Basketball Dribbling Drills : Behind the Back Cross Over in Basketball

This next drill here is called crossover behind
the back and basically what you are doing is you are envisioning the defender coming
up to you and you are crossing him but he is pretty quick so when you cross him he stepped
on the outside of your foot so all you do is bring the ball back. O’kay and I’ll demonstrate.
Quick and behind the back so you just kind of get your focus, remember the defender is
quick and you just kind of always keep him off balance and that is why it is so important
to concentrate on ball handling and really develop a relationship with the basketball.
Then you switch legs and you go to the left side. You go behind the back and one side
is always going to be stronger than the other side but you always want to work on the other
side so you are a complete player. Again you do not want to be one dimensional. O’kay now
I will show you what it looks like from behind. You switch legs. Crossover behind the back.

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