Box Fort Hospital Challenge With Real Patients & Gadgets! – 24 Hour Box Fort City Challenge Day 2

Box Fort Hospital Challenge With Real Patients & Gadgets! – 24 Hour Box Fort City Challenge Day 2

box fort city 2.0 there’s only three
rules at box forces no junk food bedtime
is at ten nobody leaves box fort City
wait a second
the worst police officers ever you two
are the worst cops I’ve ever seen in my
you’re both fired hey yo what’s going on
everyone it’s papa Jade and we are back
a brand new day in box for sanity 2.0
the sun is shining the lights are bright
and we are officially starting our
second day here in the box sports in
love the break-up
it’s wake up time it’s brand new day a
new day of adventures a new day of
building the world is our oyster with
endless possibilities and if you guys
are brand new to box for city and don’t
know what’s going on it is the series
where we have our very own box for city
that we can expand on build on grow on
every single time our video gets 20,000
likes we have to spend another night
Sports City we need to sleep we need to
eat we need to shout we don’t have a
shower Logan we really really need to
get a shower going here but we need to
do absolutely everything here in box
fort city and as you guys can see it’s
looking pretty good so far I mean we got
a police station and we got our box for
a bank and our box Ward’s store but Jake
you’re kind of forgetting something box
fort city’s been kind of weird so far
yes okay there are some weird stuff when
we have met some weird people I mean
there are three rules no junk food
curfew is 10:00 p.m. and no one can
leave box fort City and I know what
you’re thinking that’s a little bit
weird below ghen it’s the land of the
future it’s the land of the free we
abide by the rules we can build all the
boxes we want yes in the last episode we
did get fired as police officers but
that’s why I thought today we could go
out and get ourselves a new job because
guys everything in box for a city we
need to earn if we want to buy cardboard
to build a house which as you can see we
slept in the closet last night we need
to buy the car for you to buy tape we
need to buy food I think the first place
we go Jake is the bank
that’s right Logan we’re gonna rob the
bank I love it what no we’re gonna go to
a bank and ask for money oh right that
also works oh and guys if you are
brand-new to these videos and you have
not already joined the squad and you
never want to miss a brand-new video
smack that Bell butt and smack that
subscribe button and leave a little
comment we pick an awesome squad number
at the end of every video to give a
shout out to Logan I think it’s time we
go in this Bank here and get ourselves
some money boys around yeah I thought
you’d be coming around my bank soon
enough oh yeah we’re the new guys here
come here to get yourself some money or
open up an account if we’re just looking
for some jobs around here maybe you
could help us
yeah well literally do anything well
word around the town is you two got
yourselves fired from the police job
unfortunately for you there are many
jobs around here I mean we can do
anything what kind of jobs do you have
we could work here in the bank one
second let me take this box for Citibank
can I help you you can’t pay your bills
unfortunately I can’t help you with that
amount well we’re gonna repossess all
your box for you boys want money you’re
gonna have to earn a old-fashioned way
okay Oh what about this if there aren’t
any jobs available what if we come up
with our own job I mean boxboard City
doesn’t have a hospital a hospital hey
yeah we could build you guys a hospital
and then we could be doctors and serve
boxboard City I don’t feel no we’re not
doctors okay
it’s super easy okay I’ve watched a lot
of TV all right so we’d be talking about
alone to build yourselves a hospital
that could be quite profitable for me
I’ll give you some money to build a
hospital in return for 50% of everything
you make okay deal we’ll give you two
little alone and we’ll see how your
hospital goes now your assume a doctor
yeah no a very professional I am
actually I have my PDF Jake it’s a PhD
I’ve got a PhD as well I got a PDF and a
PhD I’m like a two-time double dr.
Logan’s gonna be the nurse to be
perfectly honest with you I don’t care
as long as it makes me money now here is
your loan bowl guys check it out our
first big payday I expect it to be paid
back in full and 50% of everything you
make Oh could we buy with this oh gee
we’re building a hospital right we gotta
we gotta invest in a hospital okay well
now that we got our money guys why don’t
we head over to the box Ford store and
buy some supplies so we can build a box
for the hospital and start serving the
good people a box for a city come on
when you do make you enough money come
back here you can open up an account we
will store all your money in the vaults
in the back those are highly secured
vaults box or Citibank if you’re not
gonna call me about money I don’t care
we’re at the box fort City store I
haven’t been in here yet I haven’t
either I’m kind of excited I mean and
once we start rolling in the real cash
not just cash the bank I gave us we can
start making our own house and I can
build a movie theater in my house I can
put a massage chair in my house I could
put fish tank in my house Logan well
let’s get on inside see what they got
it’s also I would you look who we have
here a couple of boys he’s in this store
how you guys doing pretty good we’re
just that we’re looking for supplies
we’re actually building a hospital for
box for a city ah Hospital law we’ve
been needing one of them so we got a
plenty of stuff I’m assuming you’re
gonna need some medical equipment some
tape we’ve got it or upgrade to every
single day I don’t really see anything
right where is it boys just behind the
so can you go live from the vengers Jake
we don’t have money for the infinity
glass that’s a pretty penny their
hospital supply look look here’s $7,000
right possible supplies what we’ll take
some of this and some of this you know
here’s 40 grand and we’ll be on our way
sounds good to me boys come anytime the
bank didn’t give us infinite amounts of
money do you have any idea how much you
just gave him yeah Logan it’s called
making a deal I’m sort of good at it I
think we got ourselves a pretty good
deal I don’t drive a hard bargain is
there anything else in that cupboard
ah that covers not for you boys a land
permit a land permit you say a Boise’s
well we got those here it also comes
with 50 cardboard slabs but it’ll run
you a pretty penny $10,000 is expensive
but we do need the slabs to build a
hospital would you take 50 that is not
how you bargain we do that here we’ll
give it y’all right now making deals
okay there you go perfect yourselves
affirmative we can bill the hospital
great job Jake you’re you’re great with
deals oh and guys before I forget if you
haven’t heard already we actually opened
up our very own store in real life where
you can get all of the stuff that we use
in our videos it’s called the pulpit
Jake’s store if you head on over to Papa
Jake’s store calm you guys can find all
the cool gadgets for the cardboard to
tape even MREs all the awesome stuff
that you see in our videos can be
purchase on the Papa Jake’s store and if
you guys use the discount code City for
box for city you guys can get 10% off
your order right now you’re talking
about the Papa Jake store inside the box
for at City store that that is kind of
funny-looking right there’s a line
Boise’s get out of me store
alright guys check it out we have
officially built the first box port city
hospital which is now open for business
we’re ready to take in customers this
place is starting to look like a real
City we got the roads we got our police
station hospital store Bank we still
don’t have our houses but that’s because
we can’t afford them yet and we don’t
have cars because we can’t afford them
yep but guys this is the first step and
finally being able to pour that cool
stuff now I need to do is get in here
and do whatever doctors do make people
who are sick feel better that guys this
could end really badly as you entered
the Fox port you come into the main
lobby of our Hospital where you will be
greeted by me I guess yeah I’ll be the
greeter and you will get the wrist bands
as admission into the box form you do
have to pay a small fee to enter cuz we
do have to pay bills here in box for
it’s it’s like when you go on a roller
coaster except instead of a roller
coaster it’s a hospital now I look like
a real doctor I can’t forget my headgear
this is our doctors room slash surgery
operating table hopefully we don’t have
to do any surgery got everything we need
here guys even down to the surgical
masks all right Logan I am officially
dressed up and ready now I’ve got all of
my doctor equipment here you really know
what it does yeah but that’s fine you
read the instructions as you go who’s my
first patient Jake we have our first
customer get these gloves on hello there
uh what can we help you with just
general checkup today it is is your
voice okay yeah it’s just like this no
problem we’ll get we’ll get you fixed
rate up doctor doctor Jake is a great
doctor you’ll see him in a second I’m
dr. Jake I’ll be helping you in just a
minute all right here you go here’s your
all right sir and you’re good to see dr.
hi how are you welcome to my hospital
here just take a lie down on the bed and
we’ll get you all checked out and I want
to let you know that you are in great
hands you’ve got me nurse Logan I’m not
nurse Logan and mr. Alper here maybe no
Alper I’ll just take you today okay no
helper it is all right well that’s all
let’s start out by listening to you your
heart here make sure everything is going
well you said you’re complaining about a
bit of a cost Arthur oh so I threw out
okay that’s his stomach just finding the
heart Logan I’m searching for it because
sometimes the heart moves okay yeah I
found it it’s it’s beating nurse Logan
which means our patient is still alive
you are alive that’s good so we’re just
gonna do a couple quick tests here check
your reflexes a little slow but that uh
that’ll do do you know I think you heard
him this this is a very important tool
but let me take your temperature here so
we could get a good idea of what you are
at all right
you’re a 95 out of 100 it’s good 95 but
that’s an a-plus right but if I disorder
all right the sore throat this may have
not been the right business venture all
right well let’s take a look at your
throat and see what’s
okay sir Oh snot or whatever okay hold
on let me collect this for sampling is
this something that’s been happening
frequently for you yeah okay yeah we’re
gonna take this for sampling so we can
get an idea as to what this exactly is
you’ve got your sample here we’ll send
that off to the lab in the meantime for
that sore throat of yours
I know exactly what we’ll fix that up a
bandage a bandage isn’t gonna do
anything the first thing you do when you
have a wound is you put a bandage around
it and in a day or so that will fix
itself you are good to go sir and we’ll
let you know what we find out about this
weird green snot you got going on here
now on your way out don’t forget to pay
nurse Logan that’ll be $18,000 I’ll make
it Kenya deals Logan right all right
that’s all complete nurse Logan let’s
get ready for our next patient what
about that stuffy sneezed out that was
not normal I don’t know Logan but what I
do know is that we’ve collected it and I
will analyze the sample and figure out
what it is but the main issue here was a
sore throat and that’s what I fixed now
come on we need another person we gotta
make money Jake I think we have a new
whoa whoa is your hand okay yeah got it
chopping some onions it’s not that bad
just a little cut
I think we’ll skip the rest and just go
right in to see dr. J needs a wristband
some way to get in you want to put it
into Disneyland without a wristband
Logan Disneyland is the Disneyland of
health go right in to see Jake all right
sir you are in great hands all right
I apologize didn’t mean to make a hand
joke why don’t you just lay back here
and let me take a look at you okay so
you cut yourself cuttin onions onions
okay all right well I’m gonna start by
listening to your heart I think we can
skip the heart checkup right I will
listen to your hand okay sir don’t worry
I’m gonna get this patched up I’m just
gonna need to take a look at what’s
underneath here just give me a second no
oh my I mean it’s perfectly fine I don’t
qualify do this sir it does appear like
we may need to amputate this okay all
right uh just give me a second here I
just need to grab my tools do not worry
we are gonna do this Jake what are you
doing with a sword it’s all we’ve got
hold on one second most important tools
here what are those for some sort of
futuristic metal apartment I know
they’re actually for your screaming
there’s Logan you might want to put in
okay now that I have my ear protection
and I am going to guys on the no no Jake
just you know what I’m out okay just
just gonna
okay look I know that wasn’t the best
operation but you know what I think we
did pretty well for our first one maybe
this was just the wrong business and we
need to find a new one Oh gang come on I
told you to clean up you love the slop
from the first guy Jake that wasn’t from
the first guy that was from the guy who
was just here you’re trying to tell me
that the first guy we had and the guy
that we came in with a cut thumb also
has some sort of weird snot coming out
of him
I’ve heard this stuff is it’s grow two
people with two different ailments come
in with the same snot coming out of them
maybe there’s some kind of flu going
around or something I’ll collect it for
research whoa what’s going on out there
Logan it’s the neighbor whoa he looks
really beat-up
what’s wrong with his hand I don’t know
let’s get him in your car sir sir what
what what happened we’re what happened
your hands what do you mean monsters did
he’s delirious Logan what do you mean
what do you mean the darkness he’s just
out of it no going out past 10:00 p.m. I
don’t know what he’s talking about look
he must have been in some sort of
accident or something when he ran away
from us he’s gonna take this
sir sir I need I need this sir I need
this to do work on you yeah mrs. mayor
unfortunately right now isn’t a good
time we’re kind of in the middle of the
procedure troublemaker for us Oh take it
from here I’m pretty sure he needs
medical help he’s in really rough shape
what he’s good to travel what do you
mean Jake we have to give him to her she
said she might get the police involved
okay all right all right Juan you’re
going with the bear I don’t like this at
all okay whatever you say you’re the
mayor around here yeah I like this one
something strange is going on here Jake
I’ve been telling you that since day one
it was a really bad shape and I mean
everyone coming in here with some weird
slime and what he was saying I mean I
know he was delirious but was he talking
about monsters and this book you left I
said we take our money from this bank
and we build herself a house and then we
can figure out what’s going on okay guys
it looks like we have to build a house
and take a look into this if you guys
want to continue the series don’t forget
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20,000 like also you guys have been
leaving awesome ideas so maybe we’ll
pick one of your ideas for the next
video yeah make sure to leave a comment
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I do want to give a massive show to one
of our amazing squad members Austin
thank you so very much dude for watching
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course if you want to join the squad and
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hashtag squad hashtag squad we need to
get to the bottom of this and fast if
you have any ideas leave a comment and I
think this plot might be thickening
take a look at this it’s safe

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