Bill Nye on Conspiracy Theorists: NASA’s Moon Landing, Vaccines, Astrology, and Tarot Cards

Bill Nye on Conspiracy Theorists: NASA’s Moon Landing, Vaccines, Astrology, and Tarot Cards

Hi Bill.
My name is Daniel from Texas.
My question is how do you reach someone who
is maybe a conspiracy theorist or someone
who is anti-vaccines, someone who is staunchly
scientifically illiterate and agree with them
on what a good source of facts is?
Thank you.
So Daniel.
How do I recommend reasoning with a conspiracy
Right now, the last couple of months I’ve
been messing around with this idea of cognitive
This is to say you have a world view; You’re
presented with evidence that conflicts with
the world view; So you either have to change
your world view, which is hard because you’ve
lived your whole life with it, or you just
dismiss the evidence and dismiss the authorities
that may have provided the evidence.
The authority could be a person or it could
be a book.
Or, excuse me, an article on the electric-internet-computer-machine.
So you dismiss the evidence, so that you don’t
have this discomfort or conflict in your mind—this
That’s what I’m working with right now,
and apparently the way to overcome that is
to say, “We’re all in this together, let’s
learn about this together.”
Present the conspiracy theorist with the idea
that he or she may be rejecting evidence because
it’s just so uncomfortable.
And you’re in it together.
We’re in it together.
I’m uncomfortable too.
But when it comes to moon landings, just ask
the person how you would generate all that
The warehouses full of documentation that
NASA created to make landings on the moon
would overwhelm anybody trying to do it on
the side.
It would just be very difficult to print all
And just understand it’s a process.
Somebody who has a world view that’s inconsistent
with evidence—and I may have some—it takes
a while for you to turn around.
Like the example of palm reading it’s not
something that people reverse their ideas
on immediately.
It takes, in my experience it takes about
two years for somebody to sort of look at
palm reading, look at cold-reading or a tarot
card reading for a while and then realize
that these tarot card readers/palm readers
are just taking information that you’ve
given them, the client has given them, and
feeding it back to you.
It takes a long time and in the same way people
who are anti-vaccine I think have just lost
sight of the history.
Vaccines—you know, part of the reason I’m
able to be here talking with you is my grandparents
did not die in 1918 during the Spanish flu
when it is estimated 50 million people died—Twice
as many people as were killed in combat in
World War I died of this disease.
If you go to old cemeteries you can see these
tombstones of very young people who died of
the flu.
So people just lost sight of history, and
we all tend to go, “Well look at the facts.
Change your mind!”
But it takes people a couple of years to change
their mind.
So my recommendation, Daniel, is: stick with
You’ll get frustrated, the person will get
frustrated, but present the idea of cognitive
This is my latest idea about a way to work
together to a scientific understanding.

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  1. Say i land on a island for first time ever and i take out my video camera to show this amazing place even if I've landed on island of Boston i could show on my camera miles in at least 3 different direction but footage NASA show they most have landed on BOSTON COMMON or more so on one corner of it. Conspiracy theorie is just word's. Facks are never went the moon did do 9/11 are killing and making sick with your big business medicines and demonizing natural herbs and murdering people who promote it but your day will come and you will grind your teeth.

  2. THIS study talks about a breif discription of the 13th zodiac OR energetic allighments…. ORPHUSES in the WINTER while Sol is in the SUMMER.. I don't listen to that crap about your personality yet IT IS an energetic allighment.

    My baby is a winter edition and I'm a summer I planned it kinda

  3. When I started watching this, Bill Nye, the science guy, men, I was eager to be presented with credible scientific evidence debunking the conspiracy theories… only to realize the clip is ending.

  4. When all you people are dead they will still say we went to the moon in 1968 but no humans will have got there because of the radiation. As for Mars…

  5. Often you find as well that a conspiracy theorist who believes in one conspiracy theory inevitably makes it easier for them to believe in another. For example, it is just as stupid to believe everything your government says as it is to disbelieve everything your government says especially if you do or don’t like it. That’s why things need to be examined on a case by case basis and not just saying, well I don’t know much but they were Dicks in the past so that must mean they are being dubious now. It’s also easier to build a conspiracy theory around people we don’t like and we don’t know, because you are dealing with emotions not knowledge. Also most conspiracy theory’s need another conspiracy theory to keep the first one alive, for example, it’s not just that the Apollo moon landings were a hoax it’s also that the Apollo one fire and the Challenger disaster were somehow part of the larger conspiracy, you can’t rationalise with that kind of movement of goalposts. People are so distrustful and have built up such an emotional connection to the way they see the world that they just can’t bring themselves to accept anything else. Essentially it comes down to a fear of being wrong, and intellectually honest scientifically minded person who tries to be rational and logical has no problem in being wrong because truth isn’t about ego it’s about truth. If we stopped to deal with every conspiracy theory in human history we would all still be living in caves fighting amongst ourselves about who conjured the wind that blew out someone’s fire

  6. Bill's early career into television before he became a "science communicator" –

  7. My childhood is destroyed who knew Bill Nye the Science Guy wood work for the government it's such a shame

  8. More i see this guy the more shady i think he is. I recognize his reverse psychology. Its exactly how you apply the law of inversion. This guy is actually sitting there and implying ZERO conspiracies exist basically. That we should never ask questions and believe everything blindly.. and he's supposed to be a scientist!
    SHill nye, the more i see this guy the more i see his job is to brainwash our kids and perpetuate satanic lies

  9. OOOHHHHHHH, "paper work", I NOW BELIEVE [email protected]$$hole went to the moon. How much of our tax payer $ MONEY $ did they use?(They might of needed paperwork to make it look real). "Although" they LOST ALL the Telemetry DATA!!!!! (probably destroyed because it would've shown it to be a hoax). What an @$$!

  10. ya imagine all that paperwork. film, and technology, all got lost somehow bill how in the f— do you explain that. what makes you an expert on anything anyway

  11. His answer to the moon landing hoax crowd…paperwork. The mountain of paperwork to pull it off would too much. Let's talk about intersecting shadows, how about all that battery power for air conditioned suits lems and Rovers where were those batteries at? Caught faking shot of earth from space craft I could go on all day but why bother this clown, nor anyone else has not a single answer for these questions.

  12. Not all conspiracy or quasi-conspiracy theorists are illiterate, that being a very personal and damning generalisation !!!

  13. Here is undeniable 100% proof of spotlights being used, look at this photo we see a reflection of the sun to the far left, AS12-46-6725 but in this photo there is no reflection of the sun, AS12-47-6989

  14. Number one killer in America heart disease but yet you were worried about the flu flu shot is crap wash your hands eat healthy and exercise

  15. Bill Nye, who is NOT a scientist, vs. 31,000 scientists that thoroughly dispute and debunk his not-science. Ask about the CIA affirmation of SAI recently at the CFR annual meeting? Also research what HAARP is and how it can be used to alter weather. While you're at it, how did crude oil obtain the label 'fossil fuel'? Do you think that LOTS of dinosaurs congealed into oil after a set amount of time?

  16. Yes the moon landings were real and yes, Bill Nye, who is NOT a "science guy" is a cucked butt pirate. He is not a skeptic, he is a debunker with an agenda.

  17. Bill I am a fellow atheist, free thinker and a scientific enthusiast. But the evidence of the moon landing is inconsistent with what we know now.
    How they kept it a secret? Simple. The same way tens of thousands people knew about Pablo Escobar and they tell no one. It wasn’t until he revealed himself that we knew he existed.
    Nasa employees were shut down because they were paid to be loyal to their employers. Just like the colombians with Pablo. Science is awesome, but when is controlled by the evil empire is time to exposed it.

    You should start watching documentaries after the world war II and analyze the data from Germany and you’ll see why the USA had to fake the moon landing

  18. Bill Nye the somehow I convinced people I'm qualified IRL because I played a scientist on TV Guy

  19. The premise in this video is that all conspiracy is false . And that a high school science guy is gonna prove them all wrong . There is literally dozens apon dozens of conspiracies that have been proven correct over the years . What really irks me about people who hang shit on conspiracy people is that are actually doing what the church used to do to early scientists minus the burning stake . Questioning everything is good . Questioning your governance is excellent questioning the motives of big businesses and corporate interests now your getting somewhere. A conspiracy isn’t that hard to get your head around , two people plot against a third . Even one person can plot against another it’s as old as those biblical stories like Cain and able . The more power and resources a particular entity has the more orchestrated a given operation can be . Be very careful if those that believe everything the powers that be tell them as they laugh haaaa haaa haaaa there’s no conspiracy the government doesn’t do that . These are the types of people that will send you to the gulag or the camp because you don’t buy what they’re selling.

  20. Electric Internet computer machine!!!. What is this retards background. What qualifications (if any) does he have and what makes him the "go to" person for answers of any kind??. Just another mouth piece if you ask me

  21. The DTaP vaccine insert, in plain text, lists autism, sudden infant death, apnea, seizures up to gran mal, neuropathy AND MORE as adverse events.

  22. NICE!!!!, so NASA has a printout of the original moon landings (somewhere among all the boxes in those warehouses ;)?

  23. Bill Nye the math guy. That's all he is. He knows nothing about science. You may as well have Ernie and Bert doing this as they are just as qualified on the subject.

  24. Bill as qualified as a scientist as the climatologist Al Gore, not. To me It's always a wonder that these people like Bill Nye and other propagandist don't somehow get shot.

  25. Yes, after growing up in a grade school / jr. high school with a planetarium and some very leading edge space explorer types back in late 80's when they knew for sure Earth is round and that "all those stars are stars, and stars are just big balls of gas", and all of the other beliefs grounded in evidence that were ingrained in me and every single other human being who has gone through the education system, it took a lot of struggle with the dissonance before I finally came around to the reality that the fact that we have all been lied to about some really important realities has helped to shape a lot of over zealous reaches for the truth, but that there is most definitely a stark contrast between what our textbooks have ground into us and the true nature of this universe and our purpose. Yes, indeed, it took some time to get to this realization, and in the end i think everyone will land on the thinking of Mr. Nye – that this is difficult for everyone – but we will also land on the realization that we have wasted so much time on thinking that any of our views are really that different. Sure, right now these things seem like important arguments, but what about once we get feedback from the new telescope and realize that even the powers that presently hoard all of their glorious knowledge never had a clue, or a chance.for one.

  26. My nephew was a chemtrail believer. After a lot of back and forth. Him presenting his reasons to me, and me countering those reasons, he finally came around to reality. I laughed when you said it took about two years. Because that's approximately how long we were knocking heads.

  27. What blows me away is that Bill doesn't even see the supreme irony of his cognitive dissonance argument applying even more supremely to official storyists.

  28. let’s everyone stop and think a moment,how did the dudes take a couple car battery’s,some sewer pipe,duck tape,a transistor radio,a walk-in talkie,1942 looking cameras,and some tang,then go to the moon,blast the little limb craft off from moon,rejoin other craft,which is traveling 4000 mph,then drop in ocean( my electric bicycle won’t even go 2miles to wall mart and back on a car battery charge

  29. It is more likely anyone that thinks the Apollo missions were real is Scientifically illiterate,,and for slow folks….Dumb

  30. Anyone need a “Big Think “ brain to believe the missions real,cause they need a big imagination,must be killing people they can’t prove the missions real,they uhhhhh….”I jus want to choke those little hoaxers”. ,let’s just attack and humiliate the hoaxers and say they dont like shots,yeah,that’s it

  31. All Moon landing hoaxers are severely deranged and brain damaged and the only hope for the human race is that they are all sterile (or too stupid to figure out how "sex" works)

    But sadly, they are probably breeding like rabbits.

  32. This moon landing thing is a religion. Not one civilian can confirm anything regardless of video or imagery. There are no witnesses outside of nasa. The one time a civilian got to go on one of thier rockets it just so happens that it what….it exploded. Coincidence or insurance policy ? It’s what we believe.

  33. I am NOT a scientist, but I play one on t.v.
    What I say is true, because…?
    Just because.
    You trust your TV don't you?

  34. Okay bill nye convinced me we went tty o the moon be totaly honest im dumber after watching this ignorat dumb 124000 views fuck nasa

  35. I hear a whole bunch hypocrisy. I feel the exact same, IN REVERSE. Present the “scientific” community with evidence that challenges or contradicts and they scoff, ridicule and mock, and refuse to rebut with any legit evidence.


  37. LOL Bill Nye, you yourself are suffering from sever cognitive dissonance.

    “Present evidence that the moon landing was real to your friend but only evidence from the “authorities” Lololololol

    Any thinking mind can see the problems with the moon landing hoax. Bill you are doing the world a disservice you sell-out shill. To even call yourself the “science guy” when you have no background in science you lying scumbag

  38. How many people died as a result of a flu shot. And how many people got the flu shot and never had the flu before and still got sick from the flu 🤔


    Pathetic idiots online think they are better than everyone else. PATHETIC!

  40. Today is wednesday july 17th 2019 and I found this video because I noticed something strange. I was brough to this area of youtube after watching a joe rogan thing on buzz aldrin talking about a monolith on phobos and in the related video section I noticed an unnatural number of moon myth debunking videos. This was wreird enough so I started doing some searches. If you search for anything with neil armstrongs name your search will come up with videos on his first step, his death, various interviews but ABSOLUTELY NO WEIRD CONSPIRACY VIDEOS. Now, things were starting to look kinda weird and hidden so I tried a surefire search for moon conspiracies. NOT ONE WAS FOUND. I searched "Moon hoax proof" which should have brought up countless alex jones followers and cringy photo slide shows but the closest thing I could find were satire videos. That being said, I'm not invested in the ideas of moon hoax at all but man it sure looks fishy when the other side of the debate just straight up goes missing. Do the search yourself and you will see what I mean. I left this comment here because this is the 10th video that pops up when you search for moon hoax so hopefully people will see this.

  41. Hi Bill. I really want to see if you respond to my post. I used to think as you do till I found out differently. There are charlatans out there who do as you have said. Then again there is the true reader. I am a Tarot reader and you could not be more wrong about true process of occult tarot. Tarot is an intuitive interpretation of the symbols on the cards with the associations between each card and the placement in the reading. I do the first half of the reading knowing nothing of the client. I don't even look at them. I just say what comes to my mind. Correct Tarot reading is only mystical if you consider your psychological responses to the information as such. Any reading will work for any person. It is the way the client takes in the information I give them and interprets it to fit their individual circumstances. After I finish my first part of the reading I take questions. I search the card and their placement for related information. The client again interprets it to fit that query. The client is usually very satisfied because it really works. It is kind of like going to a therapist. I charge nothing because I find that taints the art and my authenticity, yet I have recieved some extraordinarily large tips in the hundreds of dollars. I have what people call a gift. I do not see it that way. In the occult, that of hidden knowledge, once you open a book, and decipher its meaning that information is no longer occulted to you and becomes a part of you. It also changes your life forever. Magick is only the ability to make change to conform to the will. Any and every act is an act of will, therefore magick or physics. No one can cause an eclipse, or make someone float, that is for the stage magician. Magick is actually the willful development of the mind, where you can with some training do some extraordinary things, like read tarot, which is no small feet. It is also called western yoga (yoke) or union. Getting out of bed in the morning is an act of will. Doing a Tarot reading is an act of will so it is magick. Magick and alchemy are the precursors to science. Science is the act of discovery and analysis, taking what is hidden to our knowledge and reveal its nature or properties. The Analysis is done by comparison to what we already know. From this we either decide what something is or is not. No matter what, we receive knowledge. This is an act of will and the magick of rendering in vail of hidden or occulted (unknown) knowledge. Magick and Science are not that different. The approach is far different but understanding is the aim in both. We both want to know our universe. We both want to understand the all pervasive energy that manifests itself as the material world and what if anything is beyond. You look through a microscope to see the inner world, I look through my consciousness to see this inner world. Who is to say which approach is more accurate. Buddha said that in a seven day meditation he saw the workings of the universe, and went on to explain what physics has only developed as a constantly changing theory over the last one hundred years. The big bang theroy has been known for many centuries if not millennia by the Kabbalists. So maybe you should not be so concrete sure of things you really know nothing about.

  42. Hey Bill! We can't go there today, 50 years later! You should be smart enough to see it's a hoax. The Van Allen Radiation belts would have fried them like burnt chicken. Why did NASA somehow lose all the data? It's beyond belief anyone would think we actually went there, with 50 year older technology, traveling 1,000 times farther than we can travel today, and did it on the first attempt! 6 missions with no loss of life, flying 476,000 miles round trip, yet we've lost 14 astronaut lives flying 200 miles in space shuttles? Unbelievable! Wake the heck up, believers!

  43. you stupid ass, if you had a brain you could look at the evidence……your an idiot, but your position an your salary are totality dependent on you going along with the lies that society an the government put on you… you look the part very well.

  44. well this guy is a conspiracy theorist himself really cus he had a freak out in a video saying we live in a closed system and we cant leave low earth orbit…..thats a conspiracy theory because that implies nasa is lying….

  45. aI ain’t seen a dis sane enough authority,or any authority on youtube,even if they has a a dissatence amount of paperwork

  46. "The impact of science on society"

    I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology. Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these, the most influential is what is called 'education.' Religion plays a part, though a diminishing one; the press, the cinema, and the radio play an increasing part. It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything, if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment. Although science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely, without the need of armies or policemen.

  47. Look Bill if you can’t explain it it’s because you haven’t been there end of story. We did go to the moon but we did not use rockets. Impossible. As far as vaccines yes Spanish flu yes polio. But what about all the others? No our immune system does all the work. Our blood can be cleaned with a product called the silver pulsar. As far as I researched this product helped me and many others clean blood of pathogens virus and bad bacteria. Bill Please never again say you know about moon landings. You were not evolved in the actual technology that brought us to moon or mars for that matter. You can not know as none of us civilians can. First explain why we lost all the telemetry data. Yet we can preserve a bowl from 100,000 years ago. It’s all BS and you know it.

  48. Bottom line is they do not trust the civilians with technology that can get us anywhere off planet. They simply can not go certain places in our psyche as the masses brains they believe are not ready to receive real truth. In my opinion it’s quite possible that this you involved in the actual technology have been compartmentalized so bad that even the men working actual technology that brought us to the moon or Mars themselves cannot even explain exactly how we got there. They were hired simply to work on one piece of a gigantic Clockwork Orange type product. It is all BS in my opinion.

    I could always be wrong and I’m glad that Bill Nye the science guy Has the awareness and decency to say he himself does not know. I appreciate that Of Bill. For that I thank you Bill for at least being honest on that point. I honestly wish that I wasn’t brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness and that when the aerospace company came to my preschool and asked for my mom’s permission to let me go to space camp that my family would’ve been kind enough and humble enough to let me go and see the actual truth.

    I would’ve been a great compartmentalization working arm of the beast known as secret technologies. I would’ve held my tongue for the 30 years and I would have expanded on that point in my deathbed more than likely as many other CIA, NASA and secret black ops did.

    I do personally believe that only a few men actually know exactly what happened to the telemetry data of the moon as that data was never even needed as rocket technology would never get us anywhere past the Van Allen radiation belt. As Kelly from NASA so humbly explained to us in 2016 on the NASA channel.

    Now can be found on YouTube by anyone who cares about truth. And again on second thought perhaps NASA has never told us the truth about anything. I may never know as almost everything I was told as a boy was merely half truth. Yeah grateful I am for getting the 50% truth because now I can put the pieces of the puzzle together in my own home most humble as a human being on this beautiful planet.

  49. Problem is when you try to reason like this ie. present the idea of cognitive dissonance, they will then just say 'nooooo that's what you're doing.' Classic child-like mindset. It's really popular in religious delusion too.

  50. I'm a conspiracy theorist, and I'm also a direct descendant of Reverend George Wightman (Baptist Encyclopedia), brother of Reverend Valentine Wightman who married Susannah Holmes, the great grand daughter of Roger Williams (Encyclopedia – Founder of Rhode Island & Founder of the 1st Baptist Church in North America). Susannah Holmes was also the grand daughter of Obediah Holmes (Encyclopedia) whom Abe Lincoln falls under except Abe Lincoln fell under Sarah Bowne, Susannah's first cousin. How about I teach you a thing or two when it comes to conspiracies. Oh…and I'm pretty sure I figured out who took over The United States from within.

  51. The authority on moon landing ain’t so trustworthy,even tho there’s a lot of paperwork,dude,…plus have you been watching CBS again,come up with dissatance shitt,we don’t want to hear sone stupid idea you came up with cognitive dissatence,about the most simple minded thing that don’t make sense I ever heard… Winn the Nobel peace praise for this silly shittt

  52. Daniel,you need to start thinking about girls,at yo age,not Bill Nyes….need to find a different hero,not some simpleton that thanks a warehouse full of paperwork proves a human landed on the moon,you dumb friends are smarter than you,they have a right to question stuff,then you send in this little weeny comment

  53. "We" landed on the moon in 1969, but apparently the technology 50 years later is insufficient to do it again. Oh, and the original technology was "destroyed" along with the "lost" tapes.

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