Bitcoin price surge doesn’t shock holders! BTC gambling, Bcash Pump, SEC on ICOs

Bitcoin price surge doesn’t shock holders! BTC gambling, Bcash Pump, SEC on ICOs

hello everyone this is Adam Meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to today in bitcoin today is
november the 1st 2017 buy and hold
strong hand alright in israel it’s night
time i woke up to watch the World Series
game which is I found on TV here
amazingly enough
all right well bitcoins been doing real
well today hasn’t it so the the first
thing I want to jump into is saw I mean
for the last few days people been
talking about this CME Group futures and
at how this is big news for Bitcoin so
here’s a here’s a tweet for crypto kids
confused on why CME is a big deal this
is how the money on the sidelines you’ve
heard about four years starts to enter
alright so yes obviously this is part of
the pump of the price of Bitcoin people
are excited about this and yes this is
the beginning of the institutional money
pouring in that Brian Kelly talked about
that that we’ve all been talking about
for quite some time so you know I am
happy about this but at the same time
holders like me people who have long
term thinking we knew this was going to
happen eventually whether it be in 2017
2018 2019 we knew it would probably be
before 2020 so everyone’s it’s jumping
up close to sixty nine hundred dollars
now and I mean it’s great it’s you know
it’s always a good feeling but you know
don’t don’t go too crazy here if you
really believe in Bitcoin you knew this
was gonna happen I mean Brian Kelly just
burn it up on this very show that you
know there’s a sideline money the
institutional money whatever you want to
call it if you own Bitcoin you knew this
is that’s why you’ve all been coin
because you wanted to get in early
before all these other you know
institutions got in all all before the
mainstream got it and we’re still there
we’re still there so don’t try to flip
it now or play games with
you’ve always been thinking 20/20 you
don’t care it when it happens when all
this good stuff starts to happen you
know it’s going to happen maybe some of
it’s not going to happen till 2024 all
right whatever you’re a holder be cool
and also some of this might be people
buying up Bitcoin you know they get
their free 2x crypto the dividend
altcoin because it is nothing but an an
altcoin it might be if they don’t have
replay protection there’s going to be
some issues and speaking of those issues
you know again big points approaching
$7,000 great but you better believe
there’s going to be prepared for a drop
in the middle of November when this 2x
stuff starts real because people are
still fighting with it and to go but
again you’re thinking 2020 here so it
could run I would not be shocked if it
drops down the $5,000 again what’s the
problem if it does who cares
you’re sick of 2020 anyway right so it’s
just psychological you have to control
the psychological aspects of this stuff
can’t go to a while and of course be
happy that it’s doing well and I’m going
to get into some other reasons why when
it’s Julie well I mean you can spread
the word a lot better when it’s doing
well we’re gonna we’re gonna talk about
that so again have a strong hand because
it’s hard to have a strong hand or the
pumps as I said on yesterday’s show do
check out the links section below for
yesterday’s show and all my other shows
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all right here is another tweet and the
tweets are linked and this is very
interesting tour de Mistura retweeted
this I think anyway interesting
statistic in case you guys missed it
major offshore sports bookmaker sports
book bookmaker dot-eu revealed that more
than 90% of the website’s customers use
Bitcoin to fund their accounts Wow I
mean that bitcoins big and get offshore
gambling I mean that’s a that is a use
case right there so for all you people
that say it’s not used for anything dude
I mean this is my takeover gambling one
day just another bullish thing but again
if that day is today
or if that day is in
20 19 or 20 21 it’ll be patient and
don’t gamble by the way gambling is
terrible with people if people who are
into that thing when they use Bitcoin
then you know what you’re making us
wealthier but you’re not making yourself
wealthier as gambling as a loser’s game
all right so the be gold again it’s not
live yet people it’s not live on the
main net just wanted to remind you but
they do have a new reddit that is out
there and I linked to that reddit below
so 4 p.m. it looks like 4 p.m. Eastern
Time on Friday this week in Bitcoin on
this very channel Richard Hart will be
one of the guests I’ll try to update
everyone on Thursday about when he just
it’s things change
about Friday also I’m gonna be on Abbie
Hoffman show tomorrow at 12:30 Eastern
Time in the afternoon crypto gold
central calm is andy hoffman and that’s
always fun and I also have my show
sometime tomorrow so you’ll see me twice
if you’re a fan of Andy’s and a fan of
mine and of course yeah crypto gold is his site and I’ll be I’ll
be on his YouTube site avi I mean you’ll
be able to see don’t both a sign up for
script of gold central calm people been
commenting about that in my comments
alright sec released a statement about
the potentially unlawful promotion of
ice by celebrities the ice s that you
see is paying attention to this ICO
thing again I’m thinking it’s jump in
the shark soon because I’m getting
contacted by ICO people who want to be
on my show like many of them everyday
but they’re you know aetherium still has
a lot of potentially it doesn’t have to
just be an ICO
there are other things you can do with
these tokens that doesn’t involve ICO so
again I I said on yesterday’s show there
is potential with the area I believe if
maybe you know regulated ICO market to
the I SEOs are probably gonna have to
become regulating the United States I’m
not a fan of regulation I’m just
bringing all this off but you know
people are going to complain when they
got tricked into buying ico by some
celebrity and the government always
overreacts some senator from wherever
wanna you know increase his uh his you
know his name out there in the national
scene so he’ll jump on that and he won’t
even understand cryptocurrencies none of
them understand cryptocurrencies out
there on that Sonora that’s something I
want to discuss in a future maybe
tomorrow alright
my buddy in Korea reminds me that
alright on the 4th of December is the
day I will be at the Bitcoin Center in
Korea fourth of December that is in
Seoul Bitcoin I linked to the Bitcoin
Center below and we’re gonna talk about
Korea in a second again I’m skipping
around so yesterday when I arrived at my
place here in bear Sheva I had been in
Tel Aviv now I’m embarrassed I had
stayed at this place before at this
lovely Airbnb and I met the guy who
owned it this time he was just
straightening things up before I came in
and he asked me about what I did and I
you know I mentioned Bitcoin and all of
a sudden to this long Bitcoin discussion
he puts me on the phone with his friend
in Tel Aviv who owns some Bitcoin and
how you know his friend tried to
convince him to buy a big point a while
ago he saw the bought Bitcoin he has
some extra dollars around the dollars or
he has some extra shekels around and he
doesn’t he’s not confident in the shekel
it loses value against the dollar you
know and so we kind to this long
discussion and it was great it was and
I’m his friend wants to maybe his friend
is watching now to maybe he’s watching
it well it’s early late it’s late at
night early in the morning now I doubt
they’re awake but the point is is that
you know instead of talking about the
weather with strangers or instead of
talking about the NFL with stranger
these guys wouldn’t to talk about the
NFL or soccer bring up Bitcoin it’s
worth it it’s more productive bring up
Bitcoin as many people as possible and
he was saying to me all is it too late I
feel like I missed out and if I buy it
when should I sell it I said no no no if
you’re gonna buy it in these savings in
these savings you had
miss doubt its $6,500 right now I know
that seems like it now at 69 look how
quick things change anyway these are the
type of conversations you should get
into with people with strangers they’re
talking about the weather talk about the
Bitcoin what I mean I hate talking about
the weather with you know that but but
the thing is is and I don’t really like
that you know talking to strangers like
on buses either if people are gonna
start talking to you then and they start
talking about the weather change it to
Bitcoin okay but if you are one of those
people who just loves will talk to every
single person you see bring up Bitcoin
and everyone’s got different personality
the bring up Bitcoin is a good thing
because people do get excited about it
and you get some insight it’s fun if
your Bitcoin fan like I am alright so
going back well here here’s a question
someone asked me over Twitter have you
ever been burned by a Hyp which is a
high-yield investment program and I said
no I don’t I mean are you familiar with
my shows like I tell people long-term
thinking don’t get scammed and I know I
sound played frustrated I it’s a little
frustrating to get asked this question
but the sitcom on I guess I’m helping by
bringing this up never get into these
high-yield investment programs they’re
totally insane they don’t there’s scans
if it seems too good to be true it is
think it’s as Bitcoin savings learn it
again it’s a lost art everyone is into
these getting rich quick schemes
high-yield investment pro like god the
nonsense yeah if you’re if you want to
become wealthy there’s no quick answer
to it okay you got a plan ahead and just
get into things that aren’t that don’t
seem that promising and people are like
why don’t you did pretty well with the
Bitcoin in a short time just I was
buying when everyone was saying oh it
just crash with 1200 or 200 it’s over
it’s over it was a stab its toll ups
it’s this is that it’s the other yeah I
was definitely going against the grain
and you could watch all my old videos in
the links section you know well in my
archives when I was saying to buy 300
400 500 600 or 700 and now it’s almost
seven thousand my god so now it didn’t
seem too good to be true back then I
will tell
and there were many people you know this
whole scene has changed a lot in the
last six months where everyone’s pro
Bitcoin now but but again there is no
you just got to have a long-term plan
buy and hold and don’t panic because
there were plenty of times to panic
along the way to plenty of times the
panic just in March a lot of people
panicked and so getting doing well for
yourself creating well that there are no
super duper easy answers it’s hard to
hold it’s hard to save it’s hard not to
panic it’s hard not to go with the crowd
and again okay it’s hard not to do
something with your Bitcoin but do
nothing with your Bitcoin just hold it
it’s that it that’s what you should be
doing people it that part for me that’s
easy for most people for 80% of you it’s
very hard you’d rather get into these
high-yield investment programs and
anyway again follow me a tech ball on
Twitter TEC HP alt that has been crazy
lately so yeah they’re in Korea again
South Korea clearly part of this be cash
pump that’s going on is the volume in
Korea is unbelievable okay if you look
at the bit if you look at the beat ass
chart you’ll see like most of it is
coming from South Korea and if you look
at the big thumb exchange in South Korea
most of it is now in be cash so
something’s going on in South Korea I
can’t wait to see I am going to be there
I mean in a month I am going to be in
Seoul I’m gonna report to you guys on
what’s really going on again Mike I
mention top three many times on the show
my contact there is great he’s mean I
haven’t asked him about B cash lately
but I’m gonna see it firsthand now B
cash is also going to pump because of
all the 2x fund that we’re gonna
experience in the middle of November and
all the be cash people are going to say
oh just be scared of all this replay
protection then we don’t we don’t have
to deal with that we all though they’re
gonna have their own Fork maybe there’ll
be a second B cash that would be great
if there’s a second be cash by the way I
think that would be great the more the
and you know they would become more
legitimate they would become more
legitimate having their own up crypto
dividend come from them I mean I
consider a coin to be more legitimate if
if people are willing to for a crimp of
dividend from it so you know what be
cash you know love it or hittin it it’s
more legitimate than something like
I mean it’s big it’s a it’s a form of
Bitcoin now they it was an unfriendly
fork but it’s out there whatever I still
remember I don’t tell you to buy that
stuff but I’m just telling you what’s
about to happen in our in our ecosystem
here bitcoin is going to drop in price
most likely because of all the 2x fund
and B cash will be further pumped by all
the because there is a big PCAST
community out there in Asia in the
United State wherever it’s gonna get
pumped but then it’ll probably dumped
again so but yeah the Koreans are
obviously getting into it and they don’t
they don’t see it the same way as people
in our little bubble here see it I’ve
covered this before but why not much
them again ok here
Alistair Milne has a great tweet and you
should follow alistair million he’s got
a lot of great tweets actually coinbase
users sign ups have accelerate again to
50,000 a day or 1.5 million per month
and that’s data from the last four days
so it’s not just institutional money is
pouring in in here there are regular
people who have a fear of missing out
they’re pouring into it right now as the
price gets higher they hear more about
it they want to get it they think like
they just want to get in on it but again
who would think when it drops down the
5,000 they’ll be the ones complaining
and stuff but will be the ones with the
strong frickin hands hey and I’ll be the
happiest guy in the world if he doesn’t
drop the 5,000 and then I won’t have to
deal with all the panic because it even
despite all my warnings I know I’m gonna
get a lot of people say oh the two exes
ruined everything it’s over oh my god so
I really don’t want it to drop the 5,000
but I fully expected you so uh and again
why does it matter to me iam not son any
of it until after the after the having
in 2020 and I’m probably not gonna sell
any of it then anyway because I’m such a
strong frickin hand I’ll be talking
about 2020 for having by the time 2019
comes around anyway but there is a
lesson from yesterday I want to point
out again just in case you didn’t get it
I was talking about
don’t buy a house right now with your
Bitcoin don’t do anything with your
Bitcoin you know use your Fiat and rent
you get a really good house but don’t
end up with zero Bitcoin and a mortgage
in 2020 when you could have more than 32
Bitcoin worth and uh when you could have
32 bitcoins now and and have it worth a
lot more in 2020 so don’t give up if you
have and I’ve seen 32 Bitcoin because
maybe that’s how much it costs to buy a
house right now if you’re one of the
people who happens to have that or
happens to have an amount where you can
sell it and then have a big mortgage you
know keep your Bitcoin and you’re gonna
have that same amount of Bitcoin in 2020
it’s going to be worth a lot more than
it is today
and then maybe you can buy a house or
something just like and again maybe a
Bitcoin then who know maybe don’t be
worth a house may be worth a car so you
know obviously I’m gonna there be things
I’m gonna have to take care of in my
life in 2020 so yeah maybe I’ll get rid
of one or two of them I haven’t real I
haven’t voted out I’m such a strong hand
I don’t even think know what I would buy
used to buy Bitcoin with in 2020 I don’t
know what I’m such a strong hand
presently I can’t imagine giving up any
of my Bitcoin but you know that life
will who knows who knows the life will
be a lot different in 2020 I’ll but I’m
looking forward to it I’m looking
forward to it but never rush life that’s
another lesson it goes by really fast I
feel like I was just in college I feel
like I was just partying at a the auto
part you’re not in Baltimore with all my
buddies everything guys some of the guys
are married now or have kids so like
life goes by real fast
don’t rush twenty twenty have a strong
hand now enjoy I mean I’m living at all
I’m just living off of my lip I need
your cash holdings I’m really you got to
have frugal lifestyle that’s why you got
to learn about these different types of
lifestyles that’s why you have you can’t
be tempted by all this crazy hyper
all right well I’m actually going to go
back to the national pastime I’m going
to see who wins the World Series pound
that like button yeah that’s my one vice
baseball the Orioles go Orioles we all
have our little places all right i’m
adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister remember to subscribe
this channel eggs as new shows when you
do check out the new section below i’ll
say hi to you in the chat and watch the
the ball game

16 thoughts on “Bitcoin price surge doesn’t shock holders! BTC gambling, Bcash Pump, SEC on ICOs”

  1. I looked at a site called I noticed a lot of Bitcoin was going into South Africa. I thought you would like to know how things are going there.

  2. Let me remind you Adam. A number of videos back, several months back you did declare that if Bitcoin reached 10,000 you would probably sell some to help your elderly relative so she did not have to work so hard. I cannot remember if you said your Aunt or some other elderly lady relative, but I do remember you stating that you would probably sell some to help them.

  3. People can say Bitcoin winners are lucky all they want. But almost regardless of what made you invest in Bitcoin in the past, that took a lot of independent thought and going against the grain. There are a bazillion other things you could have poured your money into, and Bitcoin was shouted down everywhere – still is. So, my fellow holders, be proud of yourselves! You've earned it.

    Also, I've been having one-on-one sessions with a couple of friends who have gotten interested. One of them is very interested in the math, mining and inner workings, and not so much in investing. The other is more interested in the info relevant for safely buying and storing bitcoins so that he can get rich off of it, and be more rewarded for his intellect than what using it for engineer work rewards you with in my overtaxed country. I pointed him your way, Adam!

  4. Hey Adam I clicked on the Trezor link and it's in preorder mode, do you have a suggestion for my bitcoin that just cleared in my coinbase account, I hate to let it sit there till the Trezor is available. What do you suggest?

  5. Adam, I don't know if you were aware of this or not. You said you were in Beersheba and my calculation is that you would have been there for the WW1 100th anniversary of the taking of Beersheba by 800 Australian Lighthorsemen who charged under the enemy guns. It is described as the last cavalry charge. Note that mainstream covered the anniversary of the balfour agreement but not this.

  6. I have a serious question that has been bothering me more and more for a while now.

    What are we going to do about the energy waste issue with btc mining?

    It takes A LOT of electricity to process any bitcoin transaction no matter the amount. A lot of that electricity is coming from burning dirty coal and oil. Isn't this a major problem that we are going to need to solve right away before the big bank cartels get together with governments and use this issue to try to shut us down? I mean they could get everyone worked up about climate change and co2 emissions and use the electricity waste as an excuse to outlaw bitcoin mining. I am worried about this because I have a little bit of btc and I don't want to see it get hurt by Al Gore followers. If anyone can explain to me what might happen with this issue it could make me feel a little bit better. or…. if you can't … maybe just send me a little bit of btc or eth… that could make me feel a little bit better also… anyways here is an article explaining a little bit more about this bitcoin mining energy consumption issue.

    BTC: 1GUpQniwb1MYQUQ61U8tkRvgbH1u7WMSh2

    ETH: 0x28D02df35cB3627BAddD9D9C551095170618de06

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