Beat Saber in real life – DIY Tutorial – Game Room Ideas

Beat Saber in real life – DIY Tutorial – Game Room Ideas

Today’s Game Room Idea is a bit different.
Although you are welcome to follow along,
instead of solving a problem for everyone,
I’m trying to solve a problem for just one
This is my niece.
Say Hi.
She’s a great kid and one of my favorite
people in the world.
She likes to play Dance Central and Just Dance,
plus other games that she and I play together.
Even though she’s usually really happy,
something’s been making her sad lately.
She’s really interested in Beat Saber and
wants to play it but mean uncle Sony says
she’s too young for Playstation VR.
-Watching the clock-
“What’cha doing?”
“Just watching the clock.”
“Just waiting to turn twelve.”
Oh you poor thing.
I hate to see you sad.
I’ll tell you what, I have an idea!
I’ll be right back.
Ok, so the plan is to make her a set of real-world
Beat Sabers so she can play along too, either
beside me or with YouTube.
And I have some ideas of where to go.
-Car- pulls up to Harbour Freight, buys flashlights,
pulls up to Walmart, buys water squirters,
The first thing I needed was a pair of flashlights,
and this set I got from Harbor Freight fits
the bill exactly.
They are the exact right size, roughly an
inch in diameter, and the fact that they are
in the right colors is a happy coincidence.
Now saber ‘blade’.
After looking around, I decided to go with
these ‘Pump Blaster’ water squirters I
got from Walmart.
There are a variety of other styles of squirters,
but this brand pairs perfectly with the diameter
of the flashlights, so I grabbed both a red
and a blue one.
I only need the outer tube, and to size this
right for her, I think I’ll cut it off right
about here.
Carefully cut it through all the way around.
The plunger components will be thrown away,
but keep watching for an alternative use.
So now I have the saber blade and a way to
light it, I just need a way to secure the
parts together.
The simplest and most durable idea I thought
of was to use bicycle handlebar grips.
The flashlight is going to be inserted first,
but I’m going to intentionally leave the
end sticking slightly out.
This gives us easy access to the power switch
and the ability to change the batteries in
the future.
It’s going to be quite a tight fit, so I’m
using soapy water to slick the inside of the
Even with the soap, it was pretty tough to
press that in, but I did it without damaging
the grip’s interior.
Next is the tube.
Exact same procedure, slick it up with my
soapy water and work it in.
Since this tube has an open spout on the end,
it isn’t airtight.
That’s lucky because this would be much
more difficult if it was.
I’ll just keep working it down until it
gets as close to the flashlight as I can get
While I finish this, a couple of things to
know, I bought all of these parts locally
so I could get this video out as soon as possible.
We are past mid-summer and these water squirters
are a highly seasonal item.
If you already bought some this summer, great,
but they won’t be around long.
The flashlights I found are pretty bright
for only having a single LED.
And, my choice in handlebar grips was pretty
Something that looked more like a sword hilt
would have been cool, but this closed-end
would have to be modified.
Also, I would have preferred them color-matched
to the saber.
Online there are a lot more options.
Flashlights in this form factor can have several
There are grip sets that include multiple
Or you can buy a blue pair and a red pair
in order to mix and match to your sabers.
I have many links in the description and on
my project page to see what I mean.
But these grips are untested for this purpose
and it’s important that they are pretty
rigid and durable to hold everything together.
A loose grip might benefit from adding some
hot glue, and I’m not sure that a light
foam grip will hold up to a lot of play.
There, how does that look?
Anything missing?
Hmmmm- Wrist straps!
The flashlights already have a small finger
strap, but I’ll replace them with these
Much better.
Since I got so many wriststraps, I decided
to color coordinate my Move controllers while
I was at it!
One saber down, one to go.
While I construct the second one let me suggest
some untested build variations.
The plunger handle can be pulled off of these
You could hot glue the plunger tube in place
at the cap, and use it as a light core for
a different lighting effect.
Instea., you could add a little tinsel, glitter,
or chalk dust to the empty tube for different
Just remember to seal up the spout tip with
hot glue after working it into your grip.
You can cover the flashlight lens with a gel
or use colored marker to further color the
I even found similar flashlights with a colored
What about blacklight?
Pair a UV flashlight with a blade customized
with UV markers or ink.
By the way, there is a whole community of
DIY ‘laser sword’ enthusiasts, for some
Feel free to search out their tips to enhance
your build.
Ok, they’re finished!
Before I give them to my niece, lets recap.
We had such a great weekend playing two-player
Beat Saber.
Beyond the game, these are just fun to play
My wife’s a photographer.
When she saw them, she decided to use them
to experiment with light painting techniques.
All in all, I’d say this was a fun and successful
Thanks for coming along!

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  1. Great video. It is always good to involve younger kids with games that they are excited about. I rember spending a few hours working to restore a NES advantage so a little girl could play Kirby because her hands were too small for a controller.

  2. What a fun project! You must be the favorite uncle. And I love that you dedicated the video to Grant Thompson. Keep up the awesome videos!

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