Beshear Touts Gambling As Pension Solution

Beshear Touts Gambling As Pension Solution

campaigns for the next governor of Kentucky have kicked off and the candidates are trying to make their stance on many issues known reports show Kentucky has one of the worst funded pension systems in the country but we’ve been talking about that so would ask how he would fix the state system yesterday Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear gave a controversial answer he said gambling that’s right Mel exat is Claire kotsky joins us now to tell us more in this story new on Sunrise it’s a problem Kentucky’s faced for decades funding the state pension system yesterday Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear said he wants to expand gambling in the Commonwealth and use the profits to aid the state’s pension issues to do it he says he wants to legalize casino gambling and sports betting just this year proposal to legalize sports betting in Kentucky failed in the legislature for years those proposals have floundered even when Basheer’s father former governor steve Beshear tried to of Andy Beshear’s rivals in the governor’s primary race have already criticized his proposal State Representative rocky Adkins calls the proposal unrealistic saying Beshear is not being truthful to the people of Kentucky claiming Beshear knows it doesn’t have a chance of passing an Adam Edelen says although he thinks expanding gambling is the right thing to do it’s an irresponsible gamble since past proposals failed a gamble Bashir’s willing to take covering the news Claire cops ki lex18 news

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  1. Horse racing is gambling and so is betting on sports under the table…what is the difference in a casino? Just thinking out loud…I don't get it?

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