Board Games : About Collectible Chess Sets

Board Games : About Collectible Chess Sets

Hi, my name is Windy Challey at Games of Berkeley.
This is about collectible chess sets. There
are many chess sets out there for you to collect.
Often if you have a favorite activity or character
that you collect, you can find a chess set
about it. Here I have one about Peanuts, for
people who are Peanuts collectors. There are
also many other chess sets for different animated
characters, The Simpsons, Family Guy, many
other things. There are sports chess sets
for sports collectors, I have here a Giants
and A’s version, but there’s one available
for most major teams and hometowns. I have
sets that are unique and from different cultures.
This one here is an Asian set called the Eight
Fairies. Very pretty. There are collectible
sets that are for various activities, sports
fans, this one here is for golfers. There
are historical recreation such as this one
which is from the Isle of Louis, a British
chess set, medieval. Chess sets that are works
of art or are from different cultures such
as Egypt or Rome. There are many chess sets
out there available for collectors or for
collectors who don’t collect chess sets, but
have other collections and want to add a chess
set to their collection. It’s a good gift

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  1. Idek how to play chess and I don't want to I just wanted to see how many nerds were in the comments hahahaha

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