So a lot you have been asking me
“What happened between ProSyndicate and TmarTn?”
“What is this whole… CS:GO scandal?” There’s a lot of details, a lot of points to make.
So allow me to explain as quickly as possible.
*breathes in*
Prosyndicate and Tmartn both bet on a site called “CS:GO lotto” that they never disclosed that they were the owners of
and then a YouTuber called “Honor The Call” basically made a video exposing both of them because they never disclosed that they were the owners of the site
and made them both look like complete scumbags
TmarTn and ProSyndicate then make a bunch of tweets saying “transparancy is key” “everything’s alright”
“and everything will be good from here on in”
“ayyy look emoji yayyy!!1!”
Syndicate then says nothing about the situation, possibly because he was apprehended by authorities, and now he’s rotting in a cell in southern Pakistan
while TmarTn used his dog to get some kind of sympathy vote in a really, really badly constructed video
using his dog and pretty much nothing else saying how “everything’s transparent” and “everything’s ok”
and then proceeded to delete the video, and disable ratings and comments on all of his videos, making him look more even more shady
both of them are now being investigated by several gambling associations, and they could probably face jail time
thanks a lot for watching, I know the video was incredibly short,
but I thought I’d try and mix it up a bit, sacrifice an incredibly lengthy video, for a short but hyper-edited one.
If you enjoyed the video be sure to leave some feedback down below, I MIGHT actually implement videos like these in the future,
I’ll also be making an ACTUAL CS:GO scandal video explaining my thoughts and opinions because you know, that topic definitely hasn’t been milked to death already am i right?
*laughs* kill me
“cooper, I have NO IDEA how I’m going to record this video, dude.”

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  1. if you check the description the game says counter-strike: global offensive, but there's no actual footage of the game

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  9. first video i disliked on youre channel. please do longer videos where you talk about interesting stuff, instead of things everyone talked about already. #nohate 🙂

  10. I honestly don't like the 10:05 or 10:20 long vids because i feel like they get a little forced, in the sense that there is too much unnecessary stuff but they don't need to be very short either. Anyways Pyro theese are my opinions, you don't need to care about them but it would be cool if you could spare the time to read this. Thanks 🙂

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  12. I'd love to see the bloopers. I mean, there's no way you could say all that in one go… nfkrz sure as hell couldn't.

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