Ben Affleck Kicked Out Of Casino For Card Counting

Ben Affleck Kicked Out Of Casino For Card Counting

the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas ike
booted Ben Affleck from a game of
blackjack because they suspected that he
was counting cards
now they didn’t kick him out at the
casino they told him that he was free to
play any other game that he wanted to
and summer saying that that was an OK
response for them to have
I should note that counting cards is not
only goal it is frowned upon
and a casino does hold the right to boo
you from a game if they do suspect that
you are
are counting cards now part of the
reason why their
really really strict with this kinda
stuff is because first of all
casinos have not been making the same
amount of money they did before the 2008
economic collapse
and also they want to have the upper
hand they want to ensure that they’re
the ones that make money off your ass
so if you’re counting cards they’re
probably not going to be in pay-per-view
continuing the game
are super strong to clarify the meet
perhaps shouldn’t feel too bad for the
back in 2007 before the collapse they
made $11 billion dollars
of love I gambling innings and now
all the way down and 9.6 billion dollars
so I should note that those are all
casinos in Clark County
the majority of which are in Las Vegas
okay so
right now the question is a should ban
for app like been
kicked out for card counting at a
deplorable crime
which of course is actually not a crime
but I mean that’s
a crime against the casinos the poor
casinos who just trying to make a living
let’s drop no I just want to do this so
we can be massively unanimously in favor
Ben Affleck
lo que going to demand
you happier at thousand different ways
it a go take our money
it we peered out one way kind o
28 even though I was a little bit they
have no people others
of I can’t believe you’re being smart
how dare you
bed at like not only not guilty. Bob
Prather the dude from
way to go early with your right cuz he
was winning money that’s why I think if
he was losing money believe me they
would make a good night of course
no I think it’s actually extremely
impressive when someone has the ability
to count cards
it’s not easy I made easier said than
done right so
Ben Affleck’s a smart dude so big ups to
him for the hot arm
M am i angry with the casino for bring
about a game
no they have the right to do that and
they didn’t so it is what it is I don’t
not gonna be like outrage because they
kick someone out a game for
counting cards nonetheless we are ruling
on Ben Affleck guilty or not guilty
I don’t know what that means though they
should as it
moral if you decide upstanding person
knowing that he is violating the casino
rules should be and not counted
carsey guilty a bring new casinos
rules he obviously is guilty of breaking
the casinos rules which is why they
booted him out of the game
I think you may perhaps saying this to
logically okay sorry she loading guilty
I’m not deny
go let him go Jerry Jackson
now gives them to not guilty Jesus gonna
my guess I’m to me is not guilty of all
part the reason we have this really is I
wanted to be unanimous with you it might
as well as a second reason
is actually use our gap Ben Affleck
not guilty you’re free to go I accept
your I don’t really understand where you
guys again and we are you saying that he
should be allowed to continue playing an
issue to be allowed to continue
counting cards you of course that’s
awesome I’m glad he did
so-what hard rock like all like oh my
up you know it’s so unfair that you can
actually count
it am i allowed to count up to 21
or or do I really like Pau I do not know
how to count at all
melody an israeli categories heart I
know because I’ve tried
and I know this system a lot of people
in the system any other okay -1
plus or minus 10 postponed to ponder
fuck it in the picture doesn’t look
what blackjack great but I think it’s
ridiculous that the pic you out for
doing something that
perfectly normal nd Traci
you’re betting pattern that’s how they
know yeah right yeah I N and yeah it’s
really I wish I was smart enough to
count cards some freakin home for the
no I didn’t I guess when it comes to
that issue cuz you’re asking me at first
to ask me whether or not he’s breaking
the rules and obviously he did cuz they
have a policy against it
but now that I think about it what he’s
just super smart and have the ability to
do it
they should allow him to do it when you
gonna do ban people for being too smart
yep that’s basically what you’re doing
that’s pretty basically higher I Capri
only suckers allowed so if you’re a
sucker please come near casino but if
you happen to be winning will get really
personal 30 the gazebo about the
business model most businesses
they want to take your money by usually
lying to you or misrepresenting a
product or whatever it is I mean it’s
is a very common thing me that’s true
but where to go in
guilty okay all right now one less thing
its accede to be fair to hard rock a bit
over genius marketing move you know why
because now everything’s all turns I can
think of you can count cards
and you can win that way that’s way to
bed at like a
I’m gonna go kart your account cards
and but what your realizes it’s not that
easy to rebuild a genius but is not
easy and we know through experience to
people that have already done it
the great majority people who think that
they’re counting cards Sacaton
not actually wind up losing a lot of
money so this carry big
ad for all the casinos like come here
all golly gee you might take money
from us blackjack might be in your favor
there’s also the celebrity element right
now all the sudden hearing articles
about this story
and you see things like Hard Rock Casino
Las Vegas which is known for its
celebrity clientele
right all of that and people who want
anything like well if I go to Hard Rock
time I see people like ben affleck
although ironically you won’t see Ben
Affleck anymore
is he’s gone baby gone. I have an idea
i’ve landed
I we can do a tyte you know on the
office you on this
out practice among timecard you guys
give me like 15 other dollars I’m
Campbell in Vegas have no fear by can do
right okay I’ll anything about that in
no I a
okay so far we’ve or on the actual gavel
I not guilty

100 thoughts on “Ben Affleck Kicked Out Of Casino For Card Counting”

  1. Cenk wants to suck Ben's dick! What kind of dumbass would expect a casino not to kick someone out for counting?

  2. Casinos are the MOB morons. These are crooks who steal your money. If you win they throw you out. ONLY losers are allowed in. If you're allowed to stay it's because you're a moron. Stay out of casinos and don't be a moron.

  3. If you can count cards it's virtually impossible NOT to count cards. You are in a game and your brain just starts ticking in a way that gives you the best advantage. It's like saying "you can play but you must not let your mind determine statistical possibilities." Gambling IS determining statistical possibilities.

  4. you make the decision to put your money up for a higher return. the casino doesn't put a gun to your head and tell you to bet. You should know going in to a casino that the odds aren't in your favor.

  5. Ana: They'll keep plying you with liquor, and collect your drunken misplay cash but if you have your wits and beat the casino, you are kicked off of the table. Is that right?

  6. This guy is seriously such a douche bag.
    He's almost always wrong, he acts like a moron, he makes a fool of himself every episode. I don't understand how he's got a following.
    Ladies must think he's hot??
    I keep accidentally wandering on to his shows because of the interesting topics and invariably wind up feeling embarrassed for him.

  7. I'm not proud of casino players. I am not proud of people breaking or respecting rules of a licensed inn keeper. I am not proud of the example a public figure's behavior represents by entering a establishment based on selfishness.

  8. Thats just humiliating and sad for any casino. Ben Affleck card counting? He is a whale fish. What a pathetic casino

  9. Has anyone ever taken a casino to court over card-counting? If you are just using brain power alone I don't see how a judge or jury could side with the casino. Now if you had whipped out some kind of high tech NASA calculator I could see their side of it.

  10. actually there is no law for card couting in casino's, there is a law for signs or mechanis
    they pretty much kicked him out because they wanted to

  11. counting cards is actually really easy. if you can calculate 7+1, you can count cards. if casino's allow it, everyone'd be doing it. hard would be counting individual cards, only freaks can do that, but an addition subtraction system…

    anyway, casino's exist to exploit the gambling problems of idiots and boredom of rich people for massive profit. we all know that. that's what a casino does. but why would you expect them to keep open a money sink? could you imagine them running all these blackjack tables full people taking money rather than spending?

    of course they don't allow it. it's this or closing all blackjack tables. obviously.

  12. Ben Affleck is clever,just like Batman.What if he was counting cards but still losing moneys,will he be told to leave the table? No right? Security! I spotted Ben for cards counting but he didn't cheat the casino from his money! Ok but why you calling Security for? Casino policy rules number 1, as long as any person,loses money,let him play,even if he is counting cards but if he is winning then we find reason ,to kick him out,from the table.Ben,ben,ben,you are winning moneys ,stop playing cards,go over there and play jackpot machine instead. Bing,bing,bing,bing, lacking,kaching kaching..whoa,ben,ben,ben,not you again?! ok that is it,I am calling the security!!! Security,Ben is winning,he is cheating us,from his money again! oooh,I hate Ben ! Ben my boy,please don't play batman with us,we know what you are doing,you are winning! Get out and don't come back,until you gave your oath,to lose all your moneys,on the table! Kapish!?

  13. #LoserCenk once again proves he is an idiot. If any casino allowed card counting, that casino would be out of business in a month.

  14. you're retarded for painting the casinos as the big bad corporation who's there to steal your money and punish you for "being smart". Obviously the casino needs to win to remain in business. And of course they have to right to ban you from playing if you're card counting, you don't have rights there, you have to play by their T&C's when you walk in there. If people were allowed to count cards willy nilly, we wouldn't have casino's anymore. You have free will and the choice to play at a casino if you want to. If you don't like gambling, don't play there. And if you want to count cards, go for it, but know the consequences of being caught. It's no secret that the odds are stacked against you. We go to casinos for the entertainment value. They provide a place to gamble and we go there willingly and knowing that we're probably going to lose, but it's okay because we have a fun night doing it. Stop it you whiny girls.

  15. 100% bullshit, im sure if affleck tweeted he was going to hard rock the casino would let him count all he wants with a $1,000 max bet

  16. I count cards, it's fair to stop it or there would be no blackjack. And they will kick you out if you are losing because they know the counter will eventually win. It's also not some genius thing, it's very easy. The casino's are very nice about it and just say no more BJ.

  17. Why would they kick a celebrity out for card counting? Let him count. His mere presence is a draw. They're going to get more players once there's buzz around the hotel that Ben freaking Affleck is down at the blackjack table. They'll get all the money back and then some. The Disney era casinos don't have a clue.

  18. oh NO! the casinos are losing money?😲 quick everybody rally together for them! I've already started a go fund me account and I'm baking cakes to force my young children to sell in hopes of creating revenues for the struggling casino economy! this may be the most important issue facing the human population at this very moment. all of my life I've wondered what i was on this planet to accomplish for the great Creator and now i finally KNOW my devine purpose… to raise charity donations to keep this casino doors OPEN! Say it with me folks "wont somebody PLEASE think of the casinos?"(rinse and repeat)

  19. Cenk is so naïve.  Again, Young Turks take a 2 minute video and keep repeating themselves to make an unnecessarily long 6+ minute video.

  20. interesting input to add here. If you are losing money, but betting higher in a hot count, they will still assume your counting.

  21. Actually, if you open an establishment to the public, you are not allowed to discriminate between guests. A New Jersey Court just ruled against a casino 5-0.

  22. I find it funny that people just don't understand business. Look, if gambling at Casino's was fair.. i.e you have the same chance of winning as the house, then why would someone build a casino, lay carpet, paint the walls nice, put loads of slot machines and tables with nice people dealing you cards, provide heating if it's cold, and AC if its hot.. Just for you to have the same odds of winning as they do. It just would never happen. I love to gamble, but I understand that when I am playing a slot machine with a 90% payout, every spin I am paying 10% of the stake for the opportunity to play said slot machine, in a fun environment.

  23. once I was betting random amounts of money form 10 to 50 to 200 and talking to my bro behind me next thing I realize two men in suits are watching me like 5ft away they didn't tell me nothing even tho I was $2000 up

  24. wtf is she talking about counting isn't easy? 1+1 and 4-2 is pretty freaking easy! oh I almost forgot, you have to devide to get the TC… these people are retarded

  25. Ok, let's play out the Logic. What if there was a casino that advertised Blackjack with card counting allowed? How would the odds change when everyone at a table is counting cards? How would the payouts change? Because at that point it seems that the House (when be playing against 6 players) would be like those players on steroids. By using a basketball analogy it would be like 1 basketball player (house) against 5 (card counters). If everyone is winning and NOT the House, you have no game. It might be better to just play poker at that point. What do does everyone else think? Just curious.

  26. With blackjack, the casinos are offering a game of skill. They should not have the right to arbitrarily bar the skillful. They can certainly take countermeasures to nullify the counter's advantage, such as shuffling up.

  27. It's ridiculous but true, the BEST counters have less than a 1% edge, but the slime masters who run casinos are glad to take your money if you are stupid, drunk, or addicted BUT if you play by all the rules, break NO laws, and use your brain to win a few bucks….. they treat you like a deviant and can get you black listed from all the casinos. One of the few times I agree with these twits.

  28. And AGAIN, they get it WRONG. Affleck was booted because he was winning…period. Casinos don't boot people for suspicion of counting cards, they boot people for winning amounts in excess of what the casino is comfortable losing. It could very well be the case that Affleck wasn't counting cards, but rather betting big and on a lucky streak. Why is it that they, the media, never seem to get this right…ever?

  29. A Casino CAN NOT REALLY PROVE that someone is counting the card,it,s just all speculation hence why they CAN NOT make it ILLEGAL.

  30. Who cares what casinos do? What is so hysterical about the young turds is that they think they are the supreme court. That is just so comical. Delusions of grandeur is so common among flaming liberals.

  31. Most casinos are private property and they can kick you out for ANY reason…they don't even have to have a reason. It's NOT against the law to count cards; you can't be arrested for it (although, if they do kick you out of the casino and you return, they can charge you for trespassing). To be clever in counting cards, you've got to also act as if you aren't doing it (not focusing too much on your cards, and talking with people near by), even intentionally "lose" some hands. There are many casinos now that use software that is similar to Face Recognition Software. It can tell, using percentage, how likely it is that the player is counting cards

  32. So neither of The Young Turks are smart enough to do math involving zeros and ones. Anyone else remember beginning to learn math with number lines? The Young Turks we're stuck on 0. Knowing of vast Genius of Ben Affleck he probably had someone else counting the cards for him and feeding it into an earpiece.

  33. Wow…..y’all know casinos are a privet business?!??? So they can do whatever they want!!! It’s called capitalism….I know democratic’s hate freedom and capitalism but sorry for your luck this is America……

  34. At our Las Vegas hotel they wouldn't let a guest enter the pool area with a bottle of water she had in her bag! They wanted her to buy the water at poolside! Benny Binion is spinning in his grave!!

  35. 1:57 No you're wrong, even if you're losing money they'd kick you out because the best ways they call someone out for counting cards is when you have a huge spread, you bet $5, lose win doesn't matter, then up your best x40 to $200 because the cards are in your favour.

  36. You just have to pay attention. A bunch of faces, aces, or tens are out? Bet the minimum. Bunch of tiny cards went out? Bet more! This is a really rough version of card counting

  37. Even if you get to +EV by card counting you can still lose. The casino knows that and still does this, fuckin joke. Would they have asked him to leave if +EV and was losing which can still happen?

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