– I’m gonna hit him with the layup. Ready for this? (basketball bouncing) (down-tempo music) All the exercises in the app, you have to click on advanced. – [Woman] I got it. – All right, let me know,
let me know what you got. – [Woman] All right, bye. – All right, bye. Gotta perfect this thing, man. So the app came out on Wednesday and we already have over
35,000 downloads, yo! Holy sh.
(spring bouncing) It’s not even a weekend, dude. You guys rock, dude, seriously. If you haven’t downloaded it,
you guys don’t want to get in the best shape of
your lives, you’re crazy. So, anyway. We just released the app, so
there’s still a lot of features that we’re putting in on a
weekly basis, so make sure you’re constantly updating the app to get these fresh updates as they come out. You know Instagram doesn’t
look like how it looks today the first day it uploaded, of course. So, give us some time guys. But I’ve been receiving all
your feedback on Instagram, on my emails, all across my
social media, and the census is that you guys love the app
and that makes me so happy. If you haven’t already give
it five stars on the app store and leave a comment, that’s
really gonna help us out. We want to get this to number one trending on the fitness app charts
and we’re already on the way. I think we’re already there on Android, actually, so that’s super dope. You guys rock. All in all, guys, the app
release was a huge success. We’re climbing in downloads
like every single day. A lot of you guys also
sent in your before photos for the 30 day transformation. There are so many before photos,
I can’t wait for you guys to start changing your bodies,
start changing your lives. The end date to send in your after photo is going to be April 30th. If you haven’t already
sent in your before photo, send them in because this is
the last week to send them in to officially have a chance
to win the $200 credit worth at All of you guys are tagging
me on Instagram, showing me your progress and what you’ve doing during through the 30 day transformation, I’m gonna feature you guys in
the next vlog, next Thursday. For right now, I’m gonna
finish writing today’s workout with the Heria Pro App. And the 30 day challenge
for me is not over, guys. It only just began. For the next 30 days, I’m
gonna challenge myself to only train technique, every single day for the 30 days. That means only hand-stand
pushups, only one-arm pull-ups, only planche push-ups, stuff like that. Technique-based exercises. I’m gonna train that for the next 30 days. Let’s see what happens. Another thing is that we
have a basketball court inside the building and
I’ve been playing ball with Kevin and Zay and all the guys. You guys know, you guys saw the last vlog. Roll the clip. (down-tempo music) Yo. Yeah, I suck at basketball, dog! But you know what? You know what, Zay’s
been giving me mad hype. So has Kevin, man. This is the plan. For the next 30 days, I’ll
be training basketball. Yo, what, that’s my
coach, right there, boy! (laughing) Zay’s gonna take me through some serious basketball training. Now you guys know that I have never played basketball in my life. You know I really suck at
this so we’re gonna see if he can take me from not
even being able to throw the basketball near the
hoop to be making buckets. I wanna be a NBA star, baby! Let’s do this!
(Chris laughing) All right guys, so today
is gonna mark day one. My first day of training with basketball. Now, Zay is the man. If you’ve ever seen this dude play? You can’t play that game with him. He gets in every single
basket, every single shot. What have you got for us, today? – Some basic drills, man,
we’re gonna play some ‘Round The World, you
know, work on those shots, play some pickup games.
– Oh, shit. That’s the goal, guys, at
the end of the 30 days, bro, we gotta play a pickup
game in the hood, yo. Straight up, straight up,
that’s the goal, guys. For the next 30 days,
training only technique, hand-stand push-ups, planche
push-ups, one-arm pull-ups, stuff like that, and I’m
gonna train to be a basketball player, all right guys? Let’s get this! So today, marks day one, dude. I’m excited! Let’s hit the court, man. Let’s do this quick
warm-up that I just created with the Heria Pro App and
let’s start basketball, bro. I’m ready, ready to. (Zay laughing) All right guys, so I just
finished creating the workout. We’re gonna be doing a lot
of hand-stands push-ups, planche push-ups, stuff like that. And guys, we got some new
features coming for the app. You’re gonna be able to share the workouts that you create with your friends. You’re also gonna be able to
create workouts from scratch. Right now, you can take the
survey and we generate a workout for you and you can go ahead
and modify it any way you want. But we’re coming out with a
feature where you can start a workout from scratch. You search any move that you
want, you start putting in all the moves that you like. And if you guys have any
other ideas you think that we should add into the app,
don’t hesitate to let us know. Send us an email, [email protected] All right, so this is basically me, just starting from scratch, guys. But you know what, I really feel that like getting good at anything
is really just a formula. You know, so if you can
get good at something, you just use the same
principles and practices that you used to get good at that to get good at something else. Everything is that same
process of learning. So, we’re gonna go through
that same process right now with learning how to
shoot some hoops, baby. Let’s do it. (down-tempo music) All right guys, so I made the warm-up with the Heria Pro App. We’re gonna be doing hand-stands,
wide-shoulder closed, planche push-ups, and hand-stand push-ups. You ready? Let’s go for it. (down-tempo music) All right, so next we
have hand-stand push-ups and planche push-ups. Which one do you wanna do first? – There you go, there you go! (down-tempo music) (Chris grunting)
(laughing) Yo, hands down Zay, we got this! I always gotta do one more than him, tho! Damn, dude, I almost did it. – He’s always trying to
make me look bad, yo! It’s crazy.
– Well, I have to. Yo, we were talking about
this (bleeps) the other day. Like, when you go first, you
always got to set the number. You know what I’m saying? It’s always harder to hit
a good number and be first then going right after the person ’cause right after the person is like, “Oh, he did 15, all right I gotta do 16!” (both laughing) (down-tempo music) All right guys, this is gonna be like, my 10th set right here. Basically, I’ve been doing
planche hold to planche push-ups three or four reps in a row. All right? This is gonna be my last one. I’m gonna start playing ball. (soft music) (grunts) Let’s do it! (basketball bouncing) – All right bro, before we get started, let’s see your shot. – My shot. All right, watch this. Everybody ready for this? Whoa, that was pretty close. – All right so, first,
we gotta find your shot. We want you to get
comfortable with your shot. So instead of shooting from the outside, let’s start from close. So you wanna square up your
feet with the basket, right? Your hand placement is gonna
look something like this. You want to bend your
knees slightly, right? You’re gonna come up here, eventually, you’re gonna release. Your release is gonna come from the wrist. – From the wrist, the flick of the wrist! – Its all in the wrist.
– All right! – All right, so, we’ll start from here. I’ll go first. Bend. (basket swishing) – Hey, I love that sound, yo! (laughing) – [Kevin] Yooo! – Yo! That’s it, that’s it! Okay, now I got it. – [Zay] There we go! There we go! – Yes, here we go, here we go! Let’s keep the streak,
let’s keep the streak! Let’s keep it going, let’s keep it goin. – [Man] And you aim for that white square. – [Man] Just like that corner right there? – Anywhere inside that white square. – [Man] Anywhere? – Look, right it’s gonna go in. – Oh shit! That’s physics, baby! Oh! Hey, we’re gettin’ somewhere, bro! Yo, this is great! You guys don’t understand! I mean, you saw in the beginning, I was like literally, not making anything. Before this video, for
the past couple days, I have not been able to make any shots so this is actually pretty insane. Yo, oh my god! – [Kevin] Oh! (crowd yelling) – 30 days, baby, 30 days. Anything you do for 30 days,
you’re gonna make a change. All right, I got that, Zay, let’s do. If I do three more in a row, I got it. – That’s two,that’s three. – All right, what’s the next plan. I’m on fire, it’s like NBA Jams right now! (hip hop music) Yo. I’m gonna hit him with the layup. Ready for this? – [Zay] Oh, shoot! – Left-hand gang. – I’m gonna show him my zone, okay. One shot. One shot.
(swishing) Let’s go! – Now I gotta make it! I’m sick of this guy, right here, boy. Here we go, here we go. – Oh!
– Yo! This dog is crazy. Shout out to my boy, Zay. Best coach right there. All right guys, so that’s
enough basketball for today. That’s day one of basketball. Day one of technique training. Follow along, ’cause next Thursday, we’re gonna keep going with this. Now before I close out the vlog for today, I got some important
announcements for you guys about our Euro trip, stay tuned. All right guys, so that’s
gonna cut it for day one of basketball training, right? – Yeah, bro. – Good to see you.
– You killed it. – I’m gonna see you next time, bro. I can’t wait till we do
that pickup game, bro. It’s gonna be sick! 30 days from now.
(Zay laughing) But, right before we sign-off guys, this battery is about
to die, so really quick, some announcements for the Euro trip, we got three workshops: Portugal 4/21 April 21st, we have a workshop there. We have a meet n’ greet the day after. Then we’ll be going to
Zurick on April 25th. We have a workshop then. And then we’re gonna finish
off in the UK on 4/28. We have a meet n’ greet out there. So starting April 20th, Zay,
I and the whole thenx crew is gonna be out in Europe starting in Portugal, Zurick, and then UK. If you guys wanna join or you
guys wanna be a part of any of our events, go right
now There is not that much time left, guys. We’re gonna be there in
about two to three weeks. So with that said, I will
see you guys next Thursday. Don’t forget to download the Heria Pro App if you haven’t already
’cause we’re changing lives. Send us in your before picture
by the end of this week. Start training 30 days straight
and in 30 days from now we wanna see that after picture
for you guys to get a chance to win $200 worth of Chris Heria gear. All right guys, so with that said, we will see you guys next Thursday. Peace out. And Europe, we’re coming soon. Peace out baby. Yo, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin,
show me what you got, bro! Show me what you got! Oh, cross-over, what, layup! Yo, this boy’s nasty! Smash that like button, guys.

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