Best Hindi Dubbed Movie – Robbery {2006}(HD & Eng Subs) Nagarjuna – Ayesha Takia – Sonu Sood

Best Hindi Dubbed Movie – Robbery {2006}(HD & Eng Subs) Nagarjuna – Ayesha Takia – Sonu Sood

Move! Move!
Here is 10000 rupees on Akhil.
Yes! Akhil!
Take mine too!
Who is this man who
is doing the tricks?
They are goons.
Where is Akhil?
Look! Akhil has come!
Our hero has come!
Akhil! Akhil! Akhil!
Yeah! Yeah!
Akhil! Akhil! Akhil!
Yeah, thanks.
Excuse me.
Hey, come on!
Repair the bike and
bring it home! Scoundrel!
Enough! Enough! Let me down!
You will always have
to win like this, bhai!
Okay! Listen!
Tonight I am going to give
a bash to the entire staff!
– Stop! Stop! Stop!
Bhai, we have so many call cabs.
Buy one for me too.
I am getting bored.
Is that so? Okay.
“Come on, come on.”
“Baby, come on. Come on, come on.”
“Come on, baby. Tell me something.”
Hello. Where are you?
I am a fool that I made
a movie program with you!
You are at the beauty parlour?
Are you coming to
watch a movie or show off?
Tell me. What?
You are stuck in traffic?
I see! Somebody is flirting
with you? Why will he not flirt?
Your get up must be such.
That was the reason why you
went to the beauty parlour.
Who is he?
I don’t know. I too
have found a sample.
Yes, hold on. Where did he go?
You hold on. Who are you?
– Nothings, sir.
If you gave me 100 rupees then I
will give it to you in your hand.
You hold on! Hold on!
Somebody is giving bumper offer.
Hold on. What will you give me?
Come with me, sir. I will
tell you. Please come. Come.
Stand here.
If you give me 1 minute,
then I will draw..
..your portrait and give it to you.
I see! Start.
You can talk on the phone now.
Tell me. Here a foolish
man is drawing my portrait.
He looks like a joker.
Okay, okay. You too come
quickly and get your portrait drawn.
It is a good time pass. Tell
the auto driver to drive fast.
Tell him it is an urgent work.
– What?
It is ready, sir.
He is saying that it
is ready. Stay on line.
You tell him to
drive the auto quickly.
“Come on, baby. Tell me something.”
Good! Very good!
– Sir, 100 rupees.
Take it from him. Take it from him.
Take it from him.
– Sir, it is your snap.
Keep quiet! Hello!
Yes, you come quickly. Come quickly.
What was this sound?
Accident! Where? I will just come.
– Sir, my 100 rupees.
Stay on the line.
Beware! Hello.
Sir, I think you are tense.
I will meet you later.
Where can I meet you?
– Me? – Yes.
I will meet you when
it is your unlucky day.
When your bad time is going on.
And you are dangling
between life and death.
“Come on, baby. Tell me something.”
Pauper! You!
Listen, is ma’am at home?
– Yes.
Is this a new car?
– Yes. Don’t touch it.
Son, coffee.
– Thanks, mother.
Before shaving off your
hair for the first time..
..your hair had grown so
long when you were a baby.
The long hair looked so nice
that I used to tie a braid.
Now after so many years
your hair has grown so long.
Shall I get a ribbon?
Mother, it is the style.
As if I don’t know
that it is the style.
That’s why I allowed
you to grow it long.
I have got a nice alliance!
The girl’s village is Lakhanwadi.
She has passed Bcs.
She lives there with her parents.
She is the only daughter.
They own 50 acres of land.
Her elder brother has
settled in Los Angeles.
The younger brother will
settle in Melbourne very soon.
Do you have any problem?
If her parents sell the land
go and settle in Los Angeles..
..or they leave their work
and settle in Lakhanwadi..
..I don’t have any
problem with them.
Your sense of humour is good.
Do you like the alliance?
Do you like the alliance?
– Oh yes!
Then you only marry her.
I have brought this
alliance for your son.
Sorry, pundit-ji. We
have given up on marriage.
Already we have
lived half of our lives.
We live here peacefully.
And we have got used to it.
Now if some girl from Lakhanwadi..
..will come in the
house and act smugly..
..then I won’t tolerate it.
Henceforth no need to
bring any alliance. You can go.
– What?
The car is ready.
Bhai was happy with my work.
And he bought a car for me.
We have 250 cabs
with us including this.
Chotu, what looks good?
300 cars in the house or 3 children?
I will beget them, aunty.
What do I care
whether you do it or not!
Come on! Give the coconut!
Bring it carefully.
Dear, you took the remote.
It is in the box, daddy. – Keep
it here. I will call for a cab.
Hey cab! Cab! Stop! Stop!
Good morning, sir.
– Good morning.
Where do you want to go, sir?
– Gandhi nagar. But the special..
..thing is that we
have bought a new TV.
Even my cab is new. You
are the first customer.
Very good! My TV and your cab!
For both it is the first journey.
How much will you take?
Sir, you can give whatever you want.
You are the first customer.
– 50 rupees.
Okay, sir.
– 40 rupees.
Why, sir?
– 30 rupees.
Why, sir. Why are
you reducing the fare?
Like others I didn’t
become rich from poor.
From being a rice man
I became a poor man.
I have splurged loads of money.
I used to give many such TVs as gift
to others. Now my position is bad.
I have to bring the TV
with my daughter’s earnings.
That’s why I am bargaining.
Fine, give whatever you want to give.
Couldn’t you have said this before?
Dear, you go and sit. – Okay.
Carry the luggage.
– Okay, sir.
Carefully. It is very heavy.
– Okay, sir.
Carefully. The stones.
On the ground! The stones!
Shake it!
It broke?
Throw it! Throw it!
Why to break it a bit?
That’s why I told you
to break it completely.
Let’s go inside. Buy me a new TV.
Sir, what is this? It
broke because of you.
I told you to carry it carefully.
You said there is stone.
Where is the stone?
I said there could be stone.
– How is that possible?
You will buy a new TV for me.
You don’t know me. Come.
Come inside!
– Daddy, take the car keys from him!
Take the car keys from him!
You broke the new TV!
Daddy, the key is inside the car.
– The key!
My car’s keys!
– How dare you break my TV!
– Daddy, sit quickly! Come!
Give me the keys! Ma’am, look!
Chotu, whey did you
call me to the hospital?
That girl works here.
– Who?
Her father took my new car.
She gave me the visiting card.
And she said come to the hospital.
We will talk there.
What’s her name?
– Srividya.
– Yes.
Is she some Goddess?
I don’t know. But
her father is a demon.
Fine. Go and search for her.
– Yes.
Is your name Srividya?
– What?
Is your name Srividya?
– No. – Then go.
Excuse me. She is coming.
How come there is so much
pain in this small heart?
Is she your doctor?
– Yeah.
Where is madam’s room?
Madam? How did he change suddenly?
Go and collect the
report from the lab. – Okay.
So pretty.
– Excuse me.
I am Akhil.
Dr. Sri.
– Nice meeting you.
Have you come with him?
– Yeah.
Hey, where is my TV?
– Where is my car?
I didn’t break your car.
In fact you broke my TV.
All that happened
because of your father. – No!
Look, sir.
– Akhil.
Look, Akhil. This is my first job.
And from my first salary I had
purchased a TV. He broke it.
But you are so very pretty.
– Excuse me.
Bhai, don’t become soft.
Where is the force that
was there when we came here?
Why are you tense?
She is a nice doctor.
So, you think that you incurred
a loss because of him. – Yes.
I too think so.
Why not? You are having fun.
– Keep quiet!
So what should we do?
I want the portable TV back.
As Chotu’s punishment.. I
want to give you a big TV.
32 inches. 42 inches.
No, no. I want the
one that I had bought.
Not possible. I have taken the
decision to give you a big TV.
Bhai, you are talking
about giving her the TV.
And you forgot the car worth 5 lakhs.
I want my portable
TV back. That’s all.
We will meet tomorrow. Till
then keep the car with you.
But this is Akhil.
Orthopaedic. Bones.
If you didn’t get the TV, I
hope you won’t break my bones.
Breaking bones is not my work.
Yes, you don’t break bones.
You join it. Bye, pretty girl.
I am Akhil!
Who are you guys?
Are you journalist Ram Kumar?
– Yes.
Had you written the article in
today’s newspaper about the robbery?
– What are you guys doing?
Sit. – Why? Will you make
me sit and beat me? – Sit!
What had you written? Tell me.
The incidents of robbery
have increased in the city.
The police are working hard
day and night to nab the thieves.
This is what I had written, sir.
– Tell me the right thing.
The incidents of robbery
have increased in the city.
It will be good if the
police pay attention to it, sir.
I told you! Tell me the right thing!
The incidents of robbery
have increased in the city.
The police are just watching
the show like an impotent man.
Even if that new
special officer is in town.. is as good as
if he is not there.
This is what I had written, sir.
Who is he?
– My son.
Do you know when he cries?
Yes. If he is very hungry, he cries.
Or else if a nice man like
you beats then too he cries.
Do you know when he feels hungry?
– No.
Do you know when somebody beats him?
– No.
Tell me. Do you know when
and where he will pee? – No.
If he pees on you, will
you be able to stop it?
It is very difficulty.
You don’t know anything about..
..your son who is
sitting in your lap?
If he pees, you
won’t be able to stop it.
Even I am like that!
How can I know when and how..
..a person does
something in the city?
Don’t beat him!
– Scoundrel!
Don’t beat him!
– Leave me! You!
Already I am worried! And on
top of that you write an article!
Tell him! If he writes
anything then I will kill him!
I won’t spare him!
Now I will write that by
comparing the robberies in the city..
..with babies’ pee, the special
officer wants to save his post.
I will write like this!
Who was he?
You still didn’t understand.
He is the special officer.
Look at his face.
I think he is responsible
for the robberies in the city.
I will write that too.
I will change my house
before writing. What will he do?
What did you say?
– I was just jesting.
Do you think I will
really write this?
He went away. Now
at least keep quiet.
“Sometimes here, sometimes there.”
“The arrow of the eyes struck.”
“You wounded my heart, beloved.”
“Stand by. Here we go again.”
“Just a little bit
and you will know.”
Chotu! Come!
What is this?
Today your boss seems different.
Yes, the matter is such.
– What?
Day before yesterday bhai
met a girl. She was plump.
Was she very pretty?
– Yes.
What’s her name?
– Dr. Sri.
Did they exchange numbers?
The matter has still not
reached to that level.
Work is still in progress.
By the why who laid the foundation?
– Bhai.
It means the girl doesn’t know.
– No.
My son was so different.
And now look what has he become.
– Poor guy!
When it comes to women,
men become weak.
Bhai is so weak. I came to
know day before yesterday.
I knew it before only.
If we left him like this, he
will go mad. Go and help him.
Bhai! Bhai! Bhai!
– What happened?
Our car is still with the girl.
You are not worried about that?
What car?
– Our new car.
That! Okay, okay!
If there is a good TV remote
in the house then bring it.
– Just bring it!
Why did you take the remote?
Is it that you are
planning to give her the remote..
..and take the car, bhai?
Do you know, Sri?
Preeti performed the
surgery for the first time.
And it was painless.
– That’s good. – Hi. – Hi.
Your patient is waiting for you.
Thank you. Bye.
– Bye. – Bye.
Hi. I am Akhil again.
– Hi.
Is this remote okay?
– What do you mean?
If the remote is okay,
then I will get the TV too.
Which TV?
– 32 inches.
I want a portable.
I want to give you something big.
You should think big.
Why should I take a
bigger one? I want mine!
Listen to me!
Look, Akhil. I don’t
want a bigger remote.
Smaller one is fine. Give me that.
What can you see in a portable TV?
You should always
watch on big screen! Okay.
Sir, give me my TV.
– Akhil.
Hello, Sri speaking.
Sri, I am at the TV showroom.
If you came here then you
can choose your favourite TV.
Big TV.
I will not come! I will
not come! I will not come!
– Hi.
Where is Dr. Sri?
– Upstairs. – Thank you.
When will you give us the TV?
You have made my life miserable.
I get so bored sitting at home.
Day before yesterday I
missed the Ms. World program.
Yesterday I missed
the blockbuster movie.
I missed MTV’s gorgeous girls.
I missed all the serials.
Tomorrow night midnight
sizzling movie miss. – Hey!
– Hi.
How are you doing?
– Fine.
What happened? You look woebegone.
Could be manufacturing defect.
It’s born like that.
Sir. Somebody has come to meet you.
Hi, Sri. How are you, sir?
I am always fine.
What are you doing?
Brother, today is my birthday.
Bless me.
Happy birthday.
– Thank you.
Why didn’t you tell me before?
Hey, bring the checkbook.
Sri, this is for you.
Buy whatever you want.
Let it be, brother.
Sri, take it. This is nothing.
Dear, this is not so. What
you did for us, that is enough.
You are leaving no dearth.
Then what is the need for the money?
Sir, money is nothing.
– Don’t say this.
If not for the money,
then my daughter..
..would have never become a doctor.
I couldn’t have got
the medical seat for her.
You can rob money. But
nobody can steal virtue.
There was a time when
you used to splurge money.
And today you are
craving for each penny.
But I respect you, sir. May
you remain happy! And Sri too.
Will you repay the favour of
living in our shed and working.. such a big way?
We will leave now.
Sri. Keep this. Take care of daddy.
Thanks, brother. Bye.
– Take care.
Sri! Why did you come in an auto?
You don’t have the car?
– The petrol got over.
Chotu! – Yes. – Fill the car
with petrol. You don’t worry.
I neither want your TV nor your car.
Please take your key.
It is not that I don’t
want to give you a TV.
If I give it, then I won’t
get the pretext to come here.
You know I really, really like you.
By the way I have heard that we
get fabulous coffee in your canteen.
Won’t you give me a treat?
– Let’s go.
You can come here everyday.
– Really?
Thanks. You like motorbikes?
– Yes.
“When I met you, beloved.”
“My heart can’t forget you, beloved.”
“He stole my heart.”
“My heart is swaying.”
“Face to face, face to face.”
“He is face to face with me.”
“There is a delicate
aroma in the breath.”
“Face to face, face to face.”
“He is face to face with me.”
“Face to face.”
“Beloved, what magic is this!”
“When I met you, beloved.”
“My heart can’t forget you, beloved.”
“I think when I am idle.”
“How can I not love him?”
“His face is one in a million.”
“How do I tell him
what lies in my heart.”
“I dream only about him.”
“Why does he seem mine?”
“The paths have changed.”
“The ambiance is fragrant.”
“Face to face, face to face.”
“He is face to face with me.”
“There is a delicate
aroma in the breath.”
“Face to face, face to face.”
“He is face to face with me.”
“Face to face.”
“Beloved, what magic is this!”
“When I met you, beloved.”
“My heart can’t forget you, beloved.”
“He stole my heart.”
“My heart is swaying.”
“The heartbeats are crazy.”
“What dilemma is this every moment.”
“Now life seems so difficult.”
“That guy is so sweet.”
“God knows how deep it is.”
“He has snatched me from myself.”
“He torments me.”
“Where should I go?”
“Face to face, face to face.”
“He is face to face with me.”
“There is a delicate
aroma in the breath.”
“Face to face, face to face.”
“He is face to face with me.”
“Face to face.”
“Beloved, what magic is this!”
“Beloved, call me.”
“Beloved, call me.”
“Come on, come on.”
“Come on, come on.”
Hey, who are you?
Why are you peeping at me?
Why are you peeping at me? tell me.
Don’t beat me. Look there.
If you like it, give me
100 rupees. Only 100 rupees.
Is this mine?
– Somewhat..
How much?
– 100 rupees.
Take 500 rupees.
Not because you have drawn it well.
But because you didn’t draw it well.
What are you saying, sir?
– I’m a thief.
You mean thief?
– Thief.
Thief? – If you ever tried to draw
my portrait then I will kill you.
1 crore was stolen.
How many men were there?
– He was alone.
He ran away in a red bike.
That too imported racing bike.
Where will we find all the racers?
– Biker’s club, sir.
Ladies and gentlemen.
May I please have your
attention for a moment? Please.
I am immensely happy to be with you.
And the second thing is that
I feel proud to announce..
..the 7th anniversary of our
club on the next Saturday.
Yes, sir. What do you want,
sir? What do you want?
A red bike is stationed outside.
Who is the owner?
The tattoo shop owner.
The bike belongs to him.
Oh! A cartoon on a cartoon’s body.
Yeah! Yeah! This
design is for you only.
I have understood one thing.
How long am I going to
depend on my tattoo earnings?
It is better to rob.
– Really?
Just nab a rich guy.
And the work is done.
Enter a bank. And the work is done.
Is it so easy to rob?
Then what! Do you know
which is the easy way to rob?
ATM. We can rob the ATM
machine within 5 minutes.
A useless security guard
will be there. Just stab him.
And he is no more.
What if the police nab you?
– Police!
You are kidding!
Police officers are like rotten eggs.
They have body but no brain.
If a smart man like me plots
the plan then what can they do?
Tell me. Tell me. What do you think?
What are you doing?
No! No! Don’t do this! No!
Take him to the station.. and
erase all the tattoos from his body.
Okay, sir.
Scoundrel, you don’t call
police officer as brave? – Why?
Sorry, sir. This table is reserved.
It’s okay. Thank you.
Sir, this table is reserved for him.
Sir, please.
Once, I sit, I don’t get up.
– Hey! Where is my table?
Just a minute, sir. Sir,
I will arrange another..
..table for you. Please, sir.
The club will be ruined.
Whose table is this?
– Sir, its yours.
Go and call your owner.
– Okay, sir.
If he can’t vacant it,
then I will do it.
Sir! Sir! Sir! Please!
The club belongs to you!
The club belongs to you!
By the way there is
no table system here.
Hey! Come! Come! Remove
all the tables from here.
I don’t know who told
you to keep it here!
Only cheers! No controversies!
No fights! No problem! No tension!
Okay! Hey, get some
chilled beer for my friends!
Hey, girls. What are you looking at?
Come on, dance! Music! Dance!
Come on, girls! Come on!
Yeah! Yeah! That’s it! Yeah!
Come on, dance! Sir!
Dance! Come on, sir!
Come here. Take this.
– Hi. – Hi. – Hi, girls.
What has brought you here?
This garage belongs to me.
Whose car is this?
There is some problem in my
friend’s car. So I brought it here.
– Yes.
Check the car and repair it.
Don’t take the bill. – Okay, bhai.
Thanks a lot, Akhil. It
means this garage is ours.
Sure. If there is any problem in
anybody’s car from the hospital..
..then get it
repaired from here for free.
Wow! Wow!
Want some soft drink? Coke?
Pepsi? Something.
On one condition.
From today onwards all your staffs..
..will get free
treatment in our hospital.
– Thank you.
If I have any pain, then you
will have to cure it. Okay. – Sure.
If this is the case then I
will have a problem very soon.
Hi, guys.
Who are you? – Where is the cashier?
– Cashier in the station?
Then who will pay my 2 lakhs?
– What 2 lakhs?
It was declared that the
person who gives information..
..about the ATM thief
will receive 2 lakhs.
Give me 2 lakhs. I will then leave.
“Come on, come on.”
– Hello. – Hey!
You saw that thief?
– Yeah.
Why are you like this?
If I am like this you
won’t give me money?
Where did you see him?
– Metro Centre.
– Metro Centre.
But the robbery was
committed at Paradise Centre.
From Metro he would
have come to Paradise.
How do you know that he is
the thief? – He told me.
Does any robber call
himself a thief?
Different people have
different reactions.
Seeing your face
nobody will say anything.
But seeing my face people will
spill out what they want to say.
What do you do?
I am an artist. Street artist.
Did you draw his portrait?
– Yes.
Show it to me.
– Sir, I tore it.
Can you draw it again?
Will you give me 2 lakhs?
– Hey!
“Come on, come on, come on.”
“Come on, come on, come on.”
“Come on, come on, come on.”
“Come on, come on, come on.”
Sir, there is a doubt.
Will you give 2
lakhs by cheque or cash?
Draw it properly.
“Come on, come on, come on.”
Draw it!
Sir, it’s done.
Isn’t this the film
actor Chiranjeevi’s portrait?
Telgu mega star.
Why did you draw his portrait?
I have drawn it many times.
So now I am used to it.
Sir, I made it by mistake.
Now if I draw it,
it will be perfect..
..there is no
guarantee for that’s, sir.
I will draw it tomorrow.
But I saw him, sir.
I took pity on you.
so I will let you go.
Write down your address.
– Yes, Chotu.
You will have to come home.
– What happened?
Bhai has back pain.
– Is that so?
I will send the car.
You will have to come.
Come on, come on.
What happened to him?
Back pain, some nerve
at the back got locked.
Why? What did he do?
He did not do.
He did not do anything that he
should have done at the right age.
Then this will surely happen.
The house is very nice.
But his back is not.
Sorry, sorry
Akhil, Akhil what happened?
Are you okay?
Thanks for coming.
– Its okay.
Sister, please help.
She has caught him.
The doctor has done M.B.B.S.
She knows when to catch, how
to catch and whom to catch.
How did this happen?
Did you bend down?
– No, oh God.
Did you turn around suddenly?
Did you do push-ups?
You need someone to do push-ups.
Sister, come here.
Chhotu, what happened?
What happened to you
suddenly Chhotu?
Sister, take care of him.
– One minute okay?
I will take care of him.
– Akhil, one sec.
Sister, take him. – Yes,
I am taking him.
Take care of him!
– Yes. – Take care of him.
Did he ever have a
heart attack before?
For both of us it is the first time.
Where is it paining?
– Go down. – Hey be careful please.
Why are you messaging my feet?
There are some pressure points here.
Are you feeling pain?
– No.
– No, there is no use.
You come up.
– Okay.
There are some pressure
points on the neck also.
Tell me when you feel pain.
Better, better.
They never taught all
this in our college.
Even you have studied medicine?
Yes, but at that time
our syllabus was different.
What was there at that time?
The pressure points
used to be different.
How is that?
You want to know?
– Yes.
Just relax.
If you press it here. Then it
takes effect somewhere else.
“Don’t pinch me.”
“I am feeling a sweet pain.”
“As you touched me, my fair body..
..made of sandal started
spreading its fragrance.”
“My beloved, what did you do?”
“Don’t be so mad like that.”
“Only, you are my beloved.”
“Don’t pinch me.”
“I am feeling a sweet pain.”
“Let me come close you.”
“To kiss your lips.”
“My heart is in trouble.”
“What is this
situation you have put me in?”
“My beloved, my sweet heart.”
“Why did you make me insane?”
“Don’t make such a commotion.”
“Let me go, leave me.”
“Don’t pinch me.”
“I am feeling a sweet pain.”
“Don’t pinch me.”
“I am feeling a sweet pain.”
“Your every gait intoxicates me.”
“Your every attitude
makes me crazy.”
“Since you have
taken me in your arms.”
“My heart is beating faster.”
“What is happening to me?”
“I am feeling intoxicated.”
“Don’t go far from me.”
“Come close to me.”
“Don’t pinch me.”
“I am feeling a sweet pain.”
“As you touched me, my fair body..
..made of sandal started
spreading its fragrance.”
“My beloved, what did you do?”
“Don’t be so mad like that..”
“About me..”
Akhil. This is a ladies stethoscope.
– Yes.
You said that
teacher has fallen in love.
Then this girl and that doctor
are one and the same or different?
Mother, both of them are the same.
But now that the syringe,
..and stethoscope
have entered the room.
My entry is very necessary.
You do one thing, tell me whatever..
..happened here till now in detail.
Okay, can I start?
– Is your mind fresh?
Carry on.
Excuse me guys, if someone stands..
..on my right then I
feel very disturbed.
Come here everybody,
stand this side.
Go everybody, you body builder.
Okay, thank you, thank you.
Order a tea.
You can also have it.
Okay baby.
Ready baby, you can see now.
If you will make the
hand more like this.
Then Rajnikanth will
look even more natural.
You are right, one second.
I will kill him!
You are making film stars pictures.
He is the most popular.
If he is popular,
then you will make it.
Come here.
I told you that no one
should stand on my left side.
So that bodybuilder was standing..
..there and scratching himself.
So I got disturbed.
I am going insane by
not catching the thief.
I am feeling ashamed of taking
free salary from the government!
When I go home and sleep.
Then I cannot sleep the whole night.
I can understand your situation.
But as an artist I
need a little freedom.
If you will give me
a little more time.
Then I can draw better.
Listen, come here.
Who is this girl?
– Jennifer Lopez.
And that one.
– Britney spears.
Where is Saigal sir, I
cannot see him anywhere?
He must be there
somewhere in the corner.
Tell him that I have come.
– What?
There is no need to be so amazed.
Do you have a cassette of
Bade Ghulam Ali sir? – No sir.
Begum Aktar’s.
– No sir.
How much did you spend
for this store? – A lot.
There must be a lot of
staff also here. – A lot sir.
How many CD’s and
cassettes do you sell in a day?
If there is no trouble maker around,
then we sell a lot.
Here is the daddy.
And that is bhabhi.
Okay, now you go.
Greetings brother.
– Who is it Begum Akhtar?
No, I am Akhil’s mother.
Very good, who is Akhil?
Ask that to your daughter.
Aunty, greetings aunty.
Akhil daddy, the one that
had given us that big T.V.
Oh that plasma.
Your son is very nice,
he has a very big heart.
Yes, that is why he gifts big T.V.
Your daughter had forgotten
here stethoscope in our house.
I thought that I should return.
This is our first
meeting with aunty.. go and get some
coke daddy, please.
I heard that yesterday,
you had come home.
Yes aunty, I had come.
He had some back pain so..
Possible, nowadays he is
experiencing a lot of pains.
When are you coming home again?
For what? – Tell me so that I
will go to the temple or the market.
There is no need for that.
Next time I will
come in your presence.
Cool, cool, take it easy.
-What are you doing?
What is all this?
– Look daddy.
I am sorry old man, by
mistake I dropped some coke.
What mistake.
– I will wipe it.
Don’t touch me.
I did not do it purposely.
Don’t act smart with me.
You did it purposely.
Relax, what relax.
– Cool down man.
Hello. – I had come to
meet your girlfriend. – Yes.
But a goon is flirting with her.
I don’t know who he is.
But take down his vehicles number.
Who are you?
– Your brother-in-law.
The girl you tried to flirt with..
..I am her that.
Not mine, but..
Yours, yours, yours, yours.
I am all of yours that.
You scoundrel, you drop cool drink.
Now lick this.
You hit him so, he is my friend now.
Why did you hit my friend?
Wait! Wait! Why are you hitting him?
Is this your hooliganism?
Are you all police personnel?
First answer my question.
He was trying to act
smart with my girl friend.
So, will you hit him for that?
Not only him, now I
will hit you also.
You will hit everyone.
Are you a hero?
Don’t you have women in your house?
If someone will try to
act smart with them.
Then what will you do?
Come here.
What did you do?
Sir, I..
What is this?
Are you a demon!
Are you a demon!
Tell me!
Lock him up!
What are you doing?
You are speaking too much.
Even after knowing
that we are the police.
Brother, how are you?
– I am okay sister.
Tell me.
I was saying that, the
month of May is coming.
And we still have some duties.
I have only one son.
Once I get him married.
Then I will say Hare Ram,
Hare Krishna.
And tour Europe or America.
Now my son and your
daughter cannot be separated.
That is true.
So how much dowry do you want.. give your daughter to my son.
We don’t want any dowry.
We only want your son.
Okay then just see a auspicious.. for the engagement.
On the 25th of this month,
at 9:20 in the morning.
It is a very auspicious moment.
On that date no matter what happens.
The engagement will be held.
– Tell me brother.
I have two sisters.
They never called me at their house.
They never even
offered me coffee to drink.
They always taunt me.
I have not saved any
money for my child.
Please forgive me sister.
Brother, there is nothing bigger..
..then the happiness
of our children.
If I will talk anymore,
then I will start cry.
I am disconnecting sister.
– Okay.
Yes tell me.
– Our Sri’s marriage has been fixed.
When is it?
The engagement is on the 25th.
What does the boy do?
He has a business of cars and taxi’s.
He also has a garage,
and he is the only child.
Good, I will surely come.
Just coming here will not do.
You are my son, you will have
to be here until the marriage.
Sri is my sister.
You don’t worry.
I don’t have any
worries until you are there.
Sir, I don’t have any change.
When there are so many
nice people around me.
Then what will I do of money.
You keep it.
‘All of you go and have your food.
– Yes sir.’
– Yes sir.’
‘Here is your salary.’
‘No sir, I don’t want a salary.’
‘All my work is done here.’
‘So I don’t want any salary.’
‘I know that I am fully in debts.’
‘I don’t know myself, when
this garage will close down.’
‘Until it is running, I will keep
giving the workers salary somehow.’
‘It is your hard work,
you will have to keep it.’
‘Keep it son.’
When my mother had passed, then
even I was in the same condition.
From today I am not
only your brother.
I am your mother,
father, brother everything.
Even I have no one except for you.
I still cannot believe it dear.
We had just fixed the date of
your engagement on the phone.
Now, where are you living?
With brother.
Which brother.
– He is not my own brother.
But he is more than that.
He has educated me and
supported my family.
I am with him now.
You should not kill an artist.
My time is bad.
I am very unfortunate.
I have no other way that
is why I am after you.
Otherwise I would have shot you..
..the day you made a
Chiranjeevi’s portrait.
What is it?
If someone stands on my left,
then I get disturbed.
You are torturing me so much.
I cannot.
What I cannot.
Surround him from all sides.
Take it out, take it out.
Take the pencil out.
This time you will not make it
..then I will surely kill you.
Make it, make it carefully.
Look, look here, carefully.
Look at me.
– Yes.
Are you looking at me?
– I am.
Are you looking at me?
– I am.
If you make Salman’s Khan
portrait then you are dead.
John Abrahams,
Abhishek’s, Akshaye’s, Vivek’s..
And that one.
– Which one sir.
The one that had
danced and kissed the girl.
– Yes Shahid.
If you will make
anyone of their portraits.
Then I will kill you
with the pencil.
Did you understand?
You cannot draw properly, but
you loot everyone on the streets.
You are insulting me.
I am a very good artist.
I can, I can.
Yes, come on.
Is the portrait ready?
– Yes.
You made my portrait.
-That means I did the theft.
Tell him, tell him.
The thing is sir, you were sitting
in front of me with a revolver.
And saying, make it properly,
look at me.
Make it properly, look at me.
In that tension I made
your portrait.
You made it didn’t you?
You made my portrait didn’t you?
Then why can’t you
make the thief’s portrait?
We big people are talking
May I speak to my sexy doctor?
– Akhil.
What is it? – Since
yesterday I am not feeling well.
Can you tell me
what the symptoms are?
I cannot sleep the whole night.
The whole body is burning up.
The blood is boiling up.
What is it, brother?
You didn’t go to the hospital today.
Today is my weekly off.
Pick up the phone.
– My heart is not in my control.
It was a wrong number.
Today in the evening I am going out.
Don’t wait for me.
– The patient is very serious.
He needs a doctor.
Only if a beautiful
doctor comes and treats him.
The patient will feel better.
By the way, why are you
disconnecting the phone?
Your sickness has increased.
I will come and see
you in the hospital. Bye.
I will be late in the night.
You have your food and sleep.
I’m leaving.
Okay brother.
Oh God.
What happened brother?
Do you love him a lot?
Since when do you love you?
Father had told me once.
That your marriage had been fixed.
Is he the one?
– Yes.
If you will introduce
me to him once.
Then I will get both
of you married.
Day after tomorrow is friendship
day, I am going to meet him.
If you will also come along,
then I will introduce him to you.
Why are you screaming?
Fool, my brother was in the room.
Without thinking anything,
you were calling up each time.
What is that saala
(brother-in-law) doing in your room?
Who are you insulting,
he is my brother.
If I will not call a saala a saala..
..then what should I call him.
Listen to me.
I told my brother about you.
On friendship day, I
will introduce both of you.
And then marriage.
If I will stay alive until then.
I need treatment right now.
Shall I give you an injection?
– No.
Shall I give you a medicine?
– No.
Then what should I give you?
“Unique, oh wow very unique.”
“Unique, your
friendship is very nice.”
“We should separate,
you are my sweet friend.”
“Unique, jolly, jolly unique.”
“Unique, the heart is very unique.”
“We should separate,
you are my sweet friend.”
“I love you, I love you, love you.. you, love you,
love you, love you.”
“I love you, I love you, love you,..
.. love you, love you,
love you, love you.”
“When you come with the
moon and stars to meet me.”
“My heart becomes very happy.”
“I feel intoxicated
from your talks.”
“Come let us immerse
ourselves in each others eyes.”
“Don’t hide, don’t hide,
don’t hide from my sight.”
“Show yourself, show yourself,
show yourself.”
“These eyes, these
eyes these magical eyes.”
“Move these eyes away.”
“I love you, I love you, love you.. you, love you,
love you, love you.”
“I love you, I love you, love you,..
.. love you, love you,
love you, love you.”
“I saw your aura,
they were mesmerizing.”
“Don’t make me anymore impatient.”
“Wet, wet these wet cheeks of mine.”
“Please don’t touch this
with your sharp eyesight.”
“Don’t avoid it, don’t avoid,”
“My beloved, take my
heart and my peace.”
“This story, this story,
my beloved this story.”
“Don’t tell me this
story my beloved.”
“I love you, I love you, love you.. you, love you,
love you, love you.”
“I love you, I love you, love you.. you, love you,
love you, love you.”
“Unique, oh wow very unique.”
“Unique, the heart is very unique.”
“We should separate, you are my
sweet.. – Naughty friend of mine.”
“I love you, I love you, love you.”
..Love you, love you.
– Love you, love you.”
“I love you, I love you, love you..
..Love you, love you.
– Love you, love you.”
Hello, did you leave or not.
I will leave a little later.
I will drop mother at
the temple and then come.
Brother is waiting here
for the past half an hour.
Okay, you leave.
Now my friends, every
one needs a friend in life.
Say yes or no.
– Yes.
Can we live without a friend?
– No!
True friends are forever.
So I wish you all a
very happy friendship day.
Happy friendship day.
– Same to you.
Hello, you both are friends.
– Yes.
Very close friends.
Very deep friends.
– Do you have any doubts?
You tell me, if he will
flirt with your sister.
Then will you keep quiet?
And you tell me, if he will
act smart with your girlfriend.
Then will you adjust with him?
Then what is this friendship for?
Everyday if he will
come to the club..
..and make you pay the bill
then won’t you be angry on him.
But you can give your life for
..saying that you go around.
One more thing, if there
is any chaos over here.
And if the police comes,
then which.. of you will run first,
that none of you know.
Go from here, if you ever come.. front of me again taking the.. of friendship then I
will beat you with my shoes.
Beat him.
– Why are you hitting me?
Hi man, remember that
day you saved my life.
Thank you, thank you so much.
Take care man, have a nice day.
Enjoy, hi girls.
Do you also have such friends?
Why, what happened?
He was behaving very badly one day.
He dropped coke here and was
saying that it was an accident.
Hi friend.
What happened? What happened you?
He was the one.
– Yes.
What are you doing?
If you will hit him,
then he is my friend.
Why did you hit my friend?
Why did you hit my friend?
Stop it, leave it, leave it.
Why? Why are you
fighting amongst yourselves?
Why is there enmity
between both of you?
For God’s sake control yourself.
On this big day, you are
trying to create havoc in my club.
I hate this fellow.
– Don’t do it.
Leave it.
Sri, you were going to
introduce me to your boyfriend.
Where is he?
Never tell me even
mistakenly that he is the one.
He is the one.
You said that you had a brother.
Is he the one?
Brother, please.
If you will even look at me sister.
Then I will kill you.
I didn’t know that she was
your sister, but now I know.
Now love will be even
more fun brother-in-law.
You are telling me
about his speciality!
You know him more than me!
He is not a human
being he is cold hearted.
I don’t know how you
fell in love with him.
You can marry anyone
else other than him.
I don’t mind.
Go and ask him.
Ask him that why your
brother hates him so much.
Why are you both so
angry with each other.
What is the reason of this enmity?
Not enmity, friendship.
He is upset with me.
And I am upset on his foolishness.
I am sad that he
did not recognise me.
We both were good friends.
We had met on the streets here.
He had come here from Delhi.
And I was from here.
We both used to look
for jobs together.
He had a sister.
Her name was Sasha.
She was very stubborn, and adamant.
She got what she wanted
in one way or another.
She was tomboy.
At that time we all were unemployed.
– Go.
In the end. All three of
us decided to loot a bank.
Don’t move!
If anyone shouts, yells or
tries to run, then I will shoot.
Hey you, call the manager.
How much cash is there in the bank?
Tell me how much?
– A lot.
Come on load it, load it fast.
Three minutes, make it fast.
Your name.
– Mini Sharma.
You were calling the police,
weren’t you?
Call them and tell
them that as soon.. they come your
head will be blown up.
Tell them!
Hello, as soon as you arrive,
my head will be blown up.
Very good.
Two minutes.
Does anyone else
want to become a hero?
Since, when I am seeing you.
You are trying to
flirt with this girl here.
Do you want to kiss her?
Do you want to kiss her?
You will never get a
chance like this again.
Kiss her.
Very good.
Listen, if you liked
it then it is okay.
Otherwise give him a tight slap.
Thank you friends.
Now if you want, you can call
either the police or the press.
It is your choice.
Have a nice day.
52, 53, 54..
Sasha, this bunch and this bunch.
30 plus 30 is equal
to 60, is it okay.
Since when I am seeing both of you.
Even those who earn it with hard work
will not count it so many times.
I will give the rent on the 10th,
just wait for sometime.
That is all I said, then
that owner started arguing.
I feel that I should call him here..
..and show him
these bundles of notes.
He will have a heart attack.
When we asked for a job,
then no one gave us a job.
W should loot 100-200 more banks.. this and then
retire from this work.
Happy birthday to you.
– Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Sasha.
– Happy birthday to you.
Come, many happy returns of the day.
– Thank you brother.
I love you. – Happy birthday Sasha.
– Thanks friend.
I am very happy in
this birthday Akhil.
That because we were not caught.
If we would have been caught then,
we would have been in jail.
You would have been
in the ladies jail.
And we both in the jail besides you.
No, in the jail also
I will stay with you.
They will not agree.
– Why won’t they agree?
Baby, I will live with you.
Please don’t ever leave me.
You won’t will you.
“It happened, it happened.”
“I got mesmerised.”
“An angel with the
radiance of the moon.”
“Oh God, what can I do?”
“I lost my heart, as soon as
she emerged from the waves.”
“What is this magic
that you cast on me?”
“Intoxication, what
is this intoxication?”
“What is this magic
that you cast on me?”
“Intoxication, what
is this intoxication?”
“I got intoxicated, I got
intoxicated towards her.”
“Mesmerising, mesmerising beauty.”
“Greetings beauty.”
“Mesmerising, mesmerising beauty.”
“Which world do you
belong to, my fairy.”
“In the bright sunlight, I
felt the fun of meeting you.”
“Beautiful like the flowers,
the colours.”
“I saw with my own eyes.”
“Your complexion
will steal my peace.”
“Your gait will steal my sleep.”
“Don’t let your hair
fall free like that.”
“Your walk is like the spark.”
“I got intoxicated, I got
intoxicated towards her.”
“Mesmerising, mesmerising beauty.”
“Greetings beauty.”
“Mesmerising, mesmerising beauty.”
“Which world do you
belong to, my fairy.”
“Your gait attracts my heart
towards you, don’t stop your gait.”
“This sweet intoxication
increases every moment.”
“Don’t stop this intoxication.”
“What is this indication?”
“Like as if the Lord called out.”
“It is like just like the alcohol.”
“This thirst has only
the support of your lips.”
“I got intoxicated, I got
intoxicated towards her.”
“Mesmerising, mesmerising beauty.”
“Greetings beauty.”
“Mesmerising, mesmerising beauty.”
“Which world do you
belong to, my fairy.”
“It happened, it happened.”
“I got mesmerised.”
“An angel with the
radiance of the moon.”
“Oh God, what can I do?”
“I lost my heart, as soon as
she emerged from the waves.”
“What is this magic
that you cast on me?”
“Intoxication, what
is this intoxication?”
“What is this magic
that you cast on me?”
“Intoxication, what
is this intoxication?”
“I got intoxicated, I got
intoxicated towards her.”
“Mesmerising, mesmerising beauty.”
“Greetings beauty.”
“Mesmerising, mesmerising beauty.”
“Which world do you
belong to, my fairy.”
Are you mad?
What are you doing here, baby?
You were practicing
how to open the locker.
You could have died!
Then kill me. This is your property.
Come closer.
– What happened?
Do you like me or not?
I like you a lot.
Do I like you?
– You would know that.
Look. Peep in these eyes.
There is not only liking
but something else too.
Did you see it? Look! Saw it?
There is too much of love in it.
Don’t feel like saying I love you?
But you are my friend, Sasha.
Say you are my girl.
Yes. But you are not
my kind of girl.
You don’t like me?
I like you. But..
– Why? Why?
Please. Let’s talk
about something else.
How can I leave?
Okay. For the moment I
leave you. We will talk later.
It’s almost time. Sonu
must be waiting. Let’s go.
Give me a hug, Akhil.
– Have you gone mad? Come.
Sasha! Sasha, what are you doing?
Why did you stop mid air?
The guards will see us.
Hug me now.
– What!
I said hug me now.
– Now?
– Yes.
You are really mad.
When I had told you before
why didn’t you do it then?
Sasha! Please listen
to me! Get me down.
If you will not do it then we
will remain dangling. – Okay.
Come on.
– Come.
Hug me, baby.
– You are mad.
Thank you, baby.
– Yes.
I am speaking the truth.
– What?
I love you.
– Don’t disturb me right now.
But you are disturbing me a lot.
– Yes.
Please, baby. If you
refused then I will die.
Say yes or no.
I swear on God Buddha.
God Buddha doesn’t
care for thieves like us.
Hey, don’t touch!
Oh no!
1 crore, cash. Fine?
1.5 crore.
– What is this?
2 cores.
– 2 cores? Are you mad?
Another buyer is ready.
Call your boss.
They are asking for 2 cores.
What should I do? Okay.
So what does he say?
– Fine.
“Whether you go to
London or New York.”
“Tattoo your body and have fun.”
“Whether you go to
Kanpur or Nagpur.”
“You will find me.”
Hi, baby. How are you?
Will you tattoo my body?
That’s why I have taken birth.
What type of tattoo do you want?
I want to tattoo a name.
– Interior or exterior?
What do you mean?
What can be seen, that is exterior.
What can’t be seen, here,
here, here..
..and here that is interior.
What is your suggestion?
– I love interior.
If it was the name
of a joker like you..
..then I would have
hid it from everybody..
..and gone for interior tattoo.
My darling is a hero.
Tattoo his name in such a way..
..that it should be
visible to the whole world.
Stop! Stop! What is this?
Isn’t this the machine that
is used to write on vessels?
Why are you
concerned with the machine?
I will write. Let me write.
“Come on, baby! Come on.”
“Put some tattoo on your body.”
“If you will hide love,
then you will have to regret.”
“Reveal your love and
go for tattoo.”
Hi, guys.
– Hi.
Hey, what is this? Why are
putting the tattoo of his name?
Tell me.
What is there to say, sir?
Doesn’t her smile reveal it?
Such a lovely smile.
You both love each other?
He doesn’t love me. Only I love him.
Did you tell him?
What was his answer?
– He refused.
Thank you.
Sonu, will you have something?
One more please.
Sasha loves you. Maybe you know this.
I know it.
– What do you say?
I don’t love her in that sense.
But she is really serious about you.
She is tattooing
your name on her hand.
– Do you know that?
My name?
Hey! What are you doing! Stop it!
Hey, Sasha! What is all this.
It’s my wish.
How can you tattoo my
name against my wish?
I don’t care about your wish.
Look, Sonu. How she is talking.
– Forget it.
There should be love within me too.
This is not your name. It
is somebody else’s. You go.
I will give you a tight slap.
Hey! Let’s go.
Hey, joker! Erase this!
No, man. I can’t erase. Okay!
– Scoundrel! Erase it!
Let’s go! – Look how she is
laughing! I will beat you!
Let’s go.
– Look at her guts.
Shall I continue with the tattoo?
Go ahead.
– Okay.
Aunty, she loves Akhil a lot.
Sasha is a nice girl. But I
don’t know why he doesn’t love her.
I was very sad to know this.
Maybe Akhil considers her
only as a friend. Nothing else.
But.. I only have him in this world.
Please persuade him somehow.
I can’t force beyond a
certain limit. Please, aunty.
What is this, dear? I
will explain it to him.
Still if he didn’t listen then..
I won’t be able to do anything.
I will surely try, Sonu.
You! What are you doing here?
Lie down!
– Go away!
Lie down.
– I said go!
You are used to sleeping alone.
Don’t you want company?
What are you doing! Sasha! Stop it!
I said stop it!
Don’t yell. No heroine is
going to come to save you.
I am the heroine. I am the villain.
Let me sleep here.
How did you come inside?
Why? Don’t you open the locker?
In the same way.
Your warm breaths are disturbing me.
Mad! I have come here for that only.
Give me. Please.
– Control!
Why don’t you behave like a girl?
Why are you beating me?
I am not an ordinary girl.
– That’s what I am afraid of.
Let’s try something else tonight.
– What?
If you like it then
say I love you tomorrow.
No chance.
– Okay.
– Okay.
Hey! What are you doing?
Shall I open for you too?
– Hey! Leave me!
Sasha, sorry. Are you okay?
Did it hurt you?
Are you okay, Sasha?
I love you, Akhil.
I don’t understand
how to express my love.
That’s why I am behaving like this.
Anyhow.. I want to win your heart.
I don’t know how to reach you.
Sasha, listen. Try to
understand my problem.
Coming closer to you doesn’t
arouse any such feelings in me.
We are just friends.
Even if I were to
marry you in the future..
..this distance will
remain between us.
Try to understand.
What is this? You are
getting drenched in the rain?
I love Akhil a lot, brother.
He too loves me. But.. he
considers me as a friend.
He can’t consider me
as a girlfriend.
I have to live for him.
Or else die for him.
I have promised Sasha.
That I will talk to you.
But I implore you.
Give life to my sister.
Why are you silent? Why
don’t you say something?
What should I say? I have
said that I don’t accept it.
I have told her many times too.
Still if you will ask me
this again and again..
..then what will I say?
What is her flaw?
Why don’t you like her?
It’s not about liking. I love
Sasha from the bottom of my heart.
But I can’t marry her.
I will give you as much
money as you want. Marry her.
You too have gone mad!
Even I can give the money.
Buy some nice guy.
She has even tattooed
your name on her hand.
What can I do for that?
When she will marry in the future,
they will ask about the name..
..then what will she answer them?
Go far away from our life!
– I won’t go!
Don’t talk to us.
– Not possible.
Because.. you both are my friends.
I can’t go anywhere
leaving you both.
Tell me.
How long will you guys
do trivial robberies?
I will give you a big deal.
An exhibition is
going on in the city.
Italy’s royal family’s
antique diamonds. Worth 100 crores.
Rob that. 50 crores down payment.
Who is the party?
– Confidential.
Deal is okay.
We will do this task and then
settle down.. by getting married.
Let’s party.
Let’s go.
“80, 90 and then 100.”
“Till the time you are alive,
live life to the fullest.”
“80, 90 and then 100.”
“Till the time you are alive,
live life to the fullest.”
“Youth doesn’t last for long.”
“So relish its pleasure.”
“Life is unpredictable.”
“Who knows what will happen when.”
“The zest is aroused.”
“Sway in this zest.”
“This is the world of zest.”
“Zest lies in each heart.”
“80, 90 and then 100.”
“Till the time you are alive,
live life to the fullest.”
“Oh God! These merriments.”
“Look at it! Look at it!”
“Oh God! There is intoxication.”
“Think about it. Think about it.”
“This is the time to live.”
“Sway to the rhythm.”
“Kiss the delicacy of merriment.”
“This is the time to live.”
“Sway to the rhythm.”
“Kiss the delicacy of merriment.”
“The zest is aroused.”
“Sway in this zest.”
“This is the world of zest.”
“Zest lies in each heart.”
“The zest is aroused.”
“Sway in this zest.”
“This is the world of zest.”
“Zest lies in each heart.”
“80, 90 and then 100.”
“Till the time you are alive,
live life to the fullest.”
“Oh God! Your name lies in my lips.”
“Come, come.”
“Oh God! Love takes away slumber.”
“Take away. Take away.”
“Love makes a person crazy.”
“The saunter is
tangled and faltering.”
“Love makes a person crazy.”
“The saunter is
tangled and faltering.”
“The zest is aroused.”
“Sway in this zest.”
“This is the world of zest.”
“Zest lies in each heart.”
“80, 90 and then 100.”
“Till the time you are alive,
live life to the fullest.”
“80, 90 and then 100.”
“Till the time you are alive,
live life to the fullest.”
I love you!
Hey, keep quiet!
I love you a lot.
Will you say I love you
in front of everybody?
You know that I won’t say this.
If you won’t say this
then I will die right here.
You are mad. Go home.
I love you!
Akhil, are you coming or not?
Sasha, where are you?
At biker’s club.
Sasha, what madness is this!
Come here and say I love you.
Otherwise I will die.
Sasha, listen to me.
– Will you come or not?
Hey! Go home quietly!
Will you come or not?
Sasha, you have still not gone home?
– No.
Please go home. We
will meet in the morning.
If you will come now,
then you will find me.
If you will come in the morning,
you will find my body.
The choice is yours.
I won’t call again.
Akhil.. this is my last call.
Hey, listen! Sasha had called.
She is still at the club.
She was talking like mad.
She said say I love
you otherwise I will die.
I am going there.
You too come there.
No! Don’t touch my sister!
You won’t touch her!
You killed my sister!
Because of you she died!
Listen.. I didn’t know
that she will do this.
You didn’t know! You
don’t know anything.
She loved you so much!
You didn’t know that!
She was so hopeful.
You don’t know this too.
You killed my innocent sister.
Go. Go away.
Go away from my sight. I
don’t want to ever see you again.
– Go away! Go!
Sonu, listen to me.
– Get lost! Go!
– Go!
Don’t say this.
After Sasha’s death,
I gave up robbery.
Because.. I was completely
Each and every moment
Sasha’s memory haunted me.
I wish I could
understand her feelings.
I wish she could
understand my feelings.
I wish Sonu could
understand my feelings.
I wish!
Sir, no matter what. Today I
will draw his correct portrait.
Keep that 2 lakhs ready.
On the basis of 2 lakhs,
I have taken many loans.
Forget that.
Actually I am doubtful
whether you say that thief or not.
I saw him, sir.
I don’t believe you. I
want a lie detector.
Call the experts.
– Okay, sir.
He is the one.
I know that he is weak in drawing.
But is he speaking the truth
or not.. I will find out, sir.
“Come on, come on, come on.”
What is this? Will you
kill me with electric shock?
We don’t use such expensive
machines to kill mosquitoes.
This is a lie detector.
The machine won’t lie.
It will expose you.
Don’t I look familiar?
Remember that day.
‘I will meet you when
it is your unlucky day.’
‘When your bad time is going on.’
‘And you are dangling
between life and death.’
Answer my questions correctly.
Sir, something is happening.
What’s your name?
– John Abraham.
“All right. All right.”
Your age.
– 14 years.
The machine is yelling. What
is your correct age? – 32 years.
Then why did you lie?
– Because of my habit.
You are used to lying?
At times I lie about my age.
Are you a man or a woman?
– Woman.
No, a man. The machine
is functionally properly.
You can’t check it. It is
brought here to check you.
Quickly answer my questions.
I am not soft hearted like others.
I am very harsh.
Oh God!
Are you married?
– No.
“All right. All right.”
Do you flirt?
– Not used to it.
With 3.
Oh God! With 3.
3 girls.
I remembered. I
forgot about one girl.
Okay. Where were you last night?
– Home.
Whose home?
– Home.
Whose home?
– My home.
My neighbour’s home.
– Why?
Uncle had gone for a
tour and aunty was alone.
Oh God! Oh God!
Have you ever robbed?
Yes, sir.
As a kid I stole a pencil.
It implies you agree
that you are a thief? – No.
What a stupid machine!
I am a thief. But a small thief.
Why are you abusing the machine?
I think you are that ATM thief.
Sir, I am not thief. It’s him.
Can you draw his portrait?
– Yes, sir.
Is there any guarantee that
you will draw it properly?
Yes, sir.
Sir, I will try.
Last question.
– Yes, sir.
Do you want to kill something?
– No, sir.
Yes, sir.
– Who? – You.
“All right. All right.”
– Oh!
Sir, he is speaking the truth.
It is my
responsibility to draw the portrait.
Sri, mother wants to talk
to you. Will you come home?
I won’t be able to come.
– Why?
Brother forbade from
meeting you. I can’t go out.
Where are you?
– At home.
He is also there?
– Yes.
I am coming.
– Akhil! Akhil, no!
Throw him out!
Why did you stop!
Kill my son! Kill him!
If you had not intervened then
I would have really killed him.
I would have chopped
him into pieces.
If you have the
guys then do it! Come!
I had come to fix your
sister’s alliance with my son.
Because he loves your sister.
Once my other sister
had loved your son.
I came to your home and I
pleaded you. You forgot that?
Did you speak to your son?
You both killed my sister.
Things were different then.
Now things are different.
No! She was my sister!
And this too is my sister!
Sri, come! Come!
He won’t change! Let’s go!
Why are you scared of him?
Even if he had been
your real brother..
..still he couldn’t have stopped us.
He is only your
namesake brother. Come.
If he had been my real brother..
..then I wouldn’t have
thought even for a moment.
But he is more than that.
So I will not come with you.
Sri! Decide whether
you will come or not.
But.. I love you, Akhil.
You say that you love me! I
don’t care about your love!
No, Akhil! Leave it!
Sri.. I like you, dear.
You are rejecting your love
for the sake of your brother.
You have won my heart.
You only will be my daughter-in-law.
Let’s go, son.
Have tea.
– Sir.
Did anybody give you tea
and beat you lovingly?
If anybody kicked your portrait..
..only then I will
draw a nice portrait.
I will try.
– What?
I will try.
– I understood one thing.
The more I torture you, the
better portrait you will draw.
Let’s try that.
Have tea! Have tea! Have tea!
There was 3 ways to draw a portrait.
One is to see the person
and then draw the portrait.
The second is to see the
snap and draw the portrait.
And then third one is to draw
the portrait from your memory.
I want that.
– Sir, this is not so..
Draw it.
Why are you looking
here and there? Draw!
Come on! Try it! Draw!
This is my kind of torture.
Keep it away from me.
Now you have drawn a new face.
I think I have seen him somewhere.
Hey! Make the hair long!
Make the hair long!
He visits the
biker’s club, doesn’t he?
Just now Akhil came and
he took away Sri ma’am.
She was refusing but
he forced her to come.
I am worried.
That’s why I called you.
Where did Akhil take her?
“An intoxication is spreading.”
“The tresses changed.”
“Damsel, your saunter is lovely.”
“You stole my
slumber and peace of mind.”
“An intoxication is spreading.”
“The tresses changed.”
“I kept my heart safely.”
“But our eyes locked.”
“My heartbeats blossomed.”
“Hey, guy! I am
capricious and bubbly.”
“Your fair
complexion merges with me.”
“Why are you harassing
me like this?”
“Your intoxicating
appearance sprinkles on my heart.”
“You aim your target
on me and you suffer.”
“Your love gave me a sweet pain.”
“What is this increasing fervour?”
“You handcuff my
arms with your arms.”
“Don’t rob my heart like this.”
“What is happening to you?”
“Control your senses.”
“I will kiss your face.”
“Protect yourself from me.”
“My beloved, you have floored me.”
“An intoxication is spreading.”
“The tresses changed.”
“Damsel, your saunter is lovely.”
“You stole my
slumber and peace of mind.”
Why have you brought me here?
I doubt you..
because of your hairstyle.
We found a video one year ago.
This has been
recorded from a police jeep.
Our driver was asleep.
Coincidently we found this.
Look at the visuals carefully.
Do you know who is that
girl who is running away?
Some goons were following that girl.
They all killed that girl.
After some time a man came there.
Then another man with
long hair arrived there.
Is it that you are
the man with long hair?
It’s not me.
Nobody reported about the
murder in the police station.
We don’t know who that girl is.
It is impossible to identity anybody.
So.. you are not this man?
– No, sir.
Is he the thief?
No. He is not the thief.
Now you can go.
Akhil! What happened?
Why did you kill Sasha? Tell him!
You killed Sasha!
You killed my sister!
Sonu, what are you
looking at! Thrash him!
Tell me! Who killed him? Tell me!
I will tell you. I will tell you.
The person who hired
you all for the robbery..
..and bought the goods is that
owner of Biker’s club, Robert.
Besides Robert,
Sameer too is in this.
They both had made the
deal of the diamonds.
That night right here..
Sasha was sitting there.
So everything is planned.
I am going to make
some changes in the plan.
You will get the
diamonds within 2 days.
And changes so soon?
As soon as they will
give rob the diamonds and..
..hand it over to us then we
will kill Akhil, Sonu and Sasha.
Nobody should come to know.
Look who is there! Go
and see who is there!
Kill her!
Nab her! Nab her! Come!
Leave me! Leave me!
Leave me!
I will kill you!
– Is that so?
Recently you had
declared in front of everybody..
..that you are going to
commit suicide, hadn’t you?
No! No! No!
Please,baby relax.
Baby, take it easy! Relax!
Relax! Relax!
Easy! Cool! Yeah.
That’s it.
Come, Sonu! What are you looking at!
Kill this scoundrel! Come!
Stop! I am coming! I am coming!
I am coming!
I am here. Here I am.
Hey, Sameer.
Leave him.
I killed Sasha.
Forget the past. Past is past.
We lost the diamonds
and Sasha lost her life.
Now we will make a new deal.
There is only one deal.
You all will die.
We know that you can do anything.
More than the late Sasha,
Sri who is still alive..
..her life is dearer, isn’t it?
She is in our custody.
The diamonds that we wanted,
its in Goa.
The exhibition has ended there.
Day after tomorrow it
will be sent to Italy.
Rob it and hand it
over to us. And take Sri.
Sri has already been sent to Goa.
Hey! Scoundrels! I
will kill all of you!
Kids should not
interfere between elders.
Deal is okay.
If anything happened to Sri..
Listen. You too go.
Akhil! My friend! Forgive me.
– Its okay.
“This is the robbery.”
“Robbery, robbery now.”
“Give me the crown.
Get on the ground.”
“Give me diamonds.”
“Rush your mouth.”
“This is the robbery.”
“Robbery, robbery now.”
“Get on the ground.
Get on the ground.”
“Give me diamonds.”
“Rush your mouth.”
Give them whatever they want.
But remember. 24 hours left.
– Okay.
I want to talk to Sri.
Akhil! Akhil!
Sri, do you know where you are?
They have brought me to Goa.
Listen! Don’t talk too much!
We want the diamonds. Okay.
When should we rob?
There are 78 security guards.
What time do we have
to steal the diamonds?
10 o’clock in the morning.
Airport. Panaji to airport is 38 km.
In 38 km, how many railway
crossing and bridges are there?
We have to find out that.
The plan is plotted?
– Yes.
What is the plan?
It’s a secret.
– Sit.
40 ft, 40 ft, 40 ft. Sonu.. if plan
A fails, then we will follow plan B.
Plan B means?
Scoundrel! You guys
killed my sister!
And I have spared you guys.
This is my mistake!
Hey! Stop it!
Sonu, I don’t know whether
you die or I die in this plan.
But he or his men
should not be spared.
Why? You are scared.
That we will rape you.
The idea is not bad. It
will be fun, won’t it?
They want to talk to the girl.
Why only talk? I
will show her to them.
Get up! Get up!
Akhil is watching!
Scoundrels! Akhil, see this.
Hey! Scoundrel!
Actually a short while ago
I got the idea to rape her.
But I took pity on you
and I hardened myself.
Scoundrel! You only know how
to tie up girls and rape them.
If we raped you, you don’t
know what will happen to you.
You see, I want my diamonds.
I want my diamonds.
Then what about Sri.
Rob the diamonds tomorrow
morning and hand it over to Chafi.
The girl will be delivered to you.
No! Both will be
exchanged at the same time.
This is not possible.
This is not possible.
Hey! We need a boat.
– Why?
Arrange for it.
Hello. He is doing
something on the bridge.
No problem. Let him do.
– Yes.
You are right on the spot.
– That’s it! That’s the spot!
Hello. Yes, they are
doing some painting here.
Keep me informed
about what they do there.
Everything is clear,
sir. Loading now.
Officer, proceed.
Akhil, there are 10
guards in the container.
Yes, sir. Sir, we are leaving now.
What happened?
Go and check.
Bomb! Bomb!
Come back! Quickly! Come back!
Come back! Quickly! Hide
Oh no!
Guards, close all the roads!
Oh no! The police are tailing us!
Where are the diamonds?
The police are there! Turn!
Sonu! Sonu! Sonu! No! Sonu! Sonu!
Now what? The police have shot Sonu.
Don’t shut the boat. Go on!
Come on! Keep moving!
– He is my friend! – Keep moving!
Stop the boat! Otherwise we
will shoot! Stop the boat!
Or else we will shoot!
Leave me! Leave me!
Shafi! Shafi, what
is going on there?
Shafi! Shafi! Shafi!
Hey, Shafi is dead!
He is dead? Let it be.
Where are the diamonds?
It’s with me.
Okay. Bring them to the
place where I had told you.
Okay. Done.
We have surrounded you.
It will be better if
you surrendered to us.
If you tried to run,
you will be shot.
Give me the revolver.
Where are the diamonds?
– Where is Sri?
First show me the diamonds.
Where is Sri?
If I won’t tell you, then
you won’t give it to me.
Forget that.
Nobody will leave this place.
What rubbish! Sri is
at the Alambodam runes.
Now see what I will do.
– Tell me.
Kill her. Kill her.
Bury her alive! Kill her!
Now what will you do?
You have come alone!
What do you think of yourself?
What will you do?
I will break your leg!
I will not spare you!
Scoundrel! What is your intention?
You will leave this place?
And save that girl?
Hey! If you think that you are
smart, then I am smarter than you.
Hey! Leave him!
Sri is at Alambodam runes. Go!
Akhil, I will save Sri.
But don’t spare those
scoundrels who killed Sasha.
He is still alive?
Why will we die,
scoundrel? He will go and save Sri.
Whether she is alive or I am alive,
that is not important.
The important thing is that
he will die. I swear on Sasha.
If you have the guts
then come and save her.
– No!
Nab him!
Don’t spare him! Nab him!
I want the diamonds!
I want the diamonds!
Kill him! Don’t spare him!
Its her brother’s call.
Give it to her.
Let’s see what she says.
– Sri, where are you?
I don’t know what
place is this, brother.
Sri, don’t worry. I am coming.
You want to kill me!
I am scared, brother.
Beat him! Beat him!
You killed Sasha! You killed Sasha!
Sri, don’t worry. I am coming.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Where are you going?
Where are you running?
You killed Sasha! Now you
will kill Sri! Take this!
You cut a girl’s veins!
Why? It’s paining?
You are scared of death.
Not only hands, I
will chop everything!
I will kill you! I won’t spare you!
Hey! Hey! What are you doing?
– Now die!
Why did you tie my hands? Open it!
Open it! Please! Open it!
Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!
Hey! Open it! I don’t want the
diamonds! Don’t kill me! Open it!
Don’t leave me and go! Listen!
Listen! Listen!
I don’t want the diamonds!
Open my hands! Hey! Leave me!
Now die!
Help me!
I don’t want to die! Hey! Listen!
Sir, it’s him.
– What! What!
Sir, it’s him.
Hey! I don’t trust you.
Yesterday too there
was a robbery in Goa.
We don’t even know
whether it’s the same gang.
And today I have got transferred.
Go away quietly. I have to
go to the railway station.
I have to go to a new
place and find a house.
I have to arrange for
my children’s school.
Only I know my tension.
Who will give my 2 lakhs?
Greetings, sir.
“Come on, come on, come on.”
Whose portrait will you draw?
If you will give me money,
then I will draw yours too.
Got the money from the police?
– No, sir.
They won’t give anything.
– Diamond.
Is it real?
Hey! Do you know why
we gave you this? – Why?
You had drawn my portrait
and everything was fine.
And I found out a truth. That’s why.
– Okay.
Will you draw the portrait?
My and his sister’s.
I will draw a superb portrait.
I have got a good practice of
drawing in the police station.
“An intoxication is spreading.”
“The tresses changed.”
“Damsel, your saunter is lovely.”
“You stole my
slumber and peace of mind.”
“An intoxication is spreading.”
“The tresses changed.”
“I kept my heart safely.”
“But our eyes locked.”
“My heartbeats blossomed.”
“Hey, guy! I am
capricious and bubbly.”
“Your fair
complexion merges with me.”
“Why are you harassing
me like this?”
“Your intoxicating
appearance sprinkles on my heart.”
“You aim your target
on me and you suffer.”

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