Box Fort Police Station Patrol & Stopping Crime – 24 Hour Box Fort City Challenge Day 2

Box Fort Police Station Patrol & Stopping Crime – 24 Hour Box Fort City Challenge Day 2

no crime has happened in the city what
so oh no Logan Robbie box port city
general store you’re going away for a
long time sir
let’s open up here check out the rest of
the box port of course because it is
morning time before we have our
breakfast I thought it would be really
smart to use our shower of course no
proper luxury box for it would be
complete without my morning shower all
right all right well I’m gonna take a
little quick shower just get my hair wet
wake up a little bit and I’ll update you
guys in a second that was a pretty good
sleep let’s turn on our LEDs and I think
it’s time to order some breakfast
so let’s go on Bluebird eat and get some
bagels while we wait for our breakfast I
think it is time to start the day with a
nice relaxing shower oh that’s cold no I
don’t like that oh I ran into your uber
food man why don’t we go inside your
house and you breakfast get out we got
some nice breakfast bagels head on over
to the general store where we can check
out what is being sold and of course
guys because this is box for city if we
want to buy any upgrades to our own
houses we need to buy it here in the
general store so why don’t we go inside
see what they got welcome you two to my
box for store inbox for city land of the
free how can i okay buddy check out the
stores you got for sale well you’re not
gonna find any better items around here
that’s because I’m the only store that
sells them but I’ve got all the things
you could want for your box for a house
for a price of course we’ve got air
conditioners robot dogs robot helpers
toy cars cool you do have a lot of stuff
I want the acj house one led expansion
for more lights in my house sir how much
does all this stuff cost well
everything’s got a price in my store so
if you bring it up here
I’ll run you up at the cash register
nothing’s cheap here I make my money
just like you you get yourself a job in
box fourth city and come back when you
got the dough I guess we have to get
jobs then all right well I mean the only
thing we can do guys is go to the job
board and check out what jobs are
available in box for a city all right
we’ll come again when you got some money
I’ll be here
rusty Dave hey what’s going on everyone
it’s papa shake and welcome back to a
nother day in beautiful paradise aka box
fort City the city completely made out
of box force where we get to live
survive work buy things expand our force
and do everything that you would
normally do in a city except it’s all
box sports if you guys didn’t see last
video though we’ve been working on our
houses essentially building up the city
we currently have a general store over
there Logan’s house which is all the way
over there it’s really it’s really small
you probably can’t even see it now my
house is and of course we got my house
up in front here which if you guys saw
last time has a working door working
shower in the back and even a bedroom
nicholae speaking we could be living in
box 4 city for another year Logan if
we’re you for a year we’d have
skyscrapers we’d have an airport
I mean if every video gets 50,000 likes
in five years we could still be here
living in my house which by then we’ll
probably like 6,000 stories tall I do
want to remind you in case just in case
by chance some of you guys forgot if you
did not know at the end of every video
we give a massive shout out to one of
our amazing squad members all you got to
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submit that subscribe button
Logan’s got some of it right yeah
subscribe button you hit the bell button
and then leave a comment hashtag school
and let us know that you’re part of the
squad and we giving an awesome shutter
at the end of the video but today we
have a ton of stuff to do and I thought
today we could get our very first job so
we could go back to that general store
slap down a sack of cash and say I want
to buy everything this is of course box
for a city so we also need to expand the
city so I’m thinking today we also work
on the very first road that will connect
Logan’s house to my house because
eventually guys we want to buy cars to
drive in the city and like any road
we’re gonna need to build street lights
and our jobs are probably gonna need
places I think the first thing we need
to do today is get our jobs all right
why don’t we go over to the job Hut
figure out what our jobs are and then we
can start working on the road that’s not
where you find your job your jobs on in
the water it’s not the job Hut you guys
haven’t seen it already inside that’s
really all I have so far as a bad LED
lights and I have a mirror that’s about
it I kind of need to get some stuff from
the store so I guess it’s time to get
ourselves a job get some money and buy
some things welcome to the job Hut
basically any jobs that are available in
box or city are posted in here we can
take a look at them and grab whichever
one we want so why don’t I go in and see
what my first job is gonna be really
hope I got something cool like racecar
driver maybe I could be the mayor of box
city they’re hiring police officers and
appease $100 a day that could be the
sheriff of boxboard City you know I
don’t know about sheriff Papaji no no no
this job hundred bucks a day I get to be
a police officer stopping crime can’t
check out what kind of jobs Oh random
job okay I’ll pick random job
archaeologist chick I don’t want to be
an archaeologist I mean maybe maybe it
pays a lot of money what was it pay it
has a question mark next to pay well
okay that makes sense because you’re if
you’re an archaeologist you only get
paid if you find something that’s fine
keep on digging until you see like some
bones you take the bones I don’t wanna
be an archaeologist you pick random man
I mean the job for its closed for the
day so better luck next time but I’m
gonna go get my cops up and suit up for
the day I want to make this hundred
dollars okay guys so I’m back inside my
house and it looks like my cop gear has
arrived so of course I get a nice little
blaster to take down the bad guys and
some real-deal handcuffs the cuff anyone
I mean hopefully we don’t have to use
these but at the end of the day we are
getting 100 bucks of course though
before I head out as a cop I got to make
sure I’m looking fresh so why don’t I go
over here to the shower there’s no point
in having a box for shower if you don’t
freshen up oh yeah it’s cool that’s cool
I’m actually pretty excited for this get
to be officer Poppa Jake in to buy some
towels I do not have any towels in this
for that is that is definitely on my
list of things to buy okay well before I
do any archeology or anything of that
sort there are some upgrades I want to
make to my house so before we do
anything let’s make a second story for
my house
well I was thinking though guys before
we head out and actually do our jobs and
before Logan heads to the mines or
wherever he’s gonna go look for
archaeology I don’t even know what
archaeologists really do before he goes
and does that I thought it’d be a great
time to do some additions to the actual
city itself
I had the really cool idea of connecting
me and Logansport via a road so if in
the future we buy cars we can actually
drive to each other’s houses and I want
to add street lights so at night our box
with cities lit up like a real city
little table here which soon enough
we’ll be house designing a flat screen
TV which I’m gonna buy for my base and
let’s head out and start building some
additions to our box for city not you’re
not gonna help me build the streetlights
you’re gonna really work on expanding
your house yeah Jake I have some things
I want to bill to my houses see I’m
putting in the effort here man I’m
building the city I’m like don’t there
we don’t really need streetlights Jake
we don’t even have cars when we get cars
we’re gonna need streetlights and if
everyone gets us 50,000 likes eventually
we’re gonna buy cars I want to buy like
a little mini Lambo that I could drive
around it Jake’s house the general store
at the job Hut we might need a police
station for my police job I mean if a
catch criminal we gotta put him
somewhere if that is true maybe I need
my own office yeah I guess you could
have your own office all right well
let’s uh let’s grab our cardboard guys
and start working on the streetlights
while Logan works on his addition and
make this box word city awesome
I just finished installing all of our
streetlights and look at how cool this
is we’ve got the street lights set up
with the street in box for city so we
got the lines here which represent the
street a box for a city cuz you know
eventually when we do get cars and have
to build our garages we want to have a
proper street to drive down and then
we’ve got all of our street lights set
up here but the cool thing is they
actually work so underneath here there
is a lighting system
so at night it means a little dark right
now but at night you’ll be able to see
them it’ll light up the whole room
this is actually really cool-looking I
was thinking why don’t we grab some
dinner because we are surviving out here
so enjoy a nice meal and then we’ll head
out and do our jobs for the day before
we get dinner check this out I have
added my second story right now I think
this is a pretty good start to my office
I’m not done yet but I am really hungry
so let’s go eat for dinner tonight we
have some sushi
obviously we solve our jobs to do but
one of the biggest things is if I’m
gonna be doing my job Logan has his
laboratory but I don’t have a police
station yet so I need to build myself a
police station which is gonna be an
awesome addition to this box for a city
and then I’ll have a place to put back
as I catch Sun is going down and we have
just finished the second story of my box
for it you have a nice outdoor view of
what’s going on but as well we have some
nice shade in my new office we have a
window if we want some extra light we
have my laptop cuz uh
first things first guys I gotta do some
research on what this archeology job is
okay guys so right here it says
archeology is the study of human
exploring coveri and analysis and boring
guys I don’t know what this means but I
think what an archaeologist does is
something like dig up rocks and stuff
pretty good pretty good I mean it’s not
just a jail is also the police station
you did a place to put the bad guys and
to have a base of operation all right
well I’m just gonna go and be an
archaeologist I guess to start as an
archaeologist I need to get changed into
some archaeology clothing and grab my
archaeology gear okay guys I am ready to
be an archaeologist the first step is
finding a nice dig site right here as
you can see there’s a lot of dirt that
means we could find some good rocks guys
I think we got something look at this
now I’m no archaeologist but from what I
learned on Wikipedia I should dig right
this must be some sort of rare stone
three stones
this one’s really shiny guys it looks
like metallic or something for my first
day it’s an archaeologist guys I think
these stones could be pretty valuable
guys I don’t know about you but oh I
just lost the stuff think this my
crystal and it could be worth a lot of
money let’s take them back to my office
do a little research and tomorrow we’ll
bring them to the job Hut so I think
today was a pretty successful day in
terms of our archaeology and you know we
felt our office and let’s go check on
what Jake’s doing so check it out the
box for city at night is looking so
sorry we got all of the street lights
turned on you can see that the lights
shining down which leads both to Logan’s
house as well as my house now I’m not
sure exactly what Logan’s up to but I do
know I have to start my job for the day
of course it’s getting a little bit late
but that’s because I have two shifts I
have one night shift and one early
morning shift as the brand-new sheriff
aka officer Pappa Jake I got to gear up
and do my rounds and make sure that our
box for cities stays safe at night home
all day so it’s kind of nice to come
back here I got my blaster in case
things get out of hand hopefully I won’t
need to use this and even more important
I got my handcuffs all right I’m all
geared up and ready to head out it’s
just about night time now at boxboard
city so expecting to have too much
trouble around here we don’t really get
a lot of issues horses officer Pappa
Jake I like to make sure that things are
beyond safe around here so we’re looking
out for anyone doing anything wrong you
know trying to rob into houses or
anything like that I’m also gonna want
to make sure that all the houses are
locked up for the night you know just
just mostly security stuff
all right first place I’m already
noticing we have an issue here you look
here the general store looks like they
left the door open
good want to make sure that nothing’s
going on in here this is officer Popov
Jake is anyone in here hello officer
Popov Jake all right general store looks
clear doesn’t look like anyone was
tampering with it I think they just uh
forgot to close it for the day so help
them out give it a nice little close
here that’s the nice kind of stuff I
like to do as a officer around here
being the sheriff’s loss officer is a
really important responsibility so you
know a lot of people ask if Papa Jake is
it hard to be officer Papa Jake Logan’s
the geologist or archeology is and you
know being so much cooler and more
awesome having a better job than them
someone’s got to make sure the box for
city stays safe at night and that’s me
speaking of which I think we should head
on over to Logan’s house make sure
nothing’s going on over there we’re just
pulling up to Logan’s house here as you
can see it’s it’s a smaller house
definitely no one’s gonna really want to
try and burglarize it but we still want
to make sure he’s safe inside it’s
officer Pappa Jake is anyone home hello
Jake obviously I’m home sir sir what’s
your name
Jake come on so I just want to make sure
who are you sir sir I need that name Jay
no my name is Logan okay all right so it
looks like the guy in here is definitely
Logan just want to make sure it is him
confirm it is everything okay you know
I’m the gun the sheriff around here now
so it’s one make sure you’re okay
well you stay safe tonight I’ll be out
here patrolling the streets and have a
good night that’s why I love my job guys
making sure everyone’s safe we don’t
know who could have been in that box for
it but now I know it’s Logan I feel a
lot better I just got back home after a
great night Patrol everything is all
safe and sound for tonight so I think
it’s time to hang up my cuffs for
Thursday and finally get some shut-eye
today has been a pretty sweet day I mean
we got to build streetlights we got to
get jobs and actually make some money so
tomorrow we can go to the general store
and buy some stuff I mean there’s a ton
of cool stuff in there I want to get I
want to get the air conditioning guys if
you have any ideas on what we should
build next like fire station Hospital
let us know down below in the comments
but I think is late I am tired this is
gonna be night two course as always guys
if you want us to continue on and stay
another night be sure to smack that like
button so we can crush 50,000 likes and
I think I’ll be seeing you guys in the
night guys
officially up I think I can’t really see
and today we finally get to get our
money so we can go buy some really cool
new stuff for the city
I was the weatherman I’d say it’s sunny
guaranteed sunny I think we just jump
right into it today guys I said we go
over to Logan’s house paying a little
visit make sure he’s doing okay my stuff
and I’m not a beautiful day in the box
sports city I don’t know if Logan’s up
yet so let’s go knock on his door and
wake him up
okay Logan is up and he is anything I
guess I guess I slept in a little bit
check this out these rocks I found Jake
a real trained archaeologist Jake looks
like Logan was successful at his job and
I was equally successful because no
crime has happened in the city what so
oh no Logan arrest
Robbie box for city general store you’re
going away for a long time sir I don’t
know what you thought you were doing
robbing our general store but not an
officer Pappa Jake’s watch let’s go
sorry Logan I got him Joe Logan didn’t
even care yeah they care the jail starts
getting robbed come on shut up I got a
brand new prison for you get on in there
you’re going away save the air box for
jail cell all right enjoy you stay our
first criminal in Fox Sports City well I
guess it’s time to meet back up with
Logan and head over to the job hunt I
think it’s time to get paid yellow again
general story was wrong
officer papa chick to the rescue my
money here man I had to stop the robbery
so I have deserved my hundred bucks only
head on over together get our money and
then we can go to the general store and
buy some new stuff for our box for city
folk oh here we go
my first paycheck in box fort City $100
sigh let’s see what I got okay
goodbye precious rocks don’t be sad it
might be 20 bucks another spot we’ll get
you a new job use as many jobs in here
$200 say what why did you get $200 I did
you get you I I stopped a robbery you
found rocks
I mean maybe those rocks are valuable
why here I found rocks do I get more
money those are valuable rocks but all I
know is I got some cash money well now
that we have our money we can officially
head on over to the general store and
grab some new stuff for our box for city
but guys the fun does not end here we
still have a ton of stuff to do I mean
we need to build a restaurant we need to
build maybe a fire station a movie
theater an arcade there is a ton of
stuff to do and like we said earlier
guys if you want us to stay another
night and keep the series going smack
that like button lets crush 50,000 likes
I mean what what do all cities have they
got they got cruise ships and what’s the
best cruise ship ever invented Logan the
Disney cruise ship no even better Logan
the Titanic what if in the next episode
we build the Titanic and set it to sail
take inside Titanic is dangerous we’re
gonna be legit and it’s gonna be massive
I mean this is just an idea but of
course if you have some awesome ideas
guys leave them down below in the
comments also before I forget I wanted
to give you an awesome shout out to an
amazing viewer and an awesome member of
the squad alex duncan shadow to you for
being a legit squad member guys if you
see alex be sure to give him a big
thumbs up as well as a common thank you
guys wanna enjoying the squad all you
got to do is subscribe hit the bell
button and comment hashtag
but guys this of course has been Papa
Jake and Logan and we’ll see you guys
next time for another awesome video

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