BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe M SPORT Review (with M Performance Exhaust Sound!!!)

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe M SPORT Review (with M Performance Exhaust Sound!!!)

Hey what’s up guys! I’m Pan The Organizer! Today’s show is a special request from my
viewers and it’s me presenting my new car! My BMW 435i xDrive Gran Coupe M Sport Edition! The name might sound like a mouthful, but
let me break it down for you. Basically, it’s a BMW 4 series, the 435i,
meaning that it has the 6 cylinder turbo engine. This one has both M Performance packages. So: the M Sport exhaust, the M Adaptive suspension,
the M Wheels, the M Brakes, the M Power Kit which pushes horsepower to 335 horsepower. Now they call my particular model the Gran
Coupe because it has the lines of a coupe yet it still has four doors. Alright so let’s start the review of this
BMW 4 series Gran Coupe! It’s basically the same exact year and model
as the car owned by superstar Youtuber Yousef Erakat aka FouseyTube! Except his car was modified by West Coast
Customs. So let’s start the engine and let’s hear what
it sounds like on a cold start. So basically, the heart of this beast is an
inline 6 cylinder engine, and in this form, it pushes 335 horsepower and has 332 ft-lbs
of torque thanks to the M Power Kit. It’s a turbocharged engine. Now you can see the sleek profile of this
car. They call it the Gran Coupe because of the
profile of the roofline. This M Sport Edition comes with 19 inch M
Performance Wheels. You can see the strong character line as BMW
calls it, running from front to back. The wheel arches in the back are wider for
a more sporty stance. The front air intakes are enlarged in this
M Performance Edition to let more air in for the turbos to breathe. You can see the massive radiator grills and
the massive air vents. The bi-xenon headlights in the front. The classic double kidney grill blacked out
for this M Sport Edition. These are the 19 inch M Performance wheels
with the massive M Performance brakes. Notice the blue colour of the calipers which
denotes this special M Sport Edition! Side air vents to let the air flow out. Basically it creates an air curtain cooling
the wheels off. On the sides, you see the Gran Coupe logo. Now the Gran Coupe is practical because there
is the tailgate that you can lift with the press of a button! That’s very practical! Or, use your foot, give a slight kick under
the bumper, and the whole rear gate opens itself. Access is very simple and at the press of
a button, everything closes itself back up. Cargo space is pretty big. There’s a net to organize things in the trunk. The floor is nice and flat. Now the door trims are in leather and high
gloss piano black trim. This is the high end optional Harman Kardon
sound system. It sounds AMAZING! A look at the interior. This is the Oyster Dakota coloured leather
and brushed aluminum trim all over. This M Sport edition has the M Performance
steering wheel covered in leather. And you’re reminded that you got the M Sport
package with the door sills, the M Performance dead pedal in brushed aluminum. You got the huge display in the center stack
for all the car’s controls. Now the doors themselves are frameless. So you have the windows that have a special
look to them, there are no frames to the windows. You can select different sport modes. So basically, you go from Sport Plus, to Sport,
to Comfort and then Eco. Basically the suspension can firm up or soften
up, the transmission responds more quickly to changes of speed. This is an 8 speed automatic transmission. So that’s basically it for the review of my
BMW 4 series Gran Coupe. Previously to this car, I owned a 2013 Audi
S5, which was a luxury sports coupe. It was a supercharged V6 with basically 333
horsepower. So this BMW is slightly more powerful, but
more importantly it’s lighter than the Audi was and the weight distribution is closer
to that perfect 50/50 percent. Which means that handling is a lot better
on the BMW. On the other hand, the Audi, I think, had
a bit of a better interior, but nonetheless the BMW is an amazing car. I enjoy driving it every single day! And it is a premium vehicle. I hope you guys enjoyed this video! If so, smash the like button, show me your
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them down below, as I answer every single one of them everyday. My audience is super important to me. That’s it guys. I hope you guys had fun! And don’t forget, in the meantime, keep it
tight, keep it clean, and I’ll see you guys on the next one!

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  1. Amazing car and video Pan. I have a 4.28i Coupe with MPE and it doesn't sound as cool as this, lol. Btw don't rev it when it is cold, if you wanna keep the engine healthy for a long time.

  2. C'est amusant de voir à quel point les boites automatiques sont répandues aux Etats-Unis et au Canada, alors qu'en France elles ne représentent qu'une part minoritaire des ventes ! Il est à noter qu'elles sont largement plus présentes dans le secteur du luxe et du haut de gamme que dans les gammes inférieures. Néanmoins, j'ai l'impression que la tendance s'inverse et que les constructeurs proposent de plus en plus de boites automatiques ces dernières années sur l'ensemble du parc automobile.

    Personnellement, j'ai beaucoup de mal à me séparer de l'agrément procuré par une boite manuelle ! Quel bonheur de gérer les rapports à sa convenance en fonction de ses envies et de l'environnement !

  3. j'espère que mkhd n'a pas de droits sur la musique d'intro….
    Sinon belle voiture. Sais-tu si ce modèle se fait avec une transmission manuelle?

  4. Elle n'a pas de plaque a l'avant? C'est comme au Canada? En tout cas seul bemol je pense, elle serait mieux en propulsion!!!! Mais vu la meteo au canada, ca explique ton choix pour une transmission integrale 🙂 sinon elle est parfaite ! Je pense m'acheter une bmw pour ma prochaine voiture 😎 dans 3-4 ans 🙂

  5. Great review! My 2015 BMW 435i X Drive Gran Coupe M Sport just had its 2 year anniversary. I absolutely love everything about this car. Our cars are nearly identical except I went with the matte silver trim around the side windows and opted for a dark tint on the glass all around. I recommend the tint as it gives the car an even more coupe like appearance from the side by hiding the window pillars. Interesting that you used to own the Audi S5! I had my choices narrowed down to the BMW 435i GC and the Audi S5 and it was a close call. I agree that the flat steering wheel, the seats and the carbon fiber trim interior of the Audi were nicer but I much preferred the BMW iDrive system and tablet style display not to mention a much more usable back seat and trunk. Great choice.

  6. Tu es complètement fou de pousser ta voiture à 6500 tr/min à froid. L'huile n'est pas assez lubrifiante quand elle est froide, tu abîmes ton moteur.

  7. I've been eyeing the 4 Series Grand Coup for a while now and am seriously looking to purchase a new car in the next few weeks. I went for a test drive the other day and was disappointed to see they only had a 430 available – I really wanted to drive the 440 since the 430 is only a twin turbo 4 cylinder. I currently love the power of my V6 Infiniti G35 (I know – that's no BMW) but it's got a nice drive and has a decent amount of pickup and go – that car has been good to me and has been fun to drive. I live in Virginia and you just don't see many 4 Series GCs out there and the dealerships don't seem to carry much in the way of stock either – I wonder why?? The body style is so much nicer than the 3 Series sedan and it has 4 doors! What are your thoughts about the RF tires – I sure would love having a spare, but a lot of manufacturers are not providing them anymore so I guess I need to live with it! Although I'd like to take the jump and buy that 4 Series, I'm hesitating cause Consumer Reports gives it just an average score on reliability. I don't lease vehicles so I was hoping to get more than 3 or 4 years before buying another car. Everyone tells me BMWs and Audi will start getting expensive with upkeep if you plan on keeping them longer than a typical lease. What are your thoughts on that. Thank You ou comme vous disiez en Canada – Merci Bien!

  8. Love the music and video, man.

    I just leased a 440i coupe Msport. Wont arrive for a few days tho :(. At first I was hesitant to get mineral grey like yours, bc I preferred black or white. However after watching your gorgeous gran coupe, I think mineral grey will do just fine 😀

  9. Je me demandais si vous saviez à quel endroit que je pourrais recevoir des cours pour ameliorer mes techniques. Je me débrouille relativement bien en entrtient d'esthétique automobile, mais lorsqu'il est question de compound, polissage,… je n'ose pas en faire pour ne pas endommager la peinture. Je suis très pointilleux et je tiens à bien travailler même sur mes propres voitures.

  10. Super belle voiture j'adore particulièrement les bmw et le grand coupe est la plus belle selon moi ainsi que la serie 5 f10 mon rêve serait de m'acheter une 530d xdrive sinon continue tes vidéos elles sont super 😉

  11. Bonjour Pan,tres belle voiture,je compte changer la mienne l'année prochaine,je me dirigerai certainement vers une 435D car je fais beaucoup de kilometres par an.
    Je tenais à te remercier et te féliciter pour la qualité de tes présentations de tes vidéos aussi bien que pour un lavage de voiture que pour les explications sur tel ou tel produit à utiliser avec ses avantages et inconvénients,vraiment géniale !
    Je suis un nouvel abonné et c'est avec un grand plaisir que je découvre toutes tes vidéos .
    J'aurai certainement des questions à poser car je me rends compte que j'ai pris certaine mauvaises habitudes quand je nettoie ma voiture ;))
    Bonne journée et encore merci 😉
    un petit pouce bleu au passage 😉

  12. Great video, good job. I came across it while searching for videos on the 440i Gran Coupe. I am picking my 2017 440i xDrive Gran Coupe with both M performance packages in two weeks and it is also Mineral Grey Metallic. Video is nice as it shows me what to expect in the colour. I am a little double minded about the car at the moment as I come from high performance vehicles and currently have a 2016 BMW M3, but I am looking for something more well rounded that is comfortable and sporty. So decided to go with this and get rid of my M3. Hopefully I won't regret it. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to make the video.

  13. Hi Pan! I'm planning the detailing of my BMW 330 which is quite the same car (talking about paint). I wanted to ask you about the clear coat.. I heard that BMW has a hard clear coat, is it true? So you suggest to use a microfiber cutting pad? And then a gloss pad?

  14. Nice car! I had a e92 335i n54 before my M. Did a lot of work was a show car and was 400hp to the wheels and 400 lbs of torque. Full bolt on enjoy

  15. sweet ride pan. ive finally done it ive watched all your videos lol. did my black bmw m5 detail and wow thank you it looks fantastic all down to your help.

  16. Well done!  One of the better video reviews I've seen for the 4 Series BMW to date.  YouTubers like you have inspired me to think about posting some videos of my 2017 BMW 440i M Sport Coupe (which I despise).  It's the worst car I've ever owned.  Too many annoyances (which BMW staff call "quirks").  I blog about it periodically at, but after seeing your review, I'm motivated to get out and see if I can make videos as good as yours (probably not!).  The interior of your car looks MUCH better than my black on black on black dull interior.  And your videography is so smooth and hi-res–what do you film with?  Thanks again for the excellent review!

  17. Flécitations Pan !

    BMW est, selon moi, le meilleur motoriste du monde ! Aucune marque ne donne plus de plaisir de conduite que la Bayerische Motoren Werke associée à Motorsport !

  18. man i have a question. im considering 440i M Sport in germany. I managed to drive 40i sportline for about 800kms and observed few issues. It felt stable and sharp in sport mode but when i go top end from 200+kph onwards, it starts bumping a lot and even small gusts of wind make it unstable. Do you think M Sport can change it? or is there something missing? even luxury saloons iv’e driven like A6 quatro, 540i are damn stable at in 250kph range. I’ll be driving a lot on highways and expect it to be stable at high end. Any thoughts on this????

  19. Very Nicely done video ! I bought one too in black and get it the day after tomorrow : ) , they look so nice…..

  20. weird, i asked the dealer to install dual exhaust and they told me my car didn't support it. i have a 16 428i m sport. bmwusa doesn't even list it but i saw some hits on the web for 18302354340. i figured with the 335 diffuser they could make it happen. guess its only 435 and up…if anyone knows for sure reply. dealer probably just doesn't want to retro fit anything while its under warranty, or ever. prob a third party performance shop job. not something id want to do while its under warranty, just gives them excuses to not fix stuff.

  21. Hey Pan, I plan to get a 2015-2016 428i gran coupe. Do you have any complaints for the one you had or any tips for it?

  22. Hello, j’ai pris possession de ma 435i gran coupe xdrive il y a quelques semaines. En mode sport, en forte acceleration et en mode manuel, il arrive que la voiture passe le rapport supérieur toute seule vers 4k tours. C’est très désagréable. Avais tu constaté ce problème? Merci!

  23. Good video! I just got the same car pre owned but how do I tell if my car has the M performance package (335hp)? Dealer saying it has it but I need to be sure and see proof of it.


  24. Awesome review! Very good looking car you got there!
    Was the 2016 435ix gran coupe available in M sport Edition package(M performance side skirts etc..) back then? I got same car as you but one thing bothers me, it's regarfs the left exhaust pip always closed in park mode. Have your car also the same setup? To be honest I never see some coming out from the left pipe.

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