Blackjack Card Game Tips : Blackjack Splitting Fives & Tens

Blackjack Card Game Tips : Blackjack Splitting Fives & Tens

You know going back fifteen or so years ago,
the very first time I ever played blackjack
in a casino, I actually had a woman near me
very upset to the point that she left the
table. Now why was that? Well, if you look
at the table in front of me, it’s because
I did this right here. I got a pair of tens
and I pushed out another bet and said split.
And I actually won my hand. But she was so
upset that she was playing with someone unpredictable.
I had never heard of basic strategy, and I
didn’t know that, I didn’t think about statistics.
I was very young. Just old enough to play
in a casino. And the thing is, if I’m splitting
these two cards, I’m worsening my odds on
winning either hand in comparison to my odds
on winning this hand, because what do two
tens equal? They equal twenty. So don’t split
them. Just stand. And also, what does this
equal? What’s five plus five equal? Equals
ten. So you know what you do with five and
five? You don’t split it. You double down
because it equals ten and you’ll be better
off to win the hand and get a nice win.

2 thoughts on “Blackjack Card Game Tips : Blackjack Splitting Fives & Tens”

  1. The value from splitting tens to a card counter is ENORMOUS, and it is highly advantagous in RARE situations. Another huge benefit is that it VERY OFTAN results in players leaving the table which allows you to be dealt a higher percentage of the remaining undealt cards, and get more hands before the shuffle since fewer players are now in the game. More hands=More money

    However, if you dont count cards, dont split tens….ever… you will win more money if you stand in all instances

  2. There are millions of people that would laugh at you if they saw that comment. And you say it so adamantly, even putting it in all caps. LOL. So naïve.

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