Basketball Tips : How to Become an NBA Basketball Player

Basketball Tips : How to Become an NBA Basketball Player

The ultimate goal of playing basketball for
a lot of players, street ball and otherwise is making it to the league, the NBA. Hi, I’m
Travis and this is a couple of tips about how exactly you can make it to the league.
Number one, first thing you do, you want to do when you’re playing and trying to get to
the NBA is you want to make sure that you get the same thing with any other, with any
other level that you’re trying to reach weather it collegian or otherwise you want exposure.
You want coaches and scouts to see who you are, know your name and realize what kind
of game that you have. So you want to show them the best possible you, you can show them.
So when you’re out, when you’re playing you want to try to maximize your strengths so
that they know what your strengths are and what you’re good at but you want to minimize
your weaknesses, and the way you do that is through running drills, finding out what your
weaknesses are using tape and film to find out what, where you’re weak and in working
on that particular area. Now specifics about getting into the NBA, What you want to first
do is a lot of players what they do is they get into college. Once they get into college
and get on the NCAA level they have to excel, now if you excel on that NCAA level and you
get the exposure that you really need, and scouts see you then you can either if you’re,
if you’re a top notch player and you do well through out your college career then exposure
comes, and you may get an invitation to enter the draft or you can enter the draft; put
your name in the draft for the NBA or if you don’t go to college and let’s say you’re good
enough or you have the height, the height advantage at an earlier age after high school
to skip the NBA and go to, skip the college and go to NBA then what you need to do, same
thing exposure. You need people to see you, you need to be seen, you need your name out
there but you need people to know what your strong points are so that you can execute
and they can see that, and see how to internalize that into their own basketball program. So
try your best once you leave college, once you enter college to put your name in the
top, top echelon have; get as much exposure as you need, play as hard as you can at all
times because that is just like your resume for any job. Exposure, getting everything
out so everyone sees exactly what you can so. There you have it, playing pro basketball
in the NBA.

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  1. @ThePqProduction just stay quiet kid, please… there is nothing wrong with doing that, alot of ppl do it. and u should realize that only thing that should be stopped is FRIKKEN HATE COMMENTS.Thank you and have a nice day

  2. i'm 21 and i'm wondering do i still have time to get myself together to play basketball for college and i didn't play for high school

  3. @proofnick3 you should get some attention on the internet put vids in youtube of you playing in games highlights that should get u some scholarships in colleges in the us or if youre lucky you'll be in an olympic team 🙂 man im 14 i got some skills i am overweight ill be working on my weight make me fit im 5'8 and i shoot alot 😉 dont lose hope dude

  4. They've changed the rules you can't come out of high school and go straight to the NBA.You at least have to go to college for a year and if your very talented you might get drafted to the NBA but if not just keep going to college and getting your education because education is always guaranteed unlike the NBA.

  5. i play 4-5 hours a day because the coach never gives us training but no one else on the team is as committed and competitive as me that's why we lose

  6. sorry man i have a question…i lvie in armenia (in asia)its poor in basketball but im top 10 player in my country if i work hard(like 2-3 hourd in day)can i play in NBA?

  7. Im 12 years old about to be 13 this month.
    Last year i weighed 176 pounds but now I am 152 and improved my skills.
    My friends doubt I can make it to the nba but i beleive I can, whats your opinion?

  8. hes in semi-pro and how do you know hes not, this video is from 2008. Plus not everyone from the nba starts,and is famous.

  9. Yo,dont forget to add "girls" to that list bro.There is nothing wrong in having a girlfriend,or a girl as a friend.But sexual commitments can cause distractions which can result in having kids at an early age which take devotion towards your kids rather than the game thus taking up the devotion from you for the next 18 years.Have kids once your in the NBA so that your more established like James and Wade did.If your singled thats more power to you and wont be once your in the NBA so work hard.

  10. if you wanna go NBA you gotta be the best around ur town and neighborhood…. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY can be better than you, or be close to as good as you.

  11. whats with all the grammatical errors! i mean im no grammar nazi or perfect grammer person myself but sheesh -_-

  12. I'm 6 ft and 14 years old, I work real hard…I really want to be the first nba player repping my country….I'll do my college in USA…how can i do it?

  13. I really want to be a true NBA player… thanks for the advice travis… I got rejected from my Varsity team and most people think i would never achieve my ball dreams…but im a real great ball handler i can grab rim and close to dunking..could you please give me some advice to succeed. I would really appreciate it 🙂

  14. Its not about height short or tall you have an advantage. Its all about skill and anyone can go to the NBA if you put work into it. I'm just a kid but what I'm saying is true.

  15. i really want to be an nba player i put hours of work and basically everything i do is thinking, watching, or studying basketball. I always watch the best players so i can learn there moves like derrick rose kyrie irving and steve nash, steph surry all those stars i watch and try to emulate them!

  16. hey guys im 15 Years old 6'2  and my biggest dream is to play in the nba my half day is ging down with basketball its my lifestyle everyday when i went to school i take my basketball with me playing there after school i stay and play a few hours  im just a little boy with a big dream hope the dreams come true one day 

  17. i'm 13 5'6 and i practice everyday 110 shots and still increasing my goals and 20 lines. My work ethic will increase over time

  18. hey I am 13 and my height is 6.1 so I am a great basketball player and I was just gonna ask a question is this thing you talked about in college is it available for all colleges in canada

  19. how to make the NBA while you are in the Philippines there are no filipino players in the NBA(except clarkson) Can some want to take me…

  20. Lilbricks8037 its never to late look up dre baldwin just train hard and go for the d league its scouted just as much by pro scouts. But you have to put everything into it.

  21. anyone have tips on how to shoot the ball accuratly, im 12 and i have half court range but im not rilly goopd at shooting accouratly psl help

  22. hi guys I'm 7 and I'm 8 feet tall. I shoot 200 full court shots a day, and swim in my pool everyday. I think I'll make it some day to the nba

  23. but me i dont know people to make me enter the nba but i am the best 2004 pleyer in africa and i think i am better than mcgee the worst nba pleyer

  24. I'm almost turning 15 and am 5'9, according to like school doctors and stuff i'm going to be somewhere around 6'2, I play basketball atleast 1,5 hours a day usually 2, and I do strength training, but I live in the netherlands where it's very hard to get exposure for basketball because it's a really unknown sport…. I'm not really talented yet but I only started putting in this kind of work last season and have improved massively, I really want to make it into pro ball whether its in the NBA or overseas

  25. I'm from Philippines how do I play in the NBA when I grew up but when I become college I have I chance to draft in the nba???

  26. I'm from a small town in canada and my high school team is not as good as many american teams so it's next to impossible to get scouted here>

  27. Thank you so much broooo, i want to enter the league and I will show everyone what I am made off, if I make it i will thank you cause I will follow the things that you said, Im Gabriel Garcia im 14years old, so if you see me in the league like 5 or 6 years from here i will be thankfull for your tips, God bless you

  28. My dream is to play in the nba. I have 1 more year to high school and I am taking basketball classes as well. I really hope I end up playing in the nba or fiba

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