Best Ping Pong Shots 2019

Best Ping Pong Shots 2019

It actually broke!
That was quite low!
That was pretty good!
I got it!
What are you doing Emil?
I feel like a kangaroo
So there is still 72% of you guys who
haven’t subscribed to our channel
So remember to do that now!
And we have just updated
our mobile game
Download it for free in the links in the description!
Until next time!

100 thoughts on “Best Ping Pong Shots 2019”

  1. It´s been a crazy year full of crazy shots! Enjoy this compilation and also go download the free Pongfinity mobile game from the links below 😊


  2. Can you make a video where you make a pingis version of "Boboll" the game i was taught as a small Swedish child all Finn love.

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