Blackjack Card Counting Guide [2019]  | Learn How to Count Cards | CasinoTop10

Blackjack Card Counting Guide [2019] | Learn How to Count Cards | CasinoTop10

today we’re gonna teach you the easiest
and most effective way to count cards in
it’s called the high-low method. Card
counting is pretty easy to learn
but before you head to the blackjack
table to put your new skills to work
you have to understand the casinos don’t
want you counting cards
it’s not technically illegal but if the
casino catches you doing it
chances are they’ll throw you out and
not let you back in
the goal when you’re counting cards is
to keep track of how many high and low
cards are still in the dealer shoe
when there’s more high cards than low
cards it’s good for the player since
it’s more likely you’ll get a blackjack. That’s mainly because the house pays 1.5:1
on Blackjacks
instead of the regular 1:1 on other
winning bets
it’s better for the dealer when there
are more low cards left in the Deck
since they’re forced to hit on Hands less
than seventeen and they’re less likely
to bust
when there are less big cards. The high-low method
organizes cards into three groups
according to rank. Cards rank duece
through 6 are assigned a value of plus one 7 through 9 get a value of 0
and tens, jacks Queens kings and aces are -1
the goal is to keep an accurate running
count of all the cards revealed by the
the higher the count the better the odds
are for the player
as you start out its okay to count each
card individually
but you’ll quickly see its easier to
group card to corresponding pairs
in this example the first hand has won
high card and one low card
Which cancel each other out for a net
value of 0 in a running count
the same is true for the second hand. The
third hand has two high cards for a net
value of -2
and a fourth hand has two medium cards for a value of 0
with the dealers 3 the running count is
at -1
keep the running count going as the hand
plays out
the next step is to calculate the true
in order to do this you have to estimate
how many cards are left in the dealers
the easiest way to do that is by looking
at the discards and subtracting that
from the total number of decks in the shoe
to get the true count just divide the
running count by how many decks are
still left to deal
so if your count is at fifteen and you’re
halfway through a six deck shoe
Divide 15 by 3 for a true count of 5
the way you can use card counting to
your advantage
is by betting more when the count is high. Memorize this chart which is
available on
the higher the true count the more you
should bet keep watching Casinotop10
for more free casino strategy

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