Blackjack Card Game Tips : Bad Blackjack Hands

Blackjack Card Game Tips : Bad Blackjack Hands

OK. What’s a bad hand in black jack to start
with? Well, in the previous segment we talked
about how there are more cards that equal
ten on their face than anything else in the
deck. Tens equal ten, jacks equal ten, queens
and kings all equal ten. This is important
because we want cards that if I have; if you
have to hit you have the potential to get
a high hand and not bust. So, if I have a
starting hand of a five and a six that equals
eleven. I’m excited, because statistically
I’m more likely to get something that equals
ten than anything else. I’m in good shape
to get twenty-one. OK. Now, bad hands would
be hands that don’t work well with tens. That
would be fourteen. Like this queen and this
four. Fifteen like this eight and this seven.
Sixteen like this jack and this six. These
are hands that leave you in the lurch. Again,
if I have hands that if I take one hit I can’t
bust, but I know if I hit them more than likely;
more than anything else I’m likely to get
a ten then I’m not real excited about this
five, but what can you do? These are tough
hands, but sometimes you’ll stand, sometimes
you’ll hit. You’ll always hit this, but, you
know, these are hands you’re going to get
a lot of. They can make you pull your hair
out when you play black jack.

7 thoughts on “Blackjack Card Game Tips : Bad Blackjack Hands”

  1. basic strategy is good for you first draw but most of the time you can perfectly play well without it anyway.

    What would you do if you have reached 16 vs a dealer 7. Basic strategy says hit but it you have reached 16 with a series of low card like started with a 5 (3+2) then 3,4,2,2… Would you seriously hit a have a very high chance to bust or see what the dealer hide and let him bust ?

  2. everyone knows those are the bad hands, so what is the point of wasting your time to post this video? wired!!

  3. Im kinda new at black jack but since Ive played the casinos when I see the open card of a dealer be it 10 or 6 Ive learned to assume they have a ten, go for it man

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