Blackjack Card Game Tips : Decent Blackjack Hands

Blackjack Card Game Tips : Decent Blackjack Hands

So let’s talk about some hands that are iffy,
but we have some hope because we can hit them.
They’re hands that, they’re iffy hands, but
they can improve. So they’re not bad hands.
They’re hands that are at a fork in the road,
can go either way. But you know, we don’t
necessarily have to send them to a penitentiary.
Maybe, you know, we can send them to reform
school or something. But these are hands that
you have some hope with. Those are hands that,
like this three and this two, that we actually
talked about in the previous segment, where
if you get a ten, you’re going to have fifteen
and you’re in bad shape and you know, there
is tens and jacks and queens and kings that
are statistically more likely to happen than
for you to get a nine or an eight or something.
So, you’re worried. But, it’s also possible
that this two and this three will get hit
by a five, or a six, or a four. That happens,
you’re happy, because then, you’re hoping
that ten will come out and you’ll have you
know, nineteen or twenty or twenty-one. Also
with these two cards. Also if you have a six
and an ace, that’s seventeen, but you can
hit it. And if you hit it and you get a four,
that’s eleven. And then if you hit that and
you get a ten, that’s twenty-one. This is
an empty hand that can improve. And then lastly,
cards that add up to twelve. A lot of times
you’re going to stand. Like if you have a
five and a seven, and the dealer’s up card
is a five, you’re going to stay. But if the
dealer’s up card is a two, it’s statistically
better for you to hit that. So, cards that
add up to twelve are iffy, but can improve.
If you are up against a dealer’s up card of
two, because you can hit it, and you can get
a seven or an eight or a nine and be in good

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  1. woah what a noobie. If you had an A and a 6 and you get a 4 on your next hit, why would you hit that again, you already have 21

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