yep I’m gonna leave all right what was
everybody welcome back to my channel I’m Josh Horton this is Chris staples today
we’re doing a little game called basketballbowling a you know what I remember he
did base ketball and I’m very bad we did bass ketball you guys like that video so
now we’re combining basketball and bowling we have real legit bowling pins
we got our basketballs here’s how it works
we’re gonna do five frames gonna start with just two pins and four six eight
ten pins all ten for the last frame and you Bowl from where you make your shot
Chris so the pins will always be on that free-throw line if you want to shoot
from half-court you make a granny you get the ball right there yeah but if you
miss then you have to do full court and we’re doing that for five frames you get
it okay here we go okay where you going I’m gonna start off
with the free-throw okay seriously okay yeah yeah oh okay all right you so now
you’re bowling from the free-throw line trying to hit yeah it’s pretty far wah
wah okay but it’s bowling and get two two attempts yep where nobody you cannot
even shoot again see wherever you want it doesn’t have to be there if you want
to change your mind you’re gonna move up a little bit clutch okay so yeah if you haven’t
caught on basically the harder you make your shop easier you make your bowl so
it’s a little bit of a gamble good thing I’m good at both so I’m just gonna crush
you in this game but let’s see it so you made you made you breathe it out and the
three-pointer you are awarded zero points free throws well first shot of
the day yeah first round is worth that many
points no I don’t think you’re gonna get that second one anyways gonna beat you
guys thumbs up if you think I’m gonna beat Chris today okay Chris now we have
four pins for a frame number two so what are you doing are you gonna scoot up
slash scoop back yeah if you miss your shot you have to do it from full court
they’ll miss not the granny not the granny yeah
that’s okay let’s see that full court ball will he make it folks
Oh yet to make any points on the board you run back to half okay okay so now
Chris if you miss the pins if you missed the pins from half court you might as
well quit right now pretty cool this is the closest ball so far he’s nervous
he’s nervous you can knock this round though okay you got to so it’s all tied
up right now – two – but I have not gone in this frame yet I’m gonna go half as
well look looks really easy of course you are go granny just to really stick
it to you know gosh I never do this I never had the
camera face me but if you guys don’t know Josh just got here and he’s three
for three right now yeah missed watch I’m about to hit off of these two Wow
josh is hustling me today yeah we also said winner gets $1,000 no no no cool
okay Chris six points up for grabs you need you need all six two it is six to
two so if I get all these I take the lead right sure hate yes yeah
Bosh you from right here I can’t Bowl from right here yeah that’s ad that’s
how it works okay okay you’re going away I’m now down
by like four right yeah you need it no freakin way you don’t make any sense people think like I could bow from right
here Josh oh this is not fake I really could make that shot okay if you miss
this if you somehow don’t get all these pins I’m going to laugh so hard I’m
gonna go kind of mid mid rain not half not three Oh Josh Oh gutter ball Josh are you gonna lose to
me today three point okay I’m ready
oh how the game has the game has changed back to you eight pins now hey Chris
eight points up for grabs where are you going you going risky yeah won’t go
right here what were there and just go from at an angle because it’s kind of
hard to like hold it straight and all of them go down unless you drove earlier
okay am i infected okay also you’d like this angle shot with
your granny oh yes yes yes full-court ooh for 12 to 6 Chris we doing now okay oh sure okay
another full court oh that looks real good wow you’re putting up the strike sign
but there you go spare you’re kicking my butt right now
16 to 6 you are a good basketball ER I need to get close I’m going half back to
half back to have back to the granny I don’t even know what to say right now
literally josh is like 6 for 8 today straight out of the car that’s crazy
this doesn’t count for the game let me try it again baking this stuff keep the
camera rolling Wade this is crazy we gotta find nuke or 10 to 16 yes you
wanna go ahead and do one right the chances of you making it a pretty high okay I need to come back to Utah we know
we need to stop this video right now and you start filming our half-court shots
and maybe break some sort of world record because lice is crazy we need to
change courts because josh has mastered this chord so that is sixteen twelve
sixteen twelve twelve okay this last round ten points up for grabs
what also it’s like bowling if you hit a strike you can go into extra frame so oh
okay okay that’s a lot that’s a lot 12 to 16 okay where you going me I’m going
to go like Steph Curry range on the other side of that circle
all right okay no granny no granny regular shot ready oh not bad so I got a
help to leave right very healthy lead 23 to 12
yeah I don’t like talking about it yeah let me go here okay trying to secure it
don’t do this again oh he let you down Oh got one final
score for Cristobal’s 24 okay so I need 12 points to tie it which means I need
to get a strike or spare to go into extra frames so wish me luck
all right Josh you need 12 are you kidding me Josh where do you bowl at where do you
basketball that okay wait so if you miss this game for me all right I went that’s
true I need to hit this 21 to 24 okay so I’m still up three granny to secure my
uh you’re not gonna do that again yep what it’s going down put the camera
down that’s a cheat in the day you know it’s
kind of be like if Christmas if you showed up one day you could just juggle
five basketballs better than me cuz I’m shooting a great thank you sir
I’ve been practicing like you literally hijacked that’s why I can’t I thought
this was my shot until today means that you could that you could miss this you
couldn’t miss this hope it’s the ball hope he his dog Extra Innings baby not evenings that
would be baseball extra frame you only get one chance right one chance one
opportunity mom’s spaghetti there’s only one shot that makes sense to try right
now that I’m doing there’s no way no way yes yes okay so so if you miss this you
lose and what’s the score now it’s 21 22 22 yeah 12 you got 10 right it’s not awkward meizu man i don’t know
how to zoom in he’s not clutch right now Josh you had to gave me your hands where
are you going I feel like this video guys I actually really love this video
you had awesome day though Josh I’m not mad today was great today was crazy
thank you so much for watching make sure you subscribe to Chris’s channel more
videos coming on his channel soon I promise I know there’s only been one in
the last nine months there are more coming I’ve ever does every Monday of
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and speaking of Christmas season go to juggling bye
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Instagram shoutouts follow them on Instagram at juggling Josh and Chris is
everyone hates Chris and that’s all we’ll see you guys later bye crunch time we’re hey plane hey plane
we’re trying to film a YouTube video you shut up
thank you


  1. I think we might just need a part 2 to this video! LEAVE A COMMENT: What two sports should we combine next? On Monday we have SOCCER TENNIS making a return! 🙂 Someone who likes/comments early like Lorine Forman did on the last video wins juggling balls from! Make sure you’re subscribed and you click that bell so you can always be part of the early squad! Love you guys! See you Monday!

  2. Great vid josh I know it's been a while since I've been in your comments but I've been working on my youtube vids and focusing on school so I haven't had a lot of time.

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  5. Wow… what happened that day with your shooting?!? 👍🏻 If only that would’ve carried over to the “lanes” 🤣🎳 I wish I could easily modify German 9 pin into something for a video, as that’s played by teams and not individual scoring, but I’d have to think how to set that up. It really is fun. In the meantime, what about frisbee/disc golf and basketball? Multiple distances/targets and teams can risk their points on certain shots/rounds if agreed upon.

  6. Josh and Chris get in an argument
    Chrises hair line: Maybe I should get a little further back
    Lebrons hair line: I agree just don’t leave

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