Blind Man Learns How To Dribble A Basketball

Blind Man Learns How To Dribble A Basketball

Today I’m gonna learn how to play basketball. (George) We’re gonna start with the dribble. (Tommy) K. You got the ball, hold it up in your hand. Palm up, with the ball up there. (Tommy) like that? (George) Great! And you can start with both hands together. (Tommy) OK. Now what you’re going to do is rotate down, and you’re going to pull this hand away. (Tommy) Okay -cuts off George- so I wanna go like this, like this and down and let this hand go down. (George) Exactly, and the ball is hopefully gonna come up. This is sorta like that game with the ball on the string and the paddle,*chuckles* but my hand is the paddle with the string! Exactly and if you put it at the right spot the ball should come! (Tommy) It should come right back! (G) Exactly. Lets try it! alright, ope, we got one. (T) We got one. Tommy, what also might be helpful is if you bend your knees’ a little bit, and get a little bit lower to the ground. And then that way, when the ball comes down, eXACtlyy. Almost. (T) Ahh, I heard it go right by. (G) It’s alright. Oh, and I’m doing it too far… OH! (G) You got it. So I’m gonna take this ball, and I’m gonna go further-closer to the ground. And what I would do is, just like that. Oh, OH, look at you! (((Tommy you are just adorable, look at you, pfft.))) Okay! Why don’t we try that with you, you got it! Exactl- THERE IT IS, there it is. Now try to get it higher up. There you go! Softer foot there. that’s what we start with all the kids, you start with a really low dribble. (T) Interesting, Okay. (G) And you work your way up until, hopefully, you can start, you can be doing it from a standing position. So low first, go low? (G) Yeah, low first, yeah, yeah, yeah. There you go! Exactly. That’s pretty much, that’s dribbling! Alright, so now we’ve got dribbling mastered. So, what’s next? Ending title moosic. You hit the back board. Wow, that’s incredible. (T) Geeze, you’re a good catch! “Next We’re gonna teach ya to do that, Tommy!” Hahaha

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  1. My fencing instructor once told me the story of how he taught a blind girl to do fencing. She was able to fight against people who could see, only using the sound the blades made when they collided. It is definitely something you should try!

  2. try fishing! its nice, and very rewarding and probably more cnfortable for a man of your stature my friend

  3. This is fucking amazing. I struggle with mental disorders (not that blindness is anything like that, thats not what im implying) and your videos really tell me that just because i cant do what "normal" people do dosent mean i cant be apart of the world they are in. Please never stop posting.

  4. I don't think it would be very safe having a fishing hook dangling just by a blind persons face. Nor when casting it. :/

  5. what a great guy, i still don't know how people stay happy when their lives are affected by something like this, i wouldn't be as strong, immense respect for this guy, and the guy helping him there!

  6. wow i definitely didn't pick up dribbling that quick when I was a kid.  Of course I was a kid, but I still think that's pretty impressive hand skills

  7. Tommy, your videos are so great. Totally unique perspective on life compared to that of sighted people. Very insightful, entertaining, and above all educational. Thank you.

  8. I think they make a tiny device that is affixed to the goal, the net, so a blind person can hear where to throw the ball.  And you certainly would hear if the ball bounced off of the rim and didn't make it in, or a whooosh sound if it did!  

  9. To be honest, your better than me at dribbling. When I was young, my gym teacher would get so frustrated with me.

  10. I don't smile all that often, Tommy but watching you dribble and getting the hang of it really quickly made me smile and said out loud 'Such a cool guy!'

  11. woah!!! that's fucking awesome, man! it's also hilarious, but we're allowed to laugh, right? it must feel really great to feel the ball coming back into your hands when you dribble, right? why don't you use a ball with a little bell inside, like they use to play blind soccer?

  12. He's full of shit, this is an act. The truth is he is a lawyer that works in New York, his real name is Matthew Murdoch and he fights crime as the Daredevil. When he was a child his father was killed for winning a rigged boxing match.

  13. Its weird how I am a basketball player and soon enough seeing stopped becoming a necessity for it . now if I close my eyes I cant do everything the same

  14. Tommy, people that play Basketball aren't watching the ball when they are dribbling. Except for occasional corrections, but still. I bet some people can dribble as long as they want to, without seeing it, and I wouldn't want you to think that lack of sight would keep you from getting good at it. It might take you a little longer, but I promise you that you could get pretty good at dribbling. Especially if you were playing on a very flat court, that didn't cause the ball to bounce at an unpredictable angle. You already were catching on as fast as some sighted people.

  15. It's nice to see that George has great patience with Tommy and is encouraging him so much, and Tommy is quick to learn new things and get good at it. This video made me happy. 😀

  16. I'd say that dribbling is something more dependent on having the muscle memory down rather than vision. Basketball players don't really look at the ball when dribbling. It's different for throwing the ball or catching it.

  17. amazing job really amazing. i have seen many people who can see but can't do that dribbling and your shots on the basket in the other video. wow! its harder for you because you dont know where the basket is, but let me tell you, seeing the basket doesnt mean you are going to point in that. its hard for us, too. but you did that NOT seeing the basket and this was not only luck you can see you are coming closer and closer with every throw.
    you wish you can catch a ball and i am sure there are balls that makes sounds so you can hear it and i am sure with some training you can catch it. noone must say there is a ball coming to your hands, because you hear it by your own like we see the ball by our own. i hope my english is not soooo bad, i am from germany.

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