Beat Battle with Hailee Steinfeld

Beat Battle with Hailee Steinfeld

-♪ Beat battle ♪
[ Scatting ]
♪ Beat battle ♪
-All right,
here’s how it works.
The Roots
will play a random beat,
and then we’re gonna take turns
singing different songs
that fit over that beat
until the buzzer goes off
or until one of us
runs out of songs.
There are no winners or losers.
That being said, if you can’t
think of a song, you lose.
[ Laughter ]
-You ready to play?
-Let’s do it.
-All right, let’s do this.
Roots, can you give us a beat?
I’ll start us off.
-All right.
I’m a little nervous.
-Any song.
♪ This ain’t for the best ♪
♪ My reputation’s
never been worse ♪
♪ So you must like me for me ♪
♪ Na na na, na, na ♪
♪ Is it cool
that I said all that? ♪
♪ Is it cool
that you’re in my head ♪
♪ ‘Cause you know
that I’m delicate ♪
Save me.
♪ Delicate ♪
-♪ I don’t want no scrub ♪
♪ A scrub is a guy
that can’t get no love from me ♪
♪ Hanging out
the passenger side ♪
♪ Of his best friend’s ride ♪
♪ Trying to holler at me ♪
-♪ What have I,
what have I ♪
♪ What have I done
to deserve this? ♪
-I don’t know this song.
-♪ What have I — ♪
You’re too young.
♪ What have I ♪
♪ What have I done
to deserve this ♪
-♪ I’m in love
with the shape of you ♪
♪ We push and pull
like a magnet do ♪
♪ Now my heart is falling, too ♪
♪ I’m in love with your body ♪
♪ Oh, I, oh, I, oh, I, oh, I ♪
♪ I’m in love with your body ♪
♪ Oh, I, oh, I, oh, I, oh, I ♪
-♪ In West Philadelphia,
born and raised ♪
♪ On a playground
was where I spent most of days ♪
♪ Chillin’ out, relaxin’,
but actin’ all cool ♪
♪ And shootin’ some b-ball
outside of the school ♪
♪ When a couple of guys
that were up to no good ♪
♪ Started making trouble
in my neighborhood ♪
♪ I got in one little fight
and my mom got scared ♪
♪ She said you’re movin’
with your auntie and uncle ♪
♪ In Bel Air ♪
[ Buzzer ]
Oh, thank God!
[ Cheers and applause ]
Dude, what do you think?
I spit a little bit there.
I started to spit.
I didn’t know.
I was backed up into the corner.
I just started spitting.
-Oh, it was great.
-You just started spitting.
-I just had to start spitting.
I think that was a tie.
All right, here we go.
Let’s do round two.
You want to give us
a different beat, Roots?
-All right.
-I’ll start this one off.
-All right.
-Ooh, okay, I got one.
-You got one?
-I got one.
♪ Havana ooh na na ♪
-That was mine!
-♪ You got me thinking
of Havana, ooh na na ♪
-♪ He’s gone back
to East Atlanta na na na ♪
♪ But my heart is in Havana ♪
♪ There’s something
about her manners ♪
♪ Havana, ooh na na ♪
-♪ It’s girls like you
run around with guys like me ♪
♪ Till sundown ♪
♪ When I come through ♪
♪ I need a girl like you,
yeah, yeah ♪
♪ Then she caught me
on the counter ♪
It wasn’t me.
♪ Someone banging on the sofa ♪
-It wasn’t me.
-♪ Even had her in the shower ♪
It wasn’t me.
♪ She even caught me on camera ♪
It wasn’t me.
-♪ Oh,
I wanna dance with somebody ♪
-Ah, Whitney!
♪ I wanna feel
the heat with somebody ♪
♪ Yeah, I wanna dance
with somebody ♪
♪ With somebody who loves me ♪
♪ Hey, now,
you’re an all-star ♪
♪ Get your game on,
go play ♪
♪ Hey, now,
you’re a rock star ♪
♪ Get your game on,
go play ♪
♪ All that glitters is gold ♪
♪ Only shooting stars
break the mold ♪
♪ I came in like
a wrecking ball ♪
♪ I never fell
so hard in love ♪
♪ All I wanted
was to break your walls ♪
♪ But all you ever did was
wreck me ♪
[ Buzzer ]
-All right, we got it.
Oh, my God.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Very good!
You are good.
That’s fun.
All right, final round.
Remember, there are no winners
or losers,
but this will decide the winner.
[ Laughter ]
Roots, can you give us
the third and final beat?
-I think I’m gonna
start this one, Jimmy.
All right?
♪ Night fever, night fever ♪
-Bee Gees?
-♪ We know how to do it ♪
-Oh, my God.
♪ Gimme that night fever,
night fever ♪
♪ We know how to show it ♪
-Oh, I know.
-♪ I love me ♪
♪ Gonna love myself ♪
♪ No, I don’t need
anybody else ♪
♪ Gonna love myself ♪
♪ No, I don’t need anybody ♪
♪ I love me ♪
♪ Can’t help myself ♪
♪ No, I don’t need
anybody else ♪
-Sing it!
-Hailee Steinfeld, everybody.
That’s her song.
She’s the best.
We’ll be right back with more
of “The Tonight Show.”
[ Cheers and applause ]
♪ But I love myself,
and I don’t need anybody else ♪

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  2. i'm absolutely obsessed with hailee's deep husky singing voice. she normally has a higher tone and cleaner pitch but this one is kinda sexy, i would love to hear a b-side on her album where she uses this vocal colour

  3. When I heard the final beat I really thought she was going to start singing her own song. But, then, she sang Bee Gees which was awesome. Suddenly, he starts singing her own song? LOL! So good!

  4. I feel like the 3rd beat was deliberate, not random, prepared by Roots and Jimmy as a joke/prank to Hailee. I love her reaction tho. She's got great voice.

  5. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  6. I am obsessed with Hailee lately- her voice- both in the way she talks and sings , her BEAUTIFUL face, her kind and bubbly personality – she is my absolute favourite celebrity right now

  7. 1:07 – 1:09 i can relate this to my girlfriend who is 15 years younger than me
    Her: i don't know this song
    Me: What have i (you're too young) *keep on rapping
    90's teenager here baby

  8. I love that girl, so beautiful and she seems even more genuine. She doesn’t act like a celebrity. She acts like a talented audience member that got pulled up on stage.

    Just a perfect lady, deserves everything she’s got and given

  9. 49% of this comment section:
    Hailee is so goood I love her!!

    I love this part of Hailee!!
    Can we get a longer version or a cover of this?

    The host is bad.

    Cmon guys lets give him some credit at least.

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