Basketball with Jack Black & Chris Paul | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Ep 12 | Laugh Out Loud Network

Basketball with Jack Black & Chris Paul | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Ep 12 | Laugh Out Loud Network

( music playing )
both: Next game.
( music playing)
Here we go, here we go.
He’s dunking.
Who got next, fellas?
Who got next?
We got to get worked
into the next game.
– Who do I talk to to
see who got next?
– Hey!
Is there a signup
sheet for next?
Jack Black over here
from “Nacho Libre.”
( laughter )
It’s like they’re, like,
on purpose ignoring us.
Here’s what’s going on
right now.
We’re at Venice,
the legendary Venice Beach.
I got my guy, Jack Black,
with me and I say you know what,
we should actually
play basketball
and let’s get fit
by coming out here to hoop
with some people that hoop.
Hey, next game I’mma go ahead
and run with y’all,
so give me a count
as to what y’all going to,
what you go–hey, big fella.
What you going to, baby?
– What you going to, baby?
– It seems like they’re going
to infinity.
– Yeah.
– ( crowd cheering )
I tell you what,
how about this?
How about y’all just
lost your shot.
I’m gonna get
my own goddamn team
and come back to compete.
Good luck getting a part in
“Nacho 2” because…
– Yeah, that’s right. Yeah.
– …that door just closed.
And dunking in pink shorts
don’t make you tough,
I tell you that, huh?
Right? That’s right.
– Let’s go get our own teams.
– Oh, yeah.
– ( crowd cheering )
– Let’s go, Jack,
we don’t need this shit.
Let’s go.
( music playing )
Here’s what we’re gonna do.
Let’s walk up and down here.
– Yeah.
– Right? You pick two people,
– I’ll pick two people.
– Okay.
We’ll do our own
– All right, good.
– Okay?
This is like
a scouting report.
Yeah. And they can
be anybody, okay?
– I feel very confident…
– All right.
– …in my picking capabilities.
– Okay.
Holy cow.
– Yo, I see…
– You see somebody?
Yo, you’re gonna think
i’m bullshitting right now.
Burg, Burg.
– What’s up, Burg?
– What up, what up?
– Hey.
– What up, K-fam?
How are you?
You remember burg, right?
Of course.
– What up, man?
– First of all, what the hell
– are you doing out here?
– I’m from L.A.,
– I love the beaches.
– All right, well, look,
this is what we’re about to do.
We’re about to play
I’m picking two, he picking two.
You wanna run with me?
– Yeah.
– All right, I got Burg.
– Okay. All right.
– He’s my first pick.
You wanna just keep
walking down then?
I’m just–I’m just
not seeing anyone…
We got to–we just got to go.
– …that’s like clearly
got game.
– Well, let’s just look,
– just look.
– Let me talk to this guy.
Let me talk to this fella.
Excuse me, what’s your name?
I’m Jack,
good to meet you, too.
– Yeah.
– Now, I approach you
because you’re a good, like,
one foot taller than me.
Do you play basketball at all?
– So you’re ready?
– Yeah.
Let’s keep walking, guys.
We gonna find somebody here.
Matter of fact,
you play basketball?
Are you good?
Are you really good?
Forget the picture,
This is an opportunity.
Forget the picture.
Do you wanna play
basketball with me?
I want him.
– ( laughter )
– I want him.
– Kev, we’re both little guys.
– Can you play?
I want him.
What’s your name?
– Terry?
– Erik.
Okay, Erik, stop confusing me,
We’re about to go back,
and we’re about to play
I got my team,
this is who I want,
this is who I’m playing with.
Let’s head back to the courts
and then you get
your picture after.
If we lose, no picture.
High five.
That’s what I’m talking about.
Come on, guys.
I’mma be honest
with you, Malik,
I’m not very good
at basketball.
– Yeah?
– But what I lack in skill
I make up for in passion.
I’m one of those guys
that just tries
– a hundred and five percent.
– Yeah.
And just ( bleep ) sucks rocks.
If it gets rough, just get me
the damn basketball.
– I’mma just give you the ball.
– Hey, guys, how are you, sir?
Erik, that’s right,
you–Erik, stay focused.
I can’t have you slapping
people’s hands, okay?
I need you focused.
I picked you because
you’re my weapon, all right?
I’m gonna tell you a secret.
I am cold-blooded.
I had to make some decisions,
I made some moves.
I’m bringing in a ringer
for the third player.
Someone from the NBA
that I think you may recognize
when you see him.
Where’s Jack at?
( crowd cheering )
Hey, Kevin.
You got your team ready?
– I found some teammates.
– Kevin, he went and got some
– ( bleep ) real players, dawg.
– I found–I got Malik.
– Oh, that’s dirty bitch.
– I told you, I told you.
– That’s Chris Paul.
– They got a NBA professional.
– What’s up, little man?
– I think I got CP3.
What the ( bleep )
are you doing?
– What the (bleep) is this?
– Chris Paul Three.
– What’s happening?
– Hey, how’s it going?
That’s not cool, dawg,
that’s not cool, dawg.
– Hey, man.
– That’s not cool, dawg.
I know you, brother.
Wait a minute, brother.
– Brother, I know you, man.
– Good to meet you.
– Jack said he needed one.
– But why is you the one?
– Jack, what is…
– Yeah.
– Why wouldn’t he be the one?
– Yeah, but I said a pickup
My scouting instincts
get the best I can find
– from what I can see.
– Oh, yeah.
Well, I ain’t
never been a bitch.
What we playing for,
a hundred thousand?
– What we playing for?
– Huh?
– What we playing for?
– We playing for sneakers.
Loser got to walk out
of here with no sneaks.
– Bet. Bet. Bet.
– Bet. Bet. Bet.
– Bet it.
– Bet it.
Okay. Let’s get it
in the middle here.
– Yeah. Wolf pack?
– Yeah, wolf pack.
– ( howling )
– One, two, three,
all: Wolf pack.
On three, mighty men, come on.
– One, two, three…
– all: Mighty men.
Okay, all right.
Okay, let’s go, Erik.
– ( crowd cheering )
– All right, listen.
Before we go and have an intense
three-on-three basketball game,
I figure it’s right
to have a challenge.
But not just any challenge,
we got to have
our Bengay challenge.
Three people are gonna come up,
they’re gonna shoot foul shots.
Whoever makes
the most foul shots will win.

So let’s go all in and win.
All right, John,
you got 30 seconds to make
as many you possibly can.
– Time.
– ( music playing )
Got to go,
got to go, got to go.
John got on three knee braces
for no reason at all.
All right.
And we are out of time.
– Too late.
– John didn’t make
one free throw. Okay.
– Doesn’t count, sir.
– See, those should count.
Doesn’t count.
All right, on three.
Ready, set, go.
Come on, Erik.
– Come on, erik, you got it.
– There you go. Take off.
– Take off.
– Come on, Erik. Hurry up.
– Come on, Erik.
– ( crowd cheering )
That’s one.
Last shot, Erik, hurry up.
You got one, that’s it,
Erik, don’t run,
don’t tire yourself out,
I need you for the game.
Good job, you got one.
– Good job.
– All right, Malik. Hey, Malik.
Easy money, go get it.
You got 30 seconds, Malik.
– Feel it.
– Take off, Malik, take off.
– There it is.
– ( crowd cheering )
Don’t focus on the result,
– focus on the journey.
– There you go.
– Two seconds, Malik.
– I’m taking partial credit
for these hoops.
I’m saying the right shit.
– Pull up.
– Time.
– He shot it.
– ( crowd cheering )
Malik killed y’all.
All right, Malik,
you are the winner
of our Bengay challenge.
You may be sore
after that challenge,
but hopefully
this win from Bengay
will help you relieve the pain.
– It’s a hell of a trophy.
– Hey, man, amazing job.
– Yeah.
– Amazing shooting,
I hope you feel good
about beating a kid.
( music playing )
All right, Jack.
I know we
came out here as friends,
but I think within a friendship
comes great competition.
So at this point,
I’mma politely decline
our friendship
from you and from Chris,
friendship over,
three-on-three, game goes to 11.
We both get two timeouts apiece.
– You’re gonna lose.
– Is it my turn?
– Yeah, now it is.
– First of all,
I’d like to thank you
for showing up.
– Right, right.
– I’m surprised you showed up.
– Right.
– Because you’re about to be
– embarrassed on television.
– Preach.
Also, I’d also like to say
you are short.
( laughter )
You’re shorter than average.
( laughter )
All right, it’s game time.
– ( crowd cheering )
– I yelled that so loud,
I got lightheaded.
– Yes.
– You ready?
Who you got, J, who you got?
– I got the kid.
– You got him?
That kid will score nothing
– while I’m on his watch.
– Lock him up.
– Y’all ready?
– Oh, shit.
Oh, where you going, Jack?
Go, get a bucket, Jack.
– Oh.
– Ugh.
Go ahead, Erik.
Take it in there strong, Erik.
– Give me that, Erik.
– ( laughter )
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Hey, and the same thing
can happen to you, too.
Erik, that means nothing.
Those things happen
– to the best of us.
– Let’s go.
Come on, Burg.
Oh, back cut.
Oh, he can’t see that far.
I’mma rebound.
– Go ahead, shoot it.
– That’s a bucket.
( crowd cheering )
Hey, that’s called
busting Chris Paul’s ass.
I’m about to put
a highlight reel together.
Switch, Jack, switch.
– Switch!
– Oh. Good knee, Jack.
– Good knee, Jack.
– Shot, John.
– That’s a two. Yeah.
– ( crowd cheering )
– Time out.
– Where are you going, Coach?
– Quick change of costume.
– You’re playing great
out there.
Headbutt, headbutt,
there you go.
That’s what we do.
We headbutt.
It was the kicks, bro.
It was the kicks, bro.
Let’s not change
anything, okay?
He was playing bad
because he didn’t have
his terrible shoes on.
You ready now?
– Almost there, bro.
– What is Jack doing?
( music playing )
– Jack, we’re losing right now.
– I’m back.
And why do you have wings on the
back of your sneakers?
I think you’re
about to find out, Kev.
All right, let’s go.
Throw it up, throw it up.
Just throw it up.
– Dammit, he’s tall.
– Up here.
– Yeah!
– Yeah, yeah.
– We’re obviously a better team.
– ( crowd cheering )
Put it right here.
Go to work, Jack.
– Why you dribbling so slow?
– We’re like the Miami Heat,
the villains of the league,
– and we win.
– Go!
– ( grunts )
– Keep it simple.
– What’s happening?
– It’s a sub.
– They got a sub.
– Jack, what?
– He got a sub.
– Jack got a sub.
Wait, Jack,
what just happened?
You can’t get a sub
to act like you
– because he’s white.
– “Game on” yell it. Yeah.
Jack, that doesn’t
make him you.
– Wait, Jack, wait.
– Game on, I’m Jack Black.
– No, Jack…
– Come on, pick it up.
Get in there, Jack Black,
show them who’s boss!
( music playing )
– Boy.
Yeah. That’s what —
– ( crowd cheering )
– Go, go, go, shoot it.
– Three up.Three and three.
– Yeah, Jack Black and CP3.
Yup, yup.
( music playing )
– Yes!
– ( crowd cheering )
– ( howling )
– Nothing.
– Scout report says–
– You wanna switch?
– He can play.
– You wanna switch?
– You wanna switch?
– No.
Oh, Jesus.
( music playing )
Hey, Erik, you got to bear
You gonna post the kid up?
Help! Help!
– Get it.
– Shot, Kev.
– Right, right, right.
– Two.
– ( crowd cheering )
– About time you hit one in.
– I’m busting your ass.
– No,
this is not how it was
supposed to go down.
– Oh, yeah.
– Foul. Ow.
– ( laughter )
– Foul.
– He hit me.
– Time out.
– I call a foul. Time out.
– Look at my sneakers,
– he untied them and everything.
– Time out. You ready?
– Thanks, man.
– He’s trying to hurt me.
All right,
let’s shut them down.
take this for a second.
Hey, all right.
– Lock him up.
– I’ll lock him up.
Take the three because
you’re not getting past me.
You’re not getting past me.
– Smack the ground, Jack.
– Take aim.
– There you go.
– Come on.
There you go.
Here you go, here you go,
I’m with you.
I’m with you.
Jack, cut, Jack, cut.
– Erik, hey.
– Oh, God.
( laughter )
– Ten to five.
– Jack,
look, let me tell you
how we’re gonna win it,
let me tell you
how we’re gonna win it.
Tell me, tell me,
tell me, tell me.
This is game point
but here’s the beauty of it.
This is where I get serious.
One, two, three,
wolf pack, whoo.
What the–what was that?
– ( crowd cheering )
– Game point, let’s go.
Get in that corner
right there.
Get in that corner.
Ready to shoot, Malik.
You gotta fight through it,
gotta fight through it.
– Ready to shoot.
– Yeah, yeah.
Locked up, locked up.
Oh, there it go, Jack,
there it go.
– Jack, Jack, again.
– Hit me.
– ( grunts )
– ( crowd cheering )
Back to my sweet-spot, come on.
I need redemption.
( crowd reacting )
Get it back to me, CP3,
– I need this.
– Hit the rebound.
Yeah rebound.
– Our ball. Our ball.
– ( laughter )
Jack, do we need
to make it bigger?
– Oh, my God.
– Jack,
– you see the white square?
– Yeah.
If you hit it in it
every time, it goes in.
– That’s a great tip, thank you.
– All right.
– Hey, Jack.
– I got this.
Way to fail on 30 attempts.
Yeah, but who’s better
at picking teammates?
– Get the kid, Jack. Get him.
– Erik, right now,
Get open, erik. No, no, no, no.
Oh, oh.
Come on, John.
– Goddamn it, john.
– Damn it, John. Damn it, John.
I’m back in the sweet spot.
Oh, God.
Okay, Kevin.
( music playing )
Oh, there it goes, Jack.
( screams )
( crowd cheering )
– Wolf pack, wolf pack.
– You did it.
– Wolf pack, wolf pack.
– You did it.
Wolf pack, wolf pack,
wolf pack, wolf pack.
( laughs )
Game winning shot.
Jack Black was the better man.
This is “What the Fit.”
And sometimes I guess
I’m gonna have to lose.
This is my trophy.
I just wanna thank
all the people
that believed in me.
( crowd cheering )
Much love to all involved.
– Thank you.
– Are you done?
– I’m done.
– Can you come up out
– them shoes though?
– Okay.
– Ooh, yeah.
– You said the loser–
– The shoes must come off.
– Hey, does anybody out here
wear size 12 in kids?
( laughs )
( crowd cheering )
I’ll see you next time,
next episode of “What the Fit.”
Oh, God. Oh.
Hi, I’m Kevin Hart.
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