Beach Cliff Basketball Trick Shots!

Beach Cliff Basketball Trick Shots!

I’m Josh Horton. I’m David Kalb – Let’s make some trick shots! let’s do it you always enjoy that swish Cassie’s turn! not bad with an audience! SWISH! While we were warming up I air balled, air balled…. airball airball airball ugh alright well
let’s just try it and then BOOM! we’ve switched locations to the Travis
Mathew headquarters we’re both Rock and Travis Matthew today
and you know the beach was nice but now it’s time for some some court shots juggle three I’ll toss one up and then
you knock that one in the hoop it’ll come down and you keep juggling them
I’ll try to catch the one that you threw and continued juggling and in theory it
should work oh so wouldn’t be a proper Josh Horton
video without a challenge so you up for a challenge
oh for sure I actually think you’re gonna dominate me at this but we’ll see
we’re gonna have a timed relay race free-throw three-pointer half-court shot
and then you had an idea for the finale I say for the finale
we take the exercise ball has to basically get stuck in the really fast
is wanting to get all four of those wins whoa come on oh no shoes I got on the testers Oh thirty seven one three okay
Wow I’m tired it’s a hot in this gym we’re used to that thirty seven one
three so leave a comment right now who do you thinks gonna win
leave a comment Josh or David good luck on the one three I think I can get that
are you ready three two one Oh No three-pointer nail then 24 seconds Oh
work thank you that was impressive half were phone good yeah half quarter look
like you’ve done it before yes I have any time back to more trick shots yeah
oh great they both rolled in but both win is but it counts that is today’s
video but first we’re gonna do a giveaway win yourself some Josh Horton
juggling balls by following this man on Instagram
David Cal leave a comment on his most recent post saying juggling Josh sent me
and you could win yourself some juggling balls today was awesome
yes we made some crazy stones of stuff and I’m so happy that you came down it’s
it’s been a while since I just my card court trick shots on this channel so I
know you guys at home love this video give it a thumbs up if you did we’ve got
videos every Monday Wednesday Saturdays make sure you subscribe we do Instagram
shadows every video here’s here’s one the other is on David’s face follow
Cassie eye on Instagram your chance of an Instagram shoutout
let’s go let’s go back to the beach right

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  1. THUMBS UP for more trick shot videos like this! It was so much fun and I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I do! If you enjoyed it please tell your friends to watch – click the thumbs up – click the share! Congrats to MLinkous74 for winning juggling balls! Make sure you’ve subscribed and turned on the bell so you have a chance to win too!!

  2. But I couldn't watched it because my internet wasn't turning on but I will watch it when I will go to my own home I am in grandmother's home right now bye

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