Black and Can’t Play Basketball | Awkward Puppets

>>TWON: Yo. My name is Twon.
I’m black.
And I can’t play basketball.
I remember when I first found out that even though I was very, very, black.
You know, I couldn’t play basketball.
It was third grade.
John Shahidi, he passed me the ball and I just-
It was like watching my life bounce before my eyes.
You know you you grow up with heroes…
But it’s crushing when you realize you ain’t never gonna be one of them [BLEEP].
Your friends they have so much hope in you.
They pick you first because because you’re black.
But really…
Your dumb [BLEEP] should’ve been picked last.
Do you know what it’s like to be black…
And never be in the playoffs?
That you just have to get a dumb un-athletic black person job like be a doctor or president or some dumb [BLEEP] like that.
Try and make a difference in the world.
I ain’t trying to make no difference I wanna play ball.
Black and can’t play basketball or B.C.P.B. affects 1 out of every 10,000 black guys.
And nobody’s talking about that [BLEEP].
We can’t even play the basketball video games.
Every 9 minutes a black baby is born that
will never be able to make a free throw.
And that’s fact.
Every 3 minutes someone uses the green hot sauce thinking it’s gonna be as hot as the red hot sauce, but then finds out its way hotter.
That’s another fact.
Honestly, there’s no cure for B.C.P.B.
Other side effects include…
Macklemore being your favorite rapper.
No rhythm on the dance floor.
And the ability to only have children with one woman.
That means only one baby mama.
Look, if you have a black friend, please, please share this with them.
B.C.P.B. can’t be stopped.
But those with it…
They can be loved.
Accept us for who we are.
Yeah, we can’t play basketball!
But without the sidelines…
There is no court.
Yeah, really, really, really, think about that dumb [BLEEP] I just said.
Like really let it marinate.
Without the sidelines…
There is no court.

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