BGH Unboxing, How To Play & Review 53: Fugitive

BGH Unboxing, How To Play & Review 53: Fugitive

Hey everybody welcome to Boardgame
In this episode I’m gonna talk about Fugitive by Tim Fowers and this game is a two-player deduction card game
in which one player is a fugitive and
the other player is a marshal trying to catch him,
and it is kind of the
spiritual successor to burgle brothers
which is also by Tim Fowers and as
you can see the box is shaped like a
small briefcase supposedly the briefcase
that the fugitive stole so let’s open up the box
see what’s inside I’ll explain how to play the game and I’ll tell you what I think about it.
Okay Fugitive by Tim Fowers the spiritual successor to Burgle Bros.
in this nice briefcase box. Let’s see what is in it let’s see
how I I’m going to open this because oh
well I guess I’m gonna have to just
remove the shrink completely. Oh there we go
yeah well that failed but it does have
nice I think it has yes it has magnets
so that’s nice, it opens the briefcase, it
opens like a book and inside I will
zoom in a bit, we see some illustrations here of what is in the box. We have a rulebook
An overview and there’s a small car
followed by these police cars so here is
the rook from Burgle Bros, he’s
running away and… set up, gameplay,
just a tiny booklet so not a whole lot of rules here is the briefcase so we have a small
board here that’s pretty nice as well I
love the artwork then we have this deck
no this is a tile with a calender on it with score points (edit: locations numbers!)
so we have that we have a dry erase
marker that you can use I assume on that
board so that has its own little spot. We
have a deck of cards with a handy dandy
little pulling string there so I can
open it easily so it’s nice it looks
like regular playing cards with the
two characters from the game on it
This is a two-player game so one is playing
the investigator the other is playing
the criminal trying to escape
look at that artwork. Love this.
Here’s the hacker guy from Burgle Brothers
as well it’s pretty cool.
Maybe there’s more characters from Burgle Brothers
making a cameo in this game but in any
case we’ve got events here as well and
we’ve got, let’s see, some event cards and these
are oh I guess I don’t know locations
maybe so and there is more of those here
so a second deck also has a little cord
you can pull so here is the marshal and
that’s basically the player turn summary
it’s the same in both sides and the
fugitive so that’s what you can do and
more of these cards so more of these
cool locations let’s see if we can spot
any hey here’s the person from Burgle Brothers as well.
Loving that artwork
that’s so cool there’s a really a story
going on here you know we’re running up
the bridge jumping off the bridge into the water.
Here’s a person from Burgle
Brothers as well so apparently all the
other burglars are helping you escape
that’s pretty cool
here’s how here’s the guy with the
dynamite nice and we’ve got some more
event cards here but these are just
black that just say event all right so
that’s everything that is in the box
let’s explain the rules
The set up for Fugitive is as follows: from all these cards you take apart the 0, 1, 2, 3 and 42 cards
these will go to the fugitive and the zero card is
placed in the center of the table along
with this board which has the numbers
4 to 14, 15 to 28 and 29 to 41 on it so place
that somewhere in the middle of the
table and take the corresponding card
numbers four through 14 which are in
this deck and you shuffle those and you
put them on the first spot and
the second spot it’s the same and you
shuffle these as well and put them over
here so you can place them like this so
you can still see the numbers so you
have an indication of which locations
are in these decks then the fugitive
takes his fugitive reference card with
indicating what he does in his first
turn and on the subsequent turns and the
marshal also takes one of these cards
with these first and subsequent turn
text on it and she also takes this
dry-erase card all the location numbers
on it and she can use that to cross out
the numbers that she guesses that aren’t
correct all right that’s how you set up
the game let’s go to the rules.
At the start of the game the fugitive takes
these cards one two three and 42 onto
his hand and he takes three cards from
the first stack, draws those, takes them onto
his hand and two cards from the second stack
and takes those onto his hand as well
and you may want to sort these if you
wish to check the numbers but you might
also want to you know keep them mixed so
your opponent doesn’t know approximately
what cards you’re drawing because if you
keep them sorted like this and you draw
on one side then that person might think
okay he’s drawn from the lower number so
that’s all strategy, a little bit of
bluffing in there because what you’re
going to do as the fugitive is place
these locations face down on the table
and the marshal has to guess where you
are now how that works is as follows
first turn you can place two hideouts
and all subsequent turns you draw a card
and you place one hideout.
Now all these hideouts have numbers and
you can travel between hideouts by one
two or three spaces so I start at zero
so I could go to 1 2 or 3 which I
already have on my hand but as you’ve
noticed they also have these footprint
marks on them either one or two
footprints and I can sacrifice those
location cards to sprint further than
the numbers I can normally reach so on
my first turn I can place two hideouts I
could sprint or just normally go from 0
to 3 by simply taking this card putting
it facedown
next to the 0 so that could be the 1 to
2 or the 3 and the opponent does not
know that then I need to go further so I
could go to 5 wait this is 3 so I could
go to 4 5 or 6 normally I only have the
6 or I could sacrifice a number of cards
with these sprint marks on them to go
further each footprint counts as an
extra step that you can take so I could
to go to seven or eight or nine but I
don’t have those cards yet so what I’m
going to do is I’m going to bluff I’m
going to take the six which I would
normally reach anyway but I’m going to
take this one because I’m not going to
go to locations one and two I’m not
gonna go backwards I could potentially
but you know you’d have to have plenty
of cars and it’s risky so I’m gonna take
this card and use that to sprint but I’m
not actually I don’t need actually need
it I placed that underneath the location
that’s what you do with your sprint
cards you put some underneath so right
now the marshal knows that I went from
the zero to a second location into a
third location and I use a sprint card
which gives me either 1 or 2 extra
movement points so that’s my first term
then the turns alternate between the
fugitive and a marshal the fugitive
always starts so then the marshal can
draw two cards and she can draw cards
from any stack and cards that she has on
her hand obviously are cards that I
cannot go through as the fugitive so you
could draw cards from the first stack
trying to make it harder for the
fugitive to go to places between 4 and
14 and if you draw them here then the
middle region will be harder to reach
and this of course is for a final sprint
the final stretch so try and you know
discern where you think the fugitive is
and then draw the cards from the stacks
that you think he will be going next.
So the marshal draws two cards let’s
just say she draws a card here and she
draws a card there the marshal looks at
these and they she knows that’s okay
that’s five and twenty one are not spaces
that the fugitive can go to she’s not
gonna mark that over here because that
would give away the cars that she’s
holding on her hand this is purely for
the calling out of the cards so right
now she’s thinking okay so he’s not in
five he’s played two cards maybe he
played, I dunno,
say one two or three and then depending
on how much that would say that was two
then it’s three four or five or six or
seven but it’s not five you know what
I’m gonna guess seven so I know that I
played six and I the fugitive can always
peek at these cards so he doesn’t forget
the numbers and the marshal says okay
seven! Gets to find one or more hideouts
right so it’s not seven
so the marshal takes the dry erase
marker and crosses off the seven okay so
then it’s the fugitives turn again and
now it’s the second turn so I can draw a
card and then place a hideout again so
I’m gonna draw a card and I’m at six and
I want to reach 12 so I’m gonna need a
spot somewhere between that number so
drawing from that pile won’t help me so
I’m gonna draw another card here I get
four so four as a location is not gonna
help me but fortunately it has two spots
to go to so let’s see I’m at six seven
eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen
that is good I could reach 12 now so I’m
at six plus three makes nine it’s normal
amount of steps I can take and I’m
adding four I could also say well I
don’t need four spots I only need one
and the two spots the two sprinting can
help me later
so what I’m gonna do is I’m I’m 12 and
I’m so do I go to 14 do I keep one of
these let’s think what what did I do
so I’m at six seven eight nine ten
eleven yeah I’m gonna use this one so
I’ve got three sprints plus the three
that I already had make six
I reached 12 so I take these cards I put
them face down in front of me
and that is my turn so then next I could
go to 14 or if I draw a better card then
I could use both of these to sprint
further away
okay so then that’s the fugitives turn
so the, no the marshals turn, so the
marshall has you know 5 and 21 and she’s
pretty sure that he’s beyond 5 already
and even beyond everything before 7 so
she’s gonna go ahead and guess something
in this range 8 9 or 10 but first I get
to draw two cards so I could draw from
this deck to eliminate some of those
numbers but I could also draw from this
deck to make it harder on the next turn
so I’m gonna do that I’m gonna draw
two of these cards 18 and 19 all right
so the marshal knows it’s not 18 and 19
it’s probably a bit too far anyway and
he wasn’t at 7 he placed two more sprint
cards and another card so 1 2 3 and 2
Sprint’s perhaps so it could be
somewhere here and if she says ok I’m
gonna guess 12 and it is 12 and she
caught me and then the marshal wins
(edit: no, she needs to find ALL hideouts!)
If she doesn’t guess correctly and guesses, maybe,
11 then I say well no it wasn’t 11 and
the marshal crosses that one off once more
and then game continues and that’s
basically all there is to it so that’s
how you play the game Fugitive and if
the fugitive reaches 42 without getting
caught than the fugitive wins and if the
marshal finds out where the fugitive is
during the game
then the marshal wins if at some point
the marshal guesses a number that is
passed by the fugitive so for example
the marshal guesses the number six but
he’s not at six anymore than the the
fugitive isn’t caught but he has to flip
over these cards showing the numbers
that have been used so she can cross
those off as well so that makes it
easier for the marshal and the marshal
doesn’t have to select the specific
facedown card she just guesses a number
and if any of those match (a hideout, not a sprint!) then the fugitive has to show them.
And as a last effort to catch the fugitive the
marshal can start a manhunt which
happens separately from the normal
sequence of turns so the Marshall can
start a manhunt
when the fugitive plays the hideout card
number 42 so when he’s already almost
there then she can start the manhunt
while the highest revealed hideout
number is 29 or lower okay so that’s
important so then the marshal guesses a
single hideout just like before and if
she guesses correctly she continues to
guess another single hideout and if the
marshal guesses all the hideouts then
the manhunt was successful,
it’s basically a last-ditch effort to find
him by guessing more and more hideouts
and well if she catches him at the last
second then she still wins but if she
guesses incorrectly at any point the
manhunt failed and a fugitive escapes
and the Marshall loses and the game also comes with a couple of variants so we’ve got
some random events there is a couple of
event cards here which either help the
marshal or the fugitive or the person
who draws them to you know make the game
a bit more random so we have a whole
stack of event cards there’s a couple of
event placeholder cards that get mixed
in for certain variants of the game.
They are all explained here in the booklet
which is basically for advanced players
and there’s also some tips in here
helpful events and here strategy and
tips for the fugitive and for the
marshal which are handy to read through
so that’s Fugitive.
all right so my final thoughts
on Fugitive well first of all the
presentation of this game is phenomenal
I love the fact that the game box is
this little attache briefcase that’s
really very thematic and it has these
magnets to open it it basically has all
the components listed here so the
presentation is very good it’s really neat
I love the whole comic book kind of
style you know to stuff that happens
here they’re in the in a discotheque and
they’re in the club and they’re moving on
and he’s going to a diner and to a
garage and he’s going on the highway
over a bridge you’re jumping into the
water and this is just so cool this is
an entire story unfolding and even meet
some old friends from from Burgle
Brothers if that will focus it’s not
focusing well and in case so you know
there’s all kind of stuff there’s a
train here and jumping over the roofs
and getting into the plane here’s the
other guy from Burgle Brothers so that
is just great great fun and I really
like the artwork and it’s the gameplay
is really it’s clever it’s it’s pretty
simple the rules are easy to learn but
the strategy is pretty clever you really
have to think about okay where I’m going
to move next am I going to use print
cards or not am I going to bluff am I
going to take really small steps and
make it look like I’m going far or do I
try to get as far as possible and hope
that the marshal thinks I’m still
somewhere in the 4 to 14 area while I’m
already half way there you know and does
the marshal, am I going to draw more
cards from the area where I think he is
and thus making it harder for him or
easier for me to guess where he is or am
I going to draw cards from stacks that
are further away along the path making
it harder for the fugitive to reach
those spots and I already know that
those cards aren’t going to be his next
location so those are off and you know
that’s just very clever and it’s it’s a
really really fun quick little
two-player deduction game and so yeah I
look at that as just so cool all this
this artwork that’s fantastic
the theme this game’s literally dripping
with theme and well I can only recommend
it it’s very clever it’s it’s quick it’s
fun it’s a fun two player game so yeah
that’s two thumbs up for me for Fugitive
and so that was Fugitive by Fowers
Games thanks for watching I hope you
enjoyed the video please subscribe and
see you next time on Boardgame Heaven

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  1. Hi – one correction – the Marshall must guess ALL hideouts to win (either during her normal turn or by starting a manhunt), not only the most recent hideout (as you said in 14:40). Thanks for your video!

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