Betfair Trading a gambling yard – £260 ‘Barney Curley’ horseracing trade

Betfair Trading a gambling yard – £260 ‘Barney Curley’ horseracing trade

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so somebody contacted me this week and
said do you have any videos of you
trading a Barney curly race and the fact
is I do I traded many Barney curly races
in my time and for those of you that
don’t know about Barney curly he was
actually well known trainer but also
known to take part in the odd gamble or
team and whenever you used to trade his
runners you used to see very sharp price
movements so there were always very
interesting markets to trade and this is
one of them now when I recorded this
video one of the issues that I had here
is it it didn’t capture at the mouse so
you can’t see all of it but hopefully
you’ll get a feel from where you see the
orders placed in the highlighting that
you can see on the ladder as to roughly
what’s going on within the market
Barney curly is probably worth a
separate video all together to discuss
his history the impact that he had on
the market and some of the trading that
I did on curly runners and the problem
that you sort of would would have with
Barney curly runners is that everybody
felt that there was always going to be a
gamble and there was always going to be
something going down so generally when
you saw a curly runner
the card and you can see the colors of
this particular runner that I’m trading
here I’m shooter these were the Barney
Curley colors you can see on the silks
over on the right hand side here that
would generally mean there would be a
lot of price action within the market
now the problem that you’d always have
as dissecting which way the price was
going to go if he had two or three
runners and they had performed well then
you could think that perhaps a gamble
was on the guards and that we would
begin to see a lot of action within that
particular market probably backing
however a lot of the times
Barney Curley runners would get gambled
even without any sort of activity taking
place within the market at all anyhow so
it was always a little bit difficult to
understand which way the market was
going to go but in this particular
market we’ve seen a lot of laying and
that’s why I’ve built up quite a large
position in this market and I’m
expecting the price to drift now we saw
if you watch the SATs in here the price
gradually coming down and for a little
period of time I was at a potential loss
here but you tended to find that when
the money started to come down you can
see there’s a volume spike on the graph
that gives you a fair indication that
something is happening within this
market and somebody has an opinion
whether it was money Curley himself an
advocate for for curly or perhaps just
mass delusion within the market
generally that’s what you’d be looking
for so I was expecting the price to
drift here
we’ve seen a fair amount of money around
this price I’m not expecting it to get
that much lower so I’ve built up quite a
large position in this particular market
you can see I’ve got a net stake of two
thousand five hundred and sixty pound
now all I’m doing now is sat here
waiting for the real money to arrive and
start pushing the price up problem you
always have on racing markets is you
need the volume to be there you need the
activity to be there to be able to do a
decent-sized trade so in this particular
example can you see they’re at 256
another big chunk of money came in and
the move is about to start so you’ve
seen me cancel the order at 262 that is
because it was a closing order so I’m
sort of saying well okay I’ve seen
enough evidence now that I’m absolutely
convinced that the price is going to
start heading up so you can see I’ve
post a couple of trades above where we
are at the moment to start exiting the
trade as it reaches that particular
point there’s another order that’s gone
through the market so I’m getting ready
to cancel the order at 268 because I’m
going to try and see if I can hold this
position for as long as possible
obviously for the largest amount of
profit so yeah we’ve established the
position I’ve established what I want to
do the only reason that I’m doing this
is because I feel that on this
particular occasion with with a Barney
curly runner that the market has made up
its mind the price is going to get a lot
bigger on here now while we’re waiting
for this trade to unfold
Barney curly is retired now you don’t
see this in the market in the same way
we still do have gambling yards and
you do have sequences of vents that kick
off a number of Gamble’s within the
so the difference between what you see
now and what you see back when Barney
Curley was still a trainer is that he
used to happen on pretty much every
party curly runner there would be some
activity somewhere that would kick
things off and even if there wasn’t a
preordained gamble on a particular
runner then you would typically find
that the market would think there was
and the momentum would build anyway so
you can see here we’ve got the market
slowly moving up moving up a little bit
slower then I initially expected but you
can see that well well in the money here
and it’s just a question of trying to
squeeze out of this trade as much money
as we possibly can so you can see I’ve
pitched something at 276 that’s been
matched pitched it at 284 and I pitched
it to 92 so from this point onwards it
looks like we’re heading somewhere
towards 3 on this particular runner and
once the momentum used to build on the
bond Akali runner it just used to
continue now at some point the market
will go too far and then you’ll get
arbors kicking in and people you can see
the price and the opportunity to lay off
or do something somewhere else and then
you’ll see the price pull back so you
always doing this little bit of judgment
in terms of where you think you could
possibly get out so you can see here
I’ve pitched it at 3:15 I’m hoping that
I get matched to that particular point
and you can see that the and there is a
huge back bet went into the market there
so the price obviously hit three at
three somebody just thought that’s big
enough you know I think that this is
value here and they’ve just slapped a
load of money down so basically what
you’re saying here is a mistake I got
too greedy I was thinking that there was
a you just gonna perhaps go on forever
it never ever does and I really should
have probably exited on the way up to
odds of three I was just getting a
little bit ambitious with my potential
profit target you saw it’s quite large
it still is quite large but basically
the big backorder signaled the end of
that particular trade you know we got to
the point we’re getting close to the
post time we’re at about the level at
which people have been prepared to lay
at that particular point but it seems to
be that if it’s going to go above three
it’s gonna start getting backed in again
you can see a little bit more backing
activity here however for the person
that requested it there is a Barney
Curley trading you can see overall in
about six minutes we ended up netting
just short of two hundred and sixty

14 thoughts on “Betfair Trading a gambling yard – £260 ‘Barney Curley’ horseracing trade”

  1. Which horse was the Barney Curley horse? Was it the fav. If it was early enough would you have tried to back it first?

  2. Brilliant video Peter thank you so much! You alluded to something in the video which has interested me as a potential angle for a while. As a novice punter, I would sometimes make notes for myself for future reference such as, "watch the market" for signs that its been gambled or certain stables, owners that have reputation for "putting the money down". I dont imagine anyone could make the market as nervous as Barney Curley .. but is this something you exercise or watch out for. For instance, you see a horse that has been particularly well supported.. do you make an effort to watch out for that runner next time to see if the same thing happens.. then check who the trainer is, who the owner is and look out for other their other runners?

  3. Even I know 3 is a turnover price and it rarely goes above 3 at the first attempt. Good video though – thanks

  4. The premise of this video doesn't stack up. If Curleys runners where going to be a gamble why did you end up laying over backing it? What signals sent you in the opposite way to what everybody expected?

    I don't believe one spike on the volume chart was enough and your position was already in. In fact the spike on the chart was probably your stake. So why lay and not back given the emphasis on a gambling yard?

  5. Wow that price soon shot up. I wouldn’t of held my nerve when it temporarily kept going down but guess that’s experience for you.

  6. Hi, what kind of horses will go down some what up, but not less than 100% back and not more than 100% lay?

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