Bought lottery scratchers with $2 bills: did we win money?  2 dollar bills play the Florida lottery

Bought lottery scratchers with $2 bills: did we win money? 2 dollar bills play the Florida lottery

A lot of people keep $2 bills in their wallets, purses or other special places
because they believe them to be lucky. But I say, if you really think they’re lucky, why not buy a lottery ticket with them?
Hi, I’m John director of The Two Dollar Bill Documentary. And today we’re gonna put that idea to the test.
I’m going to buy scratch-off lottery tickets using nothing but $2 bills and see if I win anything.
I’ll use this hidden camera which looks like a button on my shirt to record myself making all the purchases. Ready?
Let’s go get our first one.
Scratch off lotto tickets? Mm-hmm. Two dollar ones?
Any one, just give me 2 two dollar one.
Yep, two bucks. See if this two dollar bill turns into a lucky one.
Okay, so we have our first lotto ticket. Let’s find out how lucky it is.
I’m actually gonna use this nickel to do the scratching off. A nickel has Thomas Jefferson who’s on the $2 bill.
So, let’s see if it brings us any extra luck.
Okay, first we’re gonna scratch off our winning numbers nine and four, so we have to match a nine or a four to win
11 and 5 is nothing 13 and 18
14, 20.
7 10 we’re down to our last two scratches here. Let’s see if we can win.
One and six it’s a dud but this bonus box up top get a
2019 in the bonus box and win a prize instantly and look at that just won two bucks. So we got our money back.
Let’s take this two bucks, parlay it into another lottery ticket, and see how we do on that one.
Two dollar winner, just want to cash that for another two dollar scratch off.
Yeah, any one. You pick it. Got that winner with a $2 bill, so it was lucky.
We have to match eighteen or nine.
This card’s a dud no winner – we’re gonna have to go somewhere else and try another lotto ticket.
Can I just get a $2 lotto ticket?
See if I can turn that into a lucky one.
Thank you very much.
Looking for 26.
Nope. Nothing.
Use this lucky $2 bill again.
Two dollar scratch off? Cause I got a lucky $2 bill.
No 9. no 17, so that’s a loser.
Get two $2 scratch offs. Gonna use $2 bills to pay for them and see if it cashes in.
Another loser.
15 and 14
15. Winner! 2 bucks.
7 tickets so far and just two winners doesn’t seem very lucky.
Time to step up our game and get more tickets with each purchase so we can increase our chances.
I want to do five $2 scratch offs.
Yeah, I’m going to pay for them with $2 bills. See if they’re lucky.
They will be lucky. You promise? You’re promising. Okay.
I want to get 10 two dollar…
Give me five of them, two each.
6 or a 1…
There it is! There’s a winner. $2 winner right there. Two dollars.
Nope. Boom. There’s a winner right there. 13 for 2 bucks and a double right there as well.
Two winners on this one. Two 21s. See if we can get any more.
Another one!
Winner, winner, winner. Two, three, four dollars.
It ain’t happening on this card. Another loser.
This is the last card of the batch, which is similar to the first card ee got in the entire day.
13 and 18 are what we’re looking for.
Come on we got to get a lucky one.
18 there you go. There’s a winner.
Another 18 look at that!
And a 13. There’s another 13 – another winner! And a 2019! A winner. Big winner here. Check it out, we won
Four dollars, four dollars, four dollars, and four dollars. That’s a $16 card!
I would say we should call it a day on a sixteen dollar card. Look at that.
First of all, kudos to this lady who promised me I’d have some winners.
I actually got a twenty and four dollar winner among the tickets that she sold me. But here are the final stats:
I played a total of 22 tickets and six of them were winners.
That’s a little better than 1 out of 4 which is better than the overall odds printed on each ticket.
Because I exchanged $2 in winnings for another ticket,
I only spent $42 in total, and I cashed in my remaining winners for $32.
When all is said and done, I lost $10 in total,
but even worse, I lost all those $2 bills that I had.
My conclusion? $2 bills aren’t really that lucky, at least as far as the Florida Lottery is concerned .
You’re better off using your $2 bills as tips,
so maybe you’ll get lucky with better service somewhere. Thanks for watching.
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12 thoughts on “Bought lottery scratchers with $2 bills: did we win money? 2 dollar bills play the Florida lottery”

  1. Im my next two bollar dill video i will promote subscriptions to your channel
    Oh and you read that wrong^^^

  2. I do the same and buy any Lotto tickets with two-dollar bills. It spreads them around and people truly enjoy getting them, although the ponder where they should go in the cash drawer. I only buy the big Lotto tickets with these two-dollar bills. If nothing else, I am spreading the word on the popularity of this special currency (special to me). And I love the aroma of my small
    bundle of twos when I pull them out to pay for the Lotto tickets. Although I have not won any major prizes, I have fun spreading these two-dollar bills around, instead of the traditional $5 and $10s. I very much enjoy this channel. Thank you.

  3. Like your videos the lotto r just odds i gave up buying them cuz i always dont win if i do its a 1/4 of what i spend or less i save every penny i find

  4. Well if anything my wife got me an old red seal 1928 ..also have couple of star notes don't know what 2 do with em

  5. Nice good luck, I like crane machines and I've been amazed how many of them had bill acceptors that recognized $2 bills. Slot machines however almost never.

  6. Why Jefferson is used in one banknote denomination, and the nickel denomination? Why is he always there, is there a reason?

  7. I love your videos. They inspired me to become a collector myself. So far I have 4 red seal $2 bills, and I also have 1 silver Certificate bill.

  8. I just wanted to let you know that I received my $2 Bill Documentary DVD and book combo. Just like your YouTube videos, I learned a lot from both. The book had even more information that I thought! It's arranged well with nice, clear color pictures and it's an easy read. I look forward to being able to teach others about the truth of the bill when people tell me how "rare" they are. I also went to Dairy Queen yesterday and paid with my $2 bills, and as I was waiting off to the side for my order, I saw the cashier give them out to the next person as change. Hooray, they got used! Thanks again, John!

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