Blackjack Card Game Tips : Blackjack Splitting Aces & Eights

Blackjack Card Game Tips : Blackjack Splitting Aces & Eights

O.k. there are times in blackjack when you
will receive your two up cards that you start
with and they will be identical, identical
cards in value; for instance you might get
two aces or you might get two deuces; or you
might get two eights. Well in these situations
you will be allowed the option of splitting
your two cards and the way that works is you
would put out a bet equal to your original
bet; the dealer would split the cards, don’t
do it yourself or the eye in the sky will
get fidgety and then you are given two more
cards for starting hands. Look at that; you
just got 21 twice. It’s important to note
that if you split your aces you’re going to
get and in you get cards that add up to 21;
this is not counted as a blackjack in many
casinos. But anyway so if you paid off one
to one instead of three to two; there are
situations when you should, should split and
situations when you should not but I want
to say that you should always split your aces
and you should always split your eights; and
the reason is weather your dealer shows an
up card of a king or say a deuce, or any other
up card, you are statistically better off
splitting this hand and splitting this hand
than playing it any other way. So always splits;
always split your aces and eights.

8 thoughts on “Blackjack Card Game Tips : Blackjack Splitting Aces & Eights”

  1. i wouldn't split on 2 8's if the dealer is showing a 10, i would just hit…is this the right call or would you still split?

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  3. If you choose not to split or can not split (examples split final allowed/permitted/etc. time or do not have enough money) then yes.

  4. mathematically it is in your best interest to split 8's

    over a sample run you will lose less in the long run if you split 8's

    it's mathematics, don't fight it.

  5. Splitting is no more a "technique" than hitting or standing is. It's a move available. A plan for when to split might be considered technique, but IMO "strategy" is still a better word. Vocabulary fail.

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