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  1. 6'0ft
    Great hustle
    Can shoot
    Good at talking to teammates
    Can pass
    Great dribble
    Great speed
    Age 12
    Can attack the basket
    Average defense
    Can't be trust with the ball or the 3pt line because they think i am not good

    What position should I play?

  2. I'm 15
    5'5" 1/2
    I can probably shoot 3/10 3's
    I'm ok at layups
    I can only jump high enough to touch the bottom part of net
    It's also my first year that I wanna try out for Basketball and I'm a sophomore.
    What should I be?
    If I can even make the team.

  3. Ok honestly I'm a sophomore in high school about to start basketball and I've never played on a league or for a school. I have played street basketball my whole life, but I don't really know the rules or positions and need to learn that, and like the vocabulary ya know. I don't want to embarrrass myself in practice.

  4. What position would I play, I have good handling, I’m really good at rebounding, I’m really fast, great passing, I can shoot really good in the paint, and I’m a 13 year old that is 5’ 6”

  5. Position?
    13 years old around 5’5”
    Good passing
    Weigh 100 pounds (yes skinny)
    Make 80% of free throws
    Good mid range
    Bad at layups
    Ok basketball knowledge
    Decent handles
    A good defender
    Block a good percentage of shots mid ranged from the rim
    Run 100m in 13.8 seconds

  6. I'm 11 years old
    I'm 5'1"
    I weigh 94lbs
    I'm okay with shooting
    Handles are ok
    Can pass really good
    Can rebound amazing
    All can dunk on a 8ft rim
    Great at crossovers

  7. I didt now wear i am but now you teach me now i know wear to go and you Toad me that to get rebounds. And wen somebody miss i get the rebound or get a shots and thank you

  8. I'm a point or shooting guard do I fit my positions? Also what fits me more point or shooting guard
    great shooter
    ok defender
    good basketball IQ
    good passer
    ok ball handling
    meh at driving (what I need to work on. I wouldn't say I'm bad but I could definitely work on it)

  9. I’m 5’1, 100 Years old, a professional Netflix watcher, lazy af, and I like to eat blankets in my free time, what position should I play?

  10. I'm 13, 5'10, a beast at layup and rebounds, okay 3 pointers, bad defence, good handles, 2 foot vertical? What position

  11. I’m 13 years old
    Good at passing
    Bad at rebounds
    I’m 16
    Have a good shot
    Ok handles
    And I’m 7,0
    What position should I play?

  12. I am 16 years old , good at rebounds , lay ups , mid-range shots , good at blocking and defense . I think i should be a center , what do u say

  13. I’m 15
    146 lbs
    Good at Shooting
    Good at Passing
    Good speed
    Not good with handles
    Ok with defense
    Ok with layups

  14. I am round like basket ball i can drible myself and i can shoot myself and i can dunk ms my self i am only 2 years and i am the sixe of basket ball

  15. 5'7
    16 yrs
    pretty decent handles
    Good layups
    Good free throw
    Decent mid range
    No 3 pt shot,
    Decent rebounder and good passer
    What should I be

  16. What position should I play I’m 185lb and 5’8 I’m ok at dribbling I play aggressive and I have ok 3s and layups. Good at getting rebounds and great at passing

  17. 5’6 ; 17 yrs ; 132 lbs .. im good at side shots and layups but im not a 3 pointer but i can jump the highest on my team so ima good rebounder, wat should i be? i was thinking point guard but idk

  18. 27, unemployed, divorced, have lung cancer, bankrupt, lost of vision, heavy drinker, drug addict, food addict, workaholic

    457 pounds

    4”7 tall

    Has an Iq of 78

    What should I be?

  19. Im 15 and 5'9 have a 45' vertical, fastest in my school amazing at rebounds, great at blocks, good at defence, good at passing, decent at ball handling and have an alright shot what position would i be

  20. I’m 13 5’8 I’m touching the rim I can dribble shoot from half court I can do every single layup I can pass wat should I play ?

  21. I am 11 i have decent handles, i really like to shot from far, and i am not very good at passing and good at layuping. I am also 5 feet

  22. 13 years old
    – 5'5"
    – great ball handler
    – 3pt is just airball
    – mid range is fire though
    – horrible rebound
    – great finish at rim
    – ok passer

    What position should i play?

  23. Really thanks u explained me in sinples language and now i can say my coach what is my position i will be small forward i have all quality i have average shooting and i can finish

  24. I’m 6,3 230 I play power forward but I want to play at higher levels at power because I can hit layups but also good midrange and pretty good three point shooter should I switch or what

  25. Im 15
    -likes crossing people
    -average 3 point shooter
    -good at mid range and lay-ups
    -flashy passer
    What position should i be please help

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