all in one
what does everybody welcome back to my channel this is Caleb nash feemster, chris
staples jenna bandy we are in downtown LA at the Jumpman court this is a crazy
rooftop court in the middle of downtown LA on a roof I just said rooftop yeah
but but same thing rooftops are on a roof so yeah I was right here getting
ready for a shoot with the NBA playmakers but wanted to film a quick
video for you and we’re gonna call today’s trickshot challenge trick shot
goal here’s why there’s going to be nine shots you’re gonna have to complete nine
holes of a golf course and it’s us attempts win
so like fewest strokes there’s also there’s also construction side here but
excuse me thank you so few listen Tim’s wins here we go the
first shot on my list is bouncing it off the ground bouncing it off the hoop and
then putting it back in for Al you ladies first Gina’s nervous off okay that’s that’s a one Virginia baby
I’m here one for Caleb that proves it I’m more athletic than Chris staples I
jump higher okay Chris gets three oh you’re playing to Josh Patti three holes
in one and then someone else got three but we won’t worry about that don’t get lunch early bro guys next shot
is a backwards free-throw I’m first oh my goodness dandy oh that was close Chris get away okay he’s back in it back in
the ships five five two five back room I finished with a six after that shot
dinner killing us right now – you have five kw5 as well correct
all right okay I got holy cow next up is through the legs
three-pointer Oh nine six so total you’re at eight Oh Caleb does +7 okay whoa.good it’s like you jump and then you’re like
oh man I’m through a leg shot like after you’ve already jumped into the every
second and then you do it six inches there you go hey hey all right bringing
your total to 13 and guess what my total is 807 okay baby
I’m good me me me me me thank you finally someone else on my side about
this say so totals after hold number 3 I have 14 5 7 8 ok anyone’s game so I’m
losing caleb is hi I am the Lowell hmm – I walked off cuz I thought it was all
that crazy – also – first try for Chris 16 okay guys
pull out your driver because we’re going to half-court rani from half let’s see
it bandy oh my gosh heads-up blame the blonde Oh nice Caleb Wow fifth try okay five on that brings
your total to okay now at 17 and 30 is a two ball shot you know
classic in golf sometimes you have to use two golf balls and both hands right there you go there you go okay
Shh okay 8:21 okay close game now oh there it is all right seven o3o you’re leading I’m in the lead yeah and I also have 21 you nerd okay guys
we’re going to head right into the sand trap right here it’s funny because it
looks just like a sand trap right huh nope you mister flip we’re doing a
bounce shot just stand right here in the yellow bounce into the hoop Wow three okay that was impressive good
job Jenna hole in one Oh there you go six star T 232 okay oh it hit it hit right like there it’s
somehow rolled over the front and women I also got six bringing my total to
twenty six twenty I’m feeling 22 like Taylor Swift 24 like Kobe 32 next up
this is the spin punch hmm three three okay honey not know honey
said no we almost have the golfers a happy
gilmore his throw oh okay the first number mate that was
impressive and on your third try what five tries puts me at 31 Chris 35 twenty
seven twenty eight twenty eight and there’s just one shot one hole left and
it is of course the backwards shot from hat I like to do my backwards shots like
actually shooting it but this is gonna be way too yeah you already got a you
got a underhand it Wow okay hey not bad nice well done so you finished with 35
way to go Jenna so Caleb yeah good luck oi there you go
you finished that was eight one behind Jenna yeah ready okay Oh there you go okay crispy finish with
3838 bugga so you had 35 yeah can you beat that
I’m at 31 so I need to make it in four to tie quicker the way give me my gold jacket at least there’s
a party teamcast I got thank you thank you for watching everyone if you haven’t
subscribed my channel please do so subscribe to my friends Chris Jenna and
Kayla like a best friend follow us all on Instagram did you hear I’m just
kidding fuck you here – for today be active on Instagram for your chance to
win one next time click on those videos up top we will see you guys later Jonna why golfer’s where – Patsy who are
you made that joke on the channel okay so they get a hole in one

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