Best scene from movie – The Gambler | Mark Wahlberg

Best scene from movie – The Gambler | Mark Wahlberg

First public notice that was ever made of Shakespeare was from a grub Street writer Robert Greene who called him an upstart crow beautified
With our feathers in the book
In the book under that title on the board is the beautified feather thing because Greene knew that Shakespeare was the Earl of Oxford
Absolutely, not not even close I
The Earl of Oxford published poetry, okay, and it wasn’t any good
I mean it Oxford been able to get a play put on he had a broken leg to do it
I mean, can you think of any human being that would for any reason not put his name on Hamlet?
The Oxfordian thing the anti-stress 14 thing what pisses people off about Shakespeare
What lies behind every controversy about Shakespeare?
is range
range over the nature an
unequal distribution of talent
Rage that genius appears where it appears for no material reason at all
Desiring a thing
Cannot make you have it
Now the trouble with writing if I may bring it up here in the English department
As we all do a little over from time to time
writing and some of us start to think
Maybe with a little time a little piece a little money in the bank
can you get that room your own you think well shit I
Might be a writer too. I
Mean we accept genius in sports as something we cannot do
But it’s no more likely that you could be a writer that you could be what an Olympic pole-vaulter
Because what you have to be before you try to be a pole-vaulter
Hello is a pole vaulter? No
Yeah, you are one a pole vaulter a novelist. No. I am NOT for me to be a novelist
I would have to make a deal with myself that it was, okay
Being a mediocrity in a profession that died commercially in the last century. All right, people do that
I’m not one of them if you take away nothing else from my class from this experience. Let it be this
If you’re not a genius
Don’t bother. All right, the world needs plenty of electricians and a lot of them are happy
I’ll be fucked if I’ll be a midlist novelist getting good reviews from the people I give good reviews to
Let’s have a look at Dexter Dexter I
Don’t want an area looking young man
what size 40 jacket regular features and
Decent dentition is the second-ranked collegiate tennis player in the United States of America
How’d that come about Dexter you come from tennis family? I?
Mean I started playing five years ago in high school cuz the tennis guys are the best weed
After you started to tell us how long was it before you better than everybody before I was better than everybody before I knew it
What happened when you noticed you were naturally better than everybody?
I’m not interested in the game. That is an IQ break point brother
Right there. Do you remember Machiavelli? That would have been in September? I?
Can remember September, all right, is it the game brother or the money?
Huh where to a farmer fame of virtue? What are you after don’t go modest on me you want. Oh,
Hey you got ambitious. Yeah, I realized as I learned about the game that I was in reaches in reach of
Didn’t reach
Highest level
Highest level yeah
highest level
But still a gamble, isn’t it?
Look, I’m a literature teacher. I can’t write well him to bother. I just don’t bother whichever whichever it is
There’ll be no apotheosis around here. There’ll be no Wai puto Dale’s feel around here
That’s what the improvers phase-in said on his deathbed dear me. I think I becoming a god
But you know who does right at the highest level when most of us and even I even I write barely adequately
Do you know who it is in this room? Who is it?
Don’t give me that look no no no, no, no. No, it isn’t the one who talks the most. You’re an NPR who’s tops? Okay
the literary person in here
Is Miss Phillips
She’s Elise obstreperous in this room
The quietest in the only one
Who can have a real career at letters? Some of you can have one perceptually?
only she
Can have one in reality?
She is better at writing
Than our us personally. Amateur. Number two is a tennis yet. She chooses to hide or just blend in with the rest of you
Why is that miss Phillips
Being in the middle is the safest place to be what do you come from?
Ohio Ohio parents of geniuses by any chance filthy rich
No, well, your dad wasn’t the Earl of Oxford was he no, no
How old were you when you read I
Was to June. Well, that’s early. It’s prodigiously any advantages literary home life
What’s your father
Well, you worked in a factory well your mother
What she was an alcoholic she
was insane
But wasn’t your dad I don’t see how this is pertinent
No money
No advantages, no peer of the realm
You’re not the Earl of Oxford. Are you No?
No, why are you better than the rest of us?
No, you look at me
You are better than the rest of us if no one’s told you get your genius in an artist
Let me be the first. Okay, I don’t know if you can say that
Cuz I think it’s subjective man. I mean we all have something to offer
Genius is magical. Not materially
If you don’t have the magic no amount of wishing will make itself
Miss Phillips
If you plan to continue to come to my class you sit in the front where you belong but don’t bother showing up
Have a nice day

59 thoughts on “Best scene from movie – The Gambler | Mark Wahlberg”

  1. I knows a few writers. I don think that righting is anything anyone cant do if they really work hard. Is just a thing most dont bother learning when thare young. Nothing speshul.

  2. this movie has a few really good scenes and somehow was overall mediocre at best, but this scene was great. I watch it when I want to get in the mood to write

  3. Some People are way more GIFTED than others and No amount of wishing or practice will change that… VERY TRUE

  4. This film is nothing special despite this sequence; having said that, this is one of those cases where the side plot (what we see here) was actually the thing they should have develop for the main plot to begin with

  5. I'm ok with being a mediocre writer fine with being in the middle, in fact I love it. I dont need to be the best just to be allowed to write. Good speech though there is some truth to it but you never know when genius will strike.

  6. This is a rationalization for being lazy and quitting. If you want to believe this go ahead. If you love something you don't have to be a genius to make a living at it/and or enjoy it. True natural genius is extraordinarily rare true but striving to be something better is what makes good become great, and what gives motivation to life.

  7. When your growing up and your parents tell you if you try hard enough you can be anything, and then life slaps you in the face and says you will never be great at anything no matter how hard you work lol

  8. He is wrong about talent. Talent is inculcated when you try to do something about your passion though some are born genius but that doesn't mean genuis is magical and can only amount in the hands of few, we say those things because we want genius to be a big thing and a mystrey. In reality, anyone can become a genius only if you try and believe in it. Problem is people don't look in the right way, they don't think about doing something better or different, and that is what actually seprates genius from the normal. Is the ability to do and think something beautiful or different

  9. What an incredible bit of acting by Mark Wahlberg. I wonder how many takes this scene must have taken to be as good as it is. Great directing.

  10. "Okay, I don't know if you can say that. 'cause I think it's subjective, man. I mean, we all have something to offer." — I understand that this is a movie, but my friend, you have very little to offer. 🤣

  11. He's right, that is bullshit! There's always that one person in the room who believes that everyone deserves a trophy. SMH

  12. You can strive to be as good as you possibly can at something. That does not mean you will be better than everybody else who might have had advantages you didn't; money, time, stronger drive, better teachers, more encouraging parents, or pure dumb luck of having more synapses. That doesn't mean they don't deserve their success, or that you are destined to fail. What is success? What is failure? If success is being the top 5 in a field of geniuses and failure is anything short of that, you simply might have misaligned priorities than that the universe has conspired against you.

  13. What a load of cr*p! Good writing comes from motivation, pain and suffering. You don't need to be a genius. The novels of geniuses living in an utopian society would be so dull.

  14. Lmao I call bullsh*t! Nothing is given. Everything is earned. You want something? Go out and take it! And if the other person has more "natural talent" then outwork them and strategize to over take them. Work hard and you will achieve great things. If you don't achieve them, then you didn't put in enough work. Your responsible for your own life no one else is. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  15. If any one was paying attention, she never answered his question. Class dis-missed, because were all to damn ignorant and mad at each other, with shaking asses, and mumbling, retards, to get anything

  16. Allen Gannett debunks the myth of the "magical, unattainable genius" in his book, The Creative Curve. There are many actions and factors that go into the creation of a "genius". Natural-born talent is only one of them. That said, not just anyone can become a genius at anything. Like they say in Ratatouille, not everyone can become a great cook, but a great cook can come from anywhere.

  17. From all the bad acting and how unfitting he is for this role, i have to say this: he raises a gd point that people are born better than others. It's true

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