Basketball Age

BASKETBALL age is a basketball simulator for 2 persons that recreates an exciting basketball match. You´re one of the two team coaches facing off. You have to choose your “starting lineup” on the court to win the match. It depends on your strategy to lead your team to victory. As in a normal match, your players will move around a basketball court, divided in zones where the players move, performing their actions. These are game components Two teams with 10 players and balls Each team has 2 point guards, 2 point guards, 2 shooting guards, 2 small forwards, 2 power forwards and 2 centers. Each one with his own skills according to their positions Each player has this skills MOVEMENT POINTS PLAY SKILL HEIGHT PASSING SCORING % Score board To keep scoring of the match 2 Foul templates To keep the fouls player commit all over the game and team fouls in each quarter 1 advanced rebound template When you were acquainted with basic rules use this template to work out advanced rebound where players grab the rebound in a more real way 3 seconds rule token To show when a player is going to perform this violation. 10 possession tokens Attacking team has the activation of 10 attacking players or the buzzer will sound. Keep the number of attacking players activated with these tokens numbered from 1 to 10. 4 quarters tokens. To keep the control of the quarter you are. 6 cards 3 each team TIME OUT DEFENSIVE HELP FULL COURT PRESS 2d10 2d6 1 rulebook 1 graphic examples book 2 players aid This is BASKETBALL age A boardgame where any basketball action is possible.

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