Best Intro Ever – The Office US

Best Intro Ever – The Office US

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
nobody can do the shigaling like I do
nobody can do the skates like I do
nobody can do the boogaloo like I do
nobody can do the philly like I do
well don’t you know im gonna skate
right through ain’t nobody do it but me
nobody but me (nobody but me)
your falling behind

i m gonna spin, I do
Ain’t nobody do it but me, babe
(Nobody but me)
Well, let me tell you nobody
Nobody but me

—Instrumental Interlude—

100 thoughts on “Best Intro Ever – The Office US”

  1. And Netflix wants to take to the office off WHY???!!!?? THEY DO NOT GET WHEN GREATNESS IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!!!!!

  2. This opening sums up everything you need to know about The Office's main characters. I think I'll watch this show for the third time.

  3. I miss this The Office !!! Ever since Michael left and Robert came it's not the way it is!!! I hate it ! I hate it 3000!!!

  4. I love how in 0:53 Creed has completely no idea what's going on and 15 seconds later he has a guitar out of nowhere and starts a solo. In 1:16 he picks up a call and in 1:50 he again plays his solo behind closed door.
    Ladies and gentlemen, Creed Bratton. Bigger mystery than Stonehenge and Atlantis combined.

  5. i legit thought Gabe was just .. NOT THERE AT ALL and all i paid attention to was just Meredith the baby and Kevin the dad 😂😂

  6. 0:04 Andy
    0:17 Pam
    0:28 Erin
    0:30 Jim
    0:40 Stanley
    0:42 Kelly
    0:48 Ryan
    0:51 Gabe
    0:55 Kevin
    0:58 Meredith
    1:10 Creed
    1:23 Angela
    1:24 Darryl
    1:27 Phyllis
    1:30 Michael
    1:44 Dwight

  7. Angela: I said I didn’t want to be on the internet!😡😡😡

    Also Angela: stars in a long running documentary for all to see

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