previously on box ford high school well
my question is where do you boys think
you’re going it’s time for school you’re
about to be late five minutes till class
you better get going
wait wait wait cook go to class no no we
we were the builders we’re not students
here you don’t want to end up in
detention now do me your boys bug in
your gym class I’m gonna give teacher oh
I think there’s an H first lesson you
guys will play dodgeball
I’m gonna finish bag Doritos aside I’ll
come back in you know you get graded and
stuff so yeah house where we say we
ditch this class play a little bit of
hooky I mean he’s gonna be out there for
a while to it come upon you but I’m
trying to get hit in the face with
dodgeballs look I knew this class would
be boring so I brought this from home
what is it it’s an ultimate fidget pass
hey you kids why don’t you do it out of
class you two are going to detention
oh no he’s sending us to detention think
we’re in detention principal he suck us
in here what are these the cuffed
looking why their handcuffs in detention
I’m starting to think this school is a
bit weird man no no something
something’s not right now now that I
think about it looking what kind of
school would assume that we were
students in detention
this isn’t detention Logan I’m starting
to think there’s something to do with
our enemies and they’re after us what
are we gonna do I don’t know do you
remember anything what happened it was
the principal and then we ended up here
we got to get out of here we gotta get
it you’re fast
something’s going on well what are we
gonna do man we’re handcuffed I don’t
know I think no there’s gonna be
something in here this is this is our
food I try the doors
it’s locked hold on oh we’re cops
together this is great man this is just
at least we’re mobile now I start
looking there’s gotta be something in
thank you sir gonna help us it’s might
come in handy
look for weak spots don’t leave there’s
something looking there’s a fence shaft
here looks at you leads into another
room okay hold on hold on just got a way
we can get through this what about using
this you’re right right just work I’ll
take one end and you take the other all
right hold on grab it and pull we’re
gonna rip the bars off oh there we go
there’s one all right come on all right
pretty good most of them are off my diet
bars are down
all right we’re cuff you’re gonna have
to go through this single file hold on
I’m gonna go up ahead and make sure
there’s no one in there let’s be
absolutely quiet
no just looks like another room doesn’t
look that there’s anyone in there this
place doesn’t look like it that’s very
high-security all right look you’re
gonna have to come through after me I’m
gonna rip the bars off here okay
almost got it these fidget toys come in
great for ripping bars off should be
that for me to get through let’s go
looks like it’s some sort of other room
just a lock on the door though let’s
lock down all right come on maybe
there’s something in here we can use
what is this place is an extension of
the detention I’m starting to think this
place he’s in a school no I’m starting
to think the same thing we got to get
out of here we gotta be fast but first
things first we’re not getting anywhere
with these on there might be magnetized
to these look high-tech we even escaped
this room it could have already set off
sensors look around see there’s any of
you fine we can use on these what about
this that might just do the trick all
right I’m gonna freeze these we’re
dealing with primer locks here they’re
covered by a metal seal but if I can get
in here I might be able to pick it I
just gotta break the face off it already
that’s cool that’s cool all right ready
three two one Wow yeah I got the primer
off well let me find my long pick all
right I can use this to pick it that’s a
fairly complex lock but I should be able
to get to work I’ve got it all right
passier can stir
let’s get yours off all right smack it
go alright let me pick it gee where’d
you learn how to do this lots of times
being locked up by the Baron there we go
alright we got both the cuffs off now
he’s have to escape from this place
what’s not behind you has a lock on it
this must be where they take contraband
twice this is where they store all the
toys from the kids that go to detention
we gotta get through that lock there
might be something in there that can
help us it’s fluoride nitrate look you
guys see that lock again look you
remember and I escaped from the bear in
the second time I use fluoride nitrate
like this to create a snow crystallizing
powder the effect was so cool they can
freeze metal and break it might just
work to break that lock off there
there’s anything in here that can help
us it’s in that room
this stuff’s very cool and we have to
pour it directly on there there we go
you’re trying to put it directly on the
lock Hynek out on the lock oh oh that’s
all right ready three two one yeah there
we go
the locks off oh oh this has not been
open in a while I think we may have just
hit the jackpot
this is Ricky this oh yeah
these are those band rocket launchers
that they sold this is your powerful
enough to break through a wall
Logan check it out it’s a mini UAV drone
well this could definitely come in handy
okay grab all the rockets that we have
in here Jake what well do we break
through we don’t even know where we are
you’re right we’re gonna need a lay of
the land maybe there’s a way we can use
this UAV drone to get an idea as to
where exactly we are in the school we
have to find a place on the roof that we
can shoot this through that looks like a
weak spot looks like the tiles are
seating you might be right
well how many of these do we have
telling them up one two three okay I
will do three two one it worked
we’ve got an opening it’s too high to
crawl it but we can use the UAV we’ve
got to get through here figure out
exactly where we are
I got this
all right this time I definitely have it
oh you got this Jake there we go nice
alright you AV zone my uh UAVs online
I’ve got a visual to school okay alright
I’ve got a visual on a secondary
ventilation shaft from over there if we
use a rocket to break into that we can
use the vent to travel back into the
here’s Angeles to the vent let me use
the rocket to break into it three two
looks like it worked I guess I’m going
first we’re in another room now and this
is interesting
Wow great house smaller but also secured
off room ah well at least you’re making
all right look I’m gonna make my way
into the room then you can follow me in
okay pretty sure we gotta get through
that door all right good job man that
was a tight space I was all right well
looks like we gotta get through this
last door here
welcome in for us looks like this is
part of the main school’s electrical
system it’s just a simple door lock I
should be able to rewire it
j-jake you’ve been doing this for like
five minutes do you even know what
you’re doing
not exactly Vogon okay it’s it’s
complicated got the gist of it Oh looks
like I dunno what I’m doing
that should have done it let’s try the
door worked
come on let’s go we gotta go right now
we gotta go right now
right right I’m going I’m going what do
you boys think you’re doing huh escaping
from detention that is going on your
permanent record oh no not a permanent
record you boys need to get to class

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  2. Papa Jake I remember what happened you were at p.e and the teacher was gone for a while and you got tierd of hitting each other in the face with Dodge balls but you decide to ditch class to play hooky and the principal was walking through the halls and caught you playing hooky and sent to detention! But at the beginning you built the school for someone and when you got done building it and ran into the principal and made you go to classes because he thought you were students your first class was science and Papa Jake messed up and caused a explosion and that's how you got to p.e.

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