Best Nintendo Switch Gaming Headset!

Best Nintendo Switch Gaming Headset!

(loud screech)
– We’ve talked before about
how the Switch is an amazing system.
It’s got a lot of great games on it,
but it is not without
it’s technical problems.
A lot of those have to do
with it’s approach to audio.
We’ve talked before about
how it doesn’t support
any kind of built-in wireless,
you don’t have Bluetooth or anything,
and another huge issue is it’s approach
to multi-player chat, which
is a massive headache.
And that’s something that
SteelSeries has possibly fixed
with a really interesting and
honestly kind of simple way
with the Arctis Three Bluetooth headset.
Now for those of you who
aren’t aware of the problems
the Switch has with multi-player chat,
it mostly comes down to the fact that
there is no actual chat
support on the Switch itself.
If you want to do certain
matchmaking procedures
or talk to friends, you cannot do that
on the Switch directly and
instead have to rely on
a separate app that Nintendo’s
released for phones,
and currently the only real game
that it pushes for is Splatoon 2,
but the issue is, is that if you want to
use in-game chat and
listen to the game audio
at the same time, like well, most people,
you have to rely on,
well this contraption.
First off, the headset in
and of itself is not great,
but an even bigger issue is the adapter.
The fact that you actually have this whole
setup rig where you’re
plugging in to your phone
and your Switch all the same time,
which makes just a headache of a mess
when you’re playing portably,
and if you’re playing docked,
you have to rely on an extension cable,
which just makes things even worse.
So then this brings us to the
Arctis Three Bluetooth headset.
Now this is a newer version of a headset
that SteelSeries has done
for quite some time now,
and the big upgrade is the fact
that it adds Bluetooth,
giving you a wireless option
for connecting to systems or phones.
The general main point of
the Arctis Three though,
is that it’s a good balanced headset
that’s giving you comfort,
good audio quality,
and it’s compatible across a
very large number of devices.
You can use it with your phone,
PC, Mac, Xbox, Playstation,
or more importantly for
this video, the Switch,
which is where this
headset has a very unique
and very useful special feature.
(white noise)
Just need to interrupt myself
real quick, in case you guys missed it.
We are still doing a giveaway
of a Nintendo Switch.
I’ve got a link down below,
so don’t miss out on that.
Just a part of celebrating
the holiday season.
Okay, back to me.
(white noise)
While the Arctis Three is
obviously a Bluetooth headset
that allows for wireless connections,
it does accept wired
connections at the same time.
You know what’s interesting about this
is the headset actually allows you to
simultaneously receive audio signals
from both the Bluetooth
and wired connection.
Meaning that in a
situation like the Switch,
where you’re using your phone for chat
but still want to listen to the game audio
from the Switch itself,
you can now do that
with only having a single cable
(electronic beeps)
running from the Switch
to the headset, instead of that whole mess
of cables that you had
with the Splatoon one.
Now it’s still not a truly wireless setup
but it is a massive improvement over this.
Now, this is not a perfect solution,
’cause as we said earlier
with the Splatoon one,
you still have the issue of when
you want to use the Switch in dock mode.
If you’re working some kind
of desk setup like this,
it’s fine, but if you’re doing
like a living room setup,
you really need to make
sure your dock is nearby you
or you might have to get used to using
some kind of Bluetooth adapter,
which we’ve tried before
and as you’ve seen, is
kind of mixed results.
It is worth noting though
that for other kind of
living room setups, for instance, an Xbox,
or a Playstation 4, this
is another awesome way
to want to be able to play
games on those systems,
but also be able to use chat
from some kind of third party source
if you need to for some
reason, such as Discord.
So if you love playing on your Switch
and you want to play
normal two player stuff
but actually have usable chat,
this thing is a massive upgrade
over the official Nintendo one,
and definitely worth taking a look at.

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  1. got mine at GameStop for 100 us dollars and it is one of the best headsets I've ever used I highly recommend it for the best headset for the Nintendo switch

  2. what if i use a bluetooth aux on the switch and then i conect wireless to the switch and the phone?

  3. Someone please reply.if your playing fortnite on the switch not docked do you have to use a phone to talk

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