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What’s up ballers, welcome back to another
basketball product roundup video presented
In this episode we are going to take a look
at the best basketball socks available to
keep your feet comfortable on the court and
you performing at your very best.
Let’s get started with the list.
Starting off our list at number 5 the Nike
mens elite.
This is our top pick for the best value for
money basketball sock.
This sock offers targeted padding in the most
needed areas around the foot and the Achilles
The perfect choice for ballers on a budget.
In at number 4 we have the Nike elite versatility
Our choice for the best low cut basketball
This sock provides state of the art comfort
and support for basketball players who like
to keep their socks riding low.
In at number 3 we have the 2xu men’s compression
Our choice as the best knee high sock available.
Even though these 2XU compression socks are
designed for runners, these socks a treat
to wear while playing basketball.
Compression socks provide some nice proprioceptive
feedback around the ankle joint and calf that
can help boost performance.
These are a great option for basketball players
with Achilles tendinitis or a history of calf
Compression socks help to keep the muscles
warm and loose.
Be sure to visit to see
more details and the best price on all of
the basketball socks featured in this video.
Just click the link in the description below
this video for direct access.
At number 2 we have these digitally etched
NBA socks which are some of the coolest looking
basketball socks available online.
They are a great choice for those of you who
want to show off your favorite NBA players
while on the court.
The guys who make these socks have created
an awesome variety of styles with many of
the best NBA teams and players featured.
At number 1 we have Nike elite versatility,
our choice as the best overall basketball
sock money can buy.
This is the must have sock for any serious
The Nike elite versatility offers the best
in comfort, durability and on-court performance
at an affordable price.
They come with a cutting edge design, foot
bed comfort plus ventilation and lock-down
Before you go and buy a pair of basketball
socks make sure you come and check out our
huge basketball sock buyer’s guide.
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In this buyers guide you will see:
-4 Very Important Things To Consider Before
Buying Socks to wear while playing basketball.
If you are one of those ballers who buys expensive
shoes, but then goes and skimps on socks,
you are going to want to read this.
-We take a closer look at the different styles,
features, benefits and specifications of all
of the basketball socks featured in this video,
plus a few great socks that didn’t quite make
the cut.
– In our buyers guide we will also show you
how to choose the best basketball socks for
your specific needs.
– You can also check out some customer reviews
and feedback on all of these products
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We don’t directly sell many of the products
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