of two tiles that both beat the dealer. Sounds a little confusing, but this, I’ll
be honest, it is. But hopefully I’ll be able to demystify this
game with you in this series. So, players will get their tiles face up,
these are tiles that are all based on Chinese imagery. And basically, the object of the game is to
set your tiles in a way where you feel that you’re going to be able to beat the dealer. And all of these are by point value here. This is an eight, and this is a ten, alright. We go with the last digit, so this is actually
an eight. And the highest you can get without any special
pairs and things like that is nine. This here is an eight. And this here would be six, and 11. So this is a seven, because you know, seventeen,
we chop off the one. This here is five and four, so that’s a nine. With these hands here, all right, so this
would be a four, because you have an eight, and a six. So this would be 14. These tiles are special, there’s a three and
a special six, which is made out of four two. This would count as a three or a six. So here, in this case, it would be six plus
the three, so that’s a nine. That’s not too bad. Then here with this, we have a pair, which
is better than a nine. And then we’ve got right here, this would
be a seven, and then a six, so this is three. And then the pair. The object is to beat the dealer, who has
to play his hand a certain way. And in the case here, he’s got a five, and
then a nine. So right here, five beats this one here, but
it doesn’t beat the pair. So that’s a push. If you win one, lose one, it’s a push. And here, this is a four, and then the nine. So this nine, because it’s made out of this
tile, confused yet? Just because this nine is better than this
nine, but this four is worse than this five. So that’s also a push. Here you’ve got a seven and a nine. This nine beats this nine. But then, this seven beats this five. So that’s a push. And then we’ve got an eight and a seven. We’ve got eight, eight, and an eight, alright,
so then, the eight beats the dealer, but then the nine beats him. So then that’s a push. Confused yet? I know. It’s a game where you push a lot of times,
and the house edge is actually pretty low in the game, and actually it works out to
your favor if you actually know how to play. We’ll go into more detail about hands and
rankings, and what beats what and how do you beat the dealer in a later video.

27 thoughts on “Basic Rules of Pai Gow | Gambling Tips”

  1. You set the third tiles wrong hahaha switch the sixes. Also I will go 7/9 for the first tiles because it is high 7 and high 9.

  2. You set the Player's hand 4/9 wrong. Should've used the High 6 to make nine instead of the Low 6. You wasted the High 6 with the High 8  to make low hand 4. Same result anyway.

  3. Not a bad explanation to give a very basic overview of the game.  It is very difficult to learn to set hands without making errors which could disadvantage your chances of winning.  Two hands were set wrong in this video, the 8/8 is balanced but wait for it… There are exceptions to play and this hand should have been 7/9 because the 10 tile and 8 tile are so strong in the rankings it's better to split them up since only one tile is used to compare against the dealer if they both have 8.  Also, the 4/9 hand with the Gee Jun (tile mentioned that could be 3 or 6) had the sixes around the wrong way.  The strongest 6 was played in the low hand and was already beaten in the rankings by the 8 tile with it.  If it was used with the Gee Jin tile instead of the low 6 the high hand 9 would have been much stronger.  Confusing right?  Awesome game to learn but it starts basic then you have to learn rules of setting the tiles 'house way' which is the way the casino sets their tiles to have the best mathematical chance to win against the table.  Good luck and patience in learning!

  4. You're assuming they already know how the point spread works like in Baccarat where the rightmost digit is always used and the one is chopped off or to make it easier, if it's ten or over, subtract ten. Horrible "tutorial." I understood literally nothing about the tile system.

  5. Dude, do you know what you are doing? You are just a beginner trying to teach. You don’t even know the rank of the tiles.

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