Board Games : About Unique Chess Sets

Board Games : About Unique Chess Sets

Hi. My name is Windy Challey at Games of Berkeley.
There are many unique chess sets out there
on the market that can be fun to collect and
they can be a good show piece for your game
room or living room. They are made in many
different styles. I have one here which is
done is sort of a Chinese style; it’s called
the Eight Fairies Chess set. Which is a standard
one that you can find, with a polymer that
is made to look like jade and wood but it’s
really a plastic clay combination substance.
They’re nice and heavy, and they look really
nice. But the thing about a lot of these unique
chess sets is that they have unusual pieces
such as this is the king. As opposed to a
Staunton King. And it can sometimes be confusing
when you’re playing the game as to which piece
is which until you’ve finally memorized you
set. So it can be fun to have a novel set
but it can be confusing too. This set I have
here in front of me has every pawn in a different
cast as well, so that can be confusing as
well. Over here I have some more unique chess
sets. This one is a golfers edition, they’re
quite extra large and heavy these pieces.
Sometimes you can find a unique or novelty
chess set that has stamped on the bottom of
it what the piece is in; with a little marker
that looks like a Staunton piece so that you
know what you have when you’re setting things
up. This here is a golf set. I have an Egyptian
set. Classical art work set. And a Roman set.
As you can see there are many many kinds of
collector chess sets out there. One for every
kind of market that you might want to relate
to such as golf. If you have a golf fan. Although
if you know someone who is very serious about
chess they often prefer the Staunton, it’s
less confusing and it’s the classic tournament
style chess set. Staunton here is the set
that you’re used to was a stylized form and
across from the top from the king. And the
rook looks like a little castle and the knight
looks like a little horse. That would be a
Staunton. But they’re not as fun as the unique
chess sets.

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  1. i have 2 pieces from a tiki theme chess set i dug out of the ground at work today …. they look hand made out of milky quartz

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