Block Arcade: Win Prizes for Playing Online Blockchain Game

Block Arcade: Win Prizes for Playing Online Blockchain Game

everybody welcome to the show today I am
joined by Jason from block arcade this
is a really cool idea I really like what
they’re doing I played one of their
games they have out right now we’re
gonna talk about that how what its
relationship is to iOS D so Jason how
are you doing today
I’m doing great I actually took day off
to kind of work on snack ways and hang
out with you so yeah I’m excited to do
this yeah so stack wave is the current
game you guys have up right now if you
go to the URL what what is the URL for
block arcade so now your route is block
arcade but there’s a spot in between
before the D and E and I know it’s okay
before the GE so it’s block arca dot d
that’s what you guys can think of it so
yeah it makes it it does make it a
little tricky to find on the old
interwebs on the Google search so make
sure you guys if you want to go visit it
type in the exact URL so the block
arcade is a fellow iOS team node so
definitely cool to kind of you know do
you guys some promotion and talk about
what you guys are doing I think it’s a
really cool idea
I did play stack wave which is the game
you guys have up right now that you’re
wearing stack wave shirt right that’s
correct there it is you got to move
those locks out of the way it just
looked like a like a 150 by 150 pixels
um nail right there that’s what it
looked like we didn’t get the whole
stack wave logo cuz of those luscious
locks that you have they you got some
heck of a heck of a head of hair there
there you go the whole thing you know
like a word press you make that if you
guys do websites all you do the preview
image they get the option to like just
do a cut out square the middle that’s
what it looks like with your hair
hanging on the side but you guys now see
the full logo so tell us a little bit
about stack wave and then kind of give
us I guess the bigger of
for block arcade yeah so statically it
was kind of a project that I originally
tried to build brand recently got into
crypto so for for the Bitcoin blockchain
I saw that there were a bunch of these
games bumping up that were kind of quick
little arcade games and so I wanted to
try to do the same thing but before I
could get the game out Bitcoin
transaction skyrocketed and the prices
kind of rocketed so it was like okay
this isn’t the kind of thing you can use
for games so then when I found I owe SP
as I thought oh this is perfect you know
it’s like fast cheap micro transactions
all that jazz so you know I got with a
buddy of mine and we started working on
pointing it to sack waves and making it
ready and so you know we’re stack wave
is an arcade game and we based it off of
a popular arcade game that we’re both
familiar with and we wanted to try to
emulate the Alkaid as much as possible
I’m just on the decentralized web so we
do have a native token called picks that
is short for tickets and so when you
play games like stock wave you know on
block arcade we reward you at ticks and
you can take those and use those to get
you can exchange picks for iOS dealers
exchange tips for ia TRX and kind of in
the future we want to expand that prize
wall and turn it into you know more like
a real arcade you go in there they’ve
got an Xbox and a you know PlayStation
all that stuff like you know we would
love to go them to do the trade that’s
like the the way future vision is like
actually shipping neoscope yeah and we
discuss getting some signed bit boy
pictures up there right totally yeah
sign bullying you like cut out a little
sliver of my hat and can be like you
know video worn hat by Biblica obviously
I’m getting kind of unless you’re gonna
do it one time I like your background oh
thank you I made it myself well I didn’t
make the moon but I did put it all
but anyways so yeah I think it’s really
cool idea and I think it’s a little bit
different than
a lot of the you know a lot of the games
that we’ve seen on blockchain are
gambling games and you know somebody
could probably make the argument that
this is in a way gambling also because
you know you are paying to play a game
and then you may get a return on it you
may not but I would definitely compare
this more to like you said Dave and
Buster’s that’s a that’s a local arcade
we have here I know they’ve got them
across the country you go in you play a
bunch of games and you get tickets and
then you can cache those tickets in and
everybody knows that you know the amount
of money that you would spend till I get
some of those like two or three hundred
tickets you could just go buy that thing
at the store for much cheaper but that’s
not the point the point is playing the
game the competition trying to get high
up the leaderboard and things like that
and then you get a bonus you get some
tickets you can get a prize so is that
kind of like what you what how you guys
envision this that is exactly the
edition you know I’m from the beginning
we knew we’d be kind of close to the
line of life and like we knew for sure
we wanted to be an arcade what we didn’t
know is how the rest of the world will
see us you know we have worked with an
attorney on this to make sure that we’re
on the arcade side and not be on gambling
side and it turns out they’re not that
ya know anybody gets down to the law you
know things like loot boxes are also
kind of you know there’s this person
there’s out of it yeah well because
you’re you know you’re paying some
emmaus and getting a random thing back
yeah so there’s a lot of interesting
weird things you know about it but I
think the way you’ve got a set up makes
it like an arcade and hopefully you know
you’re playing these games and you’re
having fun and the tickets are like a
bonus you know yeah right
yeah and this
that’s a good point you bring up like
there’s there’s a lot of stuff that’s
very close to the line and it gets over
there’s a poker website I play it
actually called global poker and you
have to buy free coins you buy these
gold coins like but they’re free they’re
not even worth anything however every
time you buy a certain amount of gold
coins like you buy ten dollars worth
they give you ten dollars of what they
call sweeps cash and that’s basically
real money you’re playing with and then
to cash out you cash out the sweeps cash
it’s like it’s like a game for you know
or a sweepstakes or something like that
instead of actually gambling even though
it is gambling so um I I think you’re
right the definition of what is and what
is not gambling I mean you can make the
argument that every arcade around the
world like regular arcade is gambling
right I’ve seen I’ve seen our kids I
have cash up on the prize wall as well
and I I think that’s what completes the
full circle right yeah you put cash in
and get cash back out and that’s kind of
where the line gets drawn on some of
these things so even though a signed
picture of me may be worth a lot of cash
it’s not cash so if you guys win that
what pose do you guys want me to do you
end this one this one I don’t know how
to figure it out but okay so let’s get
back to the game itself so right now you
guys have stack wave I’ll try to put up
an image down below us in this interview
here where people can kind of see the
gameplay of it but it’s basically a game
where three squares move back and forth
and you got I try to isolate those
squares you know by having perfect
timing and certain spots and then it
gets harder and harder and faster and
faster just like normal games do so tell
us a little bit about stack wave and
then tell us a little bit about maybe
some of the other games you guys might
have coming out yeah so I think things
Stackwave was just a really great fit
for you know IO SP and the blockchain
like like whether it came down to it
they just really worked out perfectly
and we were able to get it up and
running you know on iOST very quickly
so I think it’s a great introduction to
um you know kind of what we’re going to
be building something that I’ve kind of
an unintended side effect
exactly if it’s a very hard game kind of
by design and that’s really
off-putting to new users and no we
really want to have a very seamless
onboarding experience like we want to
try to go after non crypto users by
enabling them to you know buy a iOS key
account meant a credit card just like
you’d go to Dave & Buster’s and load up
the card with coins right we’re starting
to realize exactly it’s playing out the
best you no reason to onboard someone so
so the other games we got planned I
think one is a twist on Tetris that
they’re calling money blocks yeah
when of the way it works is while you’re
playing Tetris the game will drop blocks
filled with iOS PE and tickets and other
tokens and if you clear them you get to
keep the tokens that are in there and
you know there’s there can also be other
blocks that may you know in the game or
or you know affect your game in some way
negatively I think this one’s going to
be a way more accessible to the new
users I think this is a game that anyone
can enjoy and there isn’t going to be
some kind of like chance that you’re
just going to lose all your cash yeah
yeah I’m I’m excited about that and I
think I think it’s gonna have some more
wide appeal yeah Tetris games are really
fun I mean obviously the game of Tetris
itself is really fun I have throwback
memories to playing it on my gameboy
back in 1989 when it first came out and
I was just a young wee little boy little
bitty boy but you know it’s one of those
games that you’ve seen copied a million
times and the reason is because it’s
works and people like to play it and I
definitely think something like that
that could add extra incentive because
you know I played some of these uh you
might have seen these advertised these
iOS games the phone games where you can
you know potentially win money or you
can play other players and less up and
they all suck like even on the iPhone
they’re all terrible like you’re not
really winning money on them and they’re
real glitchy and things like that so you
know how the way you described it where
you know if you get to a certain level
or you know if you do like a
a quad block break I don’t know what
they call it where you do all four lines
at one time where maybe you get a bonus
something like that you get some iOST
but then kind of over time you would
stack your iOST or whatever you’ll be
getting two tix
during the game and then you might hit a
negative box and it might chop what
you’ve earned so far during that game in
half earn something I think that sounds
really cool definitely like a game I
would like to play yeah totally I mean
and we’ve been talking to a couple of
users you know and just getting some
some validation for the idea doing some
user research and yeah everyone seems
really positive about a time so I’m
excited about it
the another thing I’m working on is a
raffle this is just something that I
think will help bring more traffic to
block arcade in general a raffle is
something that you know many many people
can participate in it’s quick easy it’s
cheap and I think I think we’re gonna
have an interesting to twist on it that
makes it you know a little unique and a
little special for the blocker page so
when I think yeah that would be nice as
yeah definitely maybe I’ll win that but
if I do people say it’s rigged so maybe
I shouldn’t win but anyway so what so
why did you decide to you know why did
you decide to become an iOST node I
guess are you a block producing note I
would assume you guys are a block can
hear me a second okay so I’m gonna take
my headphones off then we we did sign up
to be a block producer but you know
after we signed up they changed the
requirement to 8 million iOS to you so
we were able to kind of get into the
partner program that way we can get some
gradual in the meantime so that’s been
that’s been you know that’s a really
nice benefit is while we’re kind of
working on this tap we can have the iOS
like blockchain kind of support us it’s
not a lot but it’s you know it’s it’s
helping pay for the game and all that
stuff so that’s really cool and yeah I
think that really both my partner Joey
and myself are just extremely fast
interested in this space you know we’re
both working you know at a wordpress
hosting company and and it’s just like
it’s been fun to play with the newest
technology right and I think I think
both of us really want to do this
full-time so we’re trying to get get our
names out there and build something
great that you know really yeah just
really helps us and helps the community
yeah awesome
yeah I started out my iOS T node career
in the partner program as well and then
you know I managed to move up to a block
producer so I’m making blocks right now
I’m not making Tetris blocks but I’m
making blocks right now so cool yeah I
definitely vinaya see blockchain is very
developer friendly and I’m hoping that’s
gonna be something that we’re gonna see
with iOS see that over time is gonna
draw you know much more people into you
know into what we have in this ecosystem
so kind of kind of just to wrap up the
conversation about the blockchain itself
like what do you think it’s gonna take
to kind of get more people into this
ecosystem because we know there’s
already so many great things about it
but it we’re just having a hard time I
think connecting people to come over to
this to this side of the decentralized
platform right I think one one area that
I haven’t seen a lot of focus from from
really anyone is just the the Fiat
on-ramp I think I think it’s it’s been
my biggest hurdle just period you know
just even trying to build this project
like if I need to build it with some
some money
I need that needs to come from somewhere
and I there’s no way currently to go
directly to iOS T and so I you know I
think many of us have to do this this
weird you know hop from currency to
currency to currency until we end up at
a you know exchange that supports iOS T
or whatever and so yeah I I’ve been
talking to this company called carbon
money they actually have like a really
slick Fiat on-ramp and they recently got
try and support and they said that they
are very interested in adding support
for iOS T and they said they were
working on it I’m not sure like
working on it means exactly um but like
that the dream is you show up at the
website right because you want to play
the game and you don’t know anything
about high OST but you got a credit card
and so you should be able to play the
game like that’s the end of it there
shouldn’t be this like ridiculous huge
barrier to be able to acquire a wallet
and acquire I OST and that really goes
for pretty much everything in crypto
even Bitcoin itself we’re seeing a lot
of places like the UK where I’m I’m very
concerned about what’s going on the UK
right now regarding you know their tax
authorities sent out a bunch of letters
to a bunch of exchanges asking for
transaction info customer information
you know then we saw Barclays Bank
severed their ties with coinbase
then we had Santander you know getting
the bank there making it where people
can’t deposit money into coinbase and so
you know hero this is all the time by
the United States right like senators
and congressmen recently said well we
finally realized we can’t ban Bitcoin
like okay that’s great like that’s
awesome for us however they can’t attack
the on-ramps in the offer ants and that
is what we’re seeing right now we’re
seeing the on-ramps in the UK attacked
and it probably won’t be long before
we’re seeing them attack another place I
mean we know we already have to some
extent so it seems like we’re creating
this this you know environment in crypto
where it’s getting harder and harder to
put money in instead of easier and
easier so I don’t really know what that
says about the space in general but what
are your thoughts on that yeah I mean
it’s it’s really frustrating you know
because I keep coming across companies
like like I guess carbon I’ll go back to
carbon I think I think they’re being
forced to block being forced to block US
customers as well which is like okay I’m
gonna do this work to get you to support
iOS T but then I don’t get to use it you
know so that’s kind of a really big
bummer and yeah it’s just I I know it’s
a difficult problem I just don’t
understand why like it doesn’t seem that
well it’s it’s because the the banks
have the lobbyists I mean that’s what
this is no one said this was going to be
easy yeah don’t see a total financial
revolution in the world in a span of a
few years I mean this is gonna you know
controversial but I I really think
Facebook can help us here because you
have the the lobbying power you know if
facebook wants to build a Fiat on-ramp
to the crypto world I believe they’re
gonna do it and I think we’ll all
benefit from that in some way you know
yeah I I’ve said I mean I’m I’m all for
lira coin I mean III think that it is
going to if it is able to launch which
right now is actually a the big question
are they going to be able to do it
because of all the scrutiny they faced
from Capitol Hill but if they do
regardless of whether or not you know
they do the Facebook thing we’re used to
which is they end up stealing all of our
data and giving it to everybody even
though they told us they wouldn’t you
know we expect that we expect them to do
that however they’re out there taking
the bullets right now for every crypto
company for every tech company that
wants to get in crypto Walmart is
sitting laying in the weeds watching
what’s happening I mean we’re Amazon and
Google have got to be doing the same
thing so I think that at this point like
is definitely good I don’t know what the
end result is gonna be but man if they
were able to create some kind of you
know on-ramp for getting people into
crypto not just in the community but
with their dollars I think that would
definitely be a great thing yeah and
then we would just port the arow to our
chain and do swaps and you know
basically just let them do all the work
to get them on to crypto and then we can
swap them over to whatever chain me wine
and they you know and they’ll have more
freedom and more privacy and more
whatever probably yeah I I think I think
I think that’s gonna be really fun oh
so the libre wallets post or the Libre
has the calibra wallet and I think they
were talking about that Calibra wallets
gonna be able to hold different
currencies which would definitely be you
know what we’re looking for you know so
definitely be pretty cool so well Jason
we definitely appreciate you you know
joining us today to talk about
arkaid I’m really excited to see you
know it developed further blockchain
gaming is definitely something that has
got a long ways to go I remember kind of
the heyday of internet I was a internet
gaming because it’s still going strong
but just like the kind of phone app
games all right yeah that’s kind of like
the mid-2000s like addicting Gamescom
and all this stuff we’re blowing up so
you know this would definitely be
something cool if we could kind of see
that same wave come in blockchain so
definitely appreciate you coming on and
looking forward to seeing the
development go come man thanks for
having me and yeah
see you around yeah you guys make sure
to go to our caddy it it’s a block
arcade and the dot is in between the sea
well it’s in between the a and the D in
the word arcade is kind of cobble again
I’ll drop the link below how about that
girl so good to block arcade – hi oh
there you go blog arcade dot IO and
it’ll for you to forward you where you
need to be so things a lot Jason we’ll
talk to you later see it

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  1. Interesting use case. Wish you covered a few more things.. I'll need to check it out. How much are the games?
    Do you need a specific browser?
    Does it need IOST first or can you buy at the site?

    Thanks for great video.

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