Brad Garrett SWAMPS the table with $5 chips! | S5 E13 Poker Night in America

Brad Garrett SWAMPS the table with $5 chips! | S5 E13 Poker Night in America

– How would you like to play
against the pros on
National TV?
Download now to play and win.
It’s absolutely free to play.
– From Seminole Hard Rock
in Hollywood, Florida,
this is Poker Night in America.
(upbeat Jazz music)
Welcome to Poker
Night in America.
I’m Chris Hanson,
that’s Joe Stapleton.
We’re at Seminole Hard
Rock in Hollywood, Florida.
– Coming up tonight, Brad
Garrett is the real star here.
A phrase that has literally
never been uttered
in the history of television,
but in this case it
happens to be true.
– It’s my first cruise,
I’m having a blast.
– [Chris] Day three.
Our final day here at
Seminole Hard Rock.
I don’t want to go home.
– [Joe] Brad Garrett, great.
I can only pass as funny
if there’s not someone
who’s actually funny
around, this sucks.
See all he did was
buy-in for only red chips
and he’s already more hilarious
than my entire career.
(clock ticking)
– [Garrett] A little
weird when it opens up.
– [Adams] We are
trying to decide,
we are trying to do antes
on the button, I don’t know.
– [Tilly] No, not too early.
– What’s the underwear
model complaining about?
– [Tilly] Let’s not
start with that.
– What’s the matter Brandon,
you don’t have a mirror?
– So dude, are we
doing antes or not?
– No, no antes.
– No antes?
– We can do it later
when everyone’s stuck.
– When do you do antes?
– Once we spend all of
our money we can start.
– Once every five.
– Yeah, once we have
all tiny stacks,
we’ll enter the button.
– We are coming after
those red chips, aren’t we?
– Yeah, I’m really f***ing
pumped I get to raise right now.
– [Chris] Ryan Fee
raises with King-Ten,
Bowker gets involved,
and now pocket Aces.
– No way to get cards with
bigger numbers on them?
– Here we go.
– How much was that?
– Are you real Brad Garrett?
– I am, I am.
– Okay, I’m on Twitter.
– How much is it?
– Six stacks.
– Yeah, you got to
put out all these,
and then like most of that one.
– Let me tell you something,
I got a good hand.
I got a good hand bigshot.
Just telling you right now.
You wouldn’t do well in prison,
but you’re doing great here.
You’re a little pretty.
Throw a wig on you and
yodel, what do you think?
It’s six all day?
And that would make
me pot committed,
am I correct?
Because, I only have
five grand here.
I got a good hand,
I got a good hand.
Um, God damn.
Can you beat Seven-Three?
– Is this going to be the
whole show, this hand?
If so, I’m fine with
it, I just want to know.
– What is the time limit?
– 22 minutes.
– They just edit
out the dead air.
– Unfortunately, it’s unlimited.
– Oh, this is dead air?
So everyone thinks
this is dead air?
I get it, alright.
But you know, because
I am the donkey,
maybe during the
break, I could …
I’m going to fold, okay?
Is that alright?
But maybe we can talk about
what you would have done.
– [Tilly] Alright.
– Okay Gilligan, you’ll
give me five minutes?
– You got it,
whatever you want man.
– I got a call from the
Professor, the rafts are ready.
Who dresses like that?
Okay, so I lose this.
– Good fold.
– [Chris] Suddenly, Brad
Garrett sounds like
an 84 year old woman.
– [Joe] A hilarious one.
Kyle Bowker calling, a little
light, and out of position.
– You had a better
hand than one of them.
– I know I did.
– One of them, maybe not both.
– I know I had him beat.
– Well, him for
sure, he just …
– Well, I folded.
– He just sprays with trash.
– I’m worried about
Antonio Estafarti.
Now, did you call
too over there?
– I called that.
– Okay.
– Check.
– [Chris] The flop
is Nine-Seven-Four.
– [Joe] A dangerous flop for
Bowker as he pairs his nine.
(chips clicking)
– Can you count the pot
for me dealer, please?
– That’s not even allowed
if you are in the hand.
– [Chris] All right,
here comes the turn.
– Oh, Mommy likey, here we go.
– [Chris] Bowker,
now with top two.
– $2,100 American,
United States dollars
bet by Kyle Bowker.
I’m telling you, this Brandon
Adams is a good looking dude.
He looks like, how
I think I look.
He’s a good looking man.
– [Joe] He would be your
better looking brother.
– [Chris] You mean Tad?
– [Joe] No, no, no, your
better looking brother.
– [Chris] Oh, I’m sorry.
Jack on the river.
– [Joe] Queen-Nine,
he’s got to be
feeling pretty good about this.
Bowker playing some power poker.
This is not a great
run-out for Aces.
Hearts, straights, lots
of two-pair combos.
– Time?
– Come on, this is bull-sh*t.
– [Garrett] Read the
book or come play.
My marriage didn’t
last this long,
can you bump-up the
game a little bit?
– [Joe] Jason has no idea,
Brads even talking to him.
He has no clue who the
Skipper or Gilligan are.
– That is so not true.
– Queen-Nine is good.
– [Chris] Brandon Adams, welcome
to Poker Night in America.
– Are those suited sir?
– Oh course.
– Take it easy.
This is funny in retrospect,
but really probably
not the way to go
with the chips.
– [Chris] Poker Night in
brought to you by
Kimo Sabe, Mezcal.
– [Joe] Kyle Bowker,
straddling this hand,
that’s a blind-raise to 100,
he’s last to act
before the flop.
– I’ll stop.
– [Chris] Ace-10
for Brad Garrett.
– Jason thinks he has my number.
– No, I have Phil’s
number actually.
– Just because he won a
Tesla off of me last time.
– I’m going to, I
think this is 200.
– Yeah, but the cheaper model.
What doesn’t sound
so good to tweet,
I won the cheaper
model of a Tesla.
– She would never buy
the expensive one.
– You won a Tesla?
– No, he won a
Tesla the other day.
– [Joe] Not literally a Tesla,
but enough money to buy one.
– You and marshmallow,
you go to the beach in it.
– Yeah exactly.
– We’d probably
just Uber though,
the beach parking is brutal.
– [Joe] Ryan Fee, three-betting
the 700 with two tens.
– It’s just a button
raise my brother,
nothing more than
a button-raise.
– That actually is true,
he’s on the button
and he raised.
– That is correct.
– [Garrett] You don’t think
I don’t know what’s up?
– [Joe] Bowker four-betting.
– What’s that?
– Nothing but a …
– [Joe] Brad
should probably fold
but let’s just hope he
take a while to do it,
I’m really enjoying this.
– He was going to get there,
I don’t know why
he took the words.
– Took the words right
out of his mouth.
– I have a six.
I’m okay.
Whoa, you almost did
a Daniel Negreanu.
– That would have
been embarrassing.
– Just get that tied
back to the nineties.
All right,
I don’t like being
bullied, what’s your name?
– I’m bullying him, not you.
– And your bullying us.
We drove together.
See I think, because
I’m such a donkey,
Brandon, when you’re done
juicing, can you help me?
Unbelievable, poker players
don’t usually look like that.
– No, no, no.
He’s the Professor, you
have a good mix ya know.
– Do you have a calendar
out, or anything like that?
– No, no calendars.
– See, that’s what I should
have done with the Aces,
I should have raised like that.
– Yeah.
– I’m such a f***ing idiot.
– It’s okay.
– Okay, I’m going to
have to give it up.
– [Joe] Good fold Brad
Garrett, an entertaining fold.
– I’m sorry.
– All in.
– [Joe] Fee’s all
in, Bowker calls.
– Let’s just say, I
finally have a hand,
I finally have a hand
to go all in with,
and I’m probably
going to be beat.
– I guess that means
you had Ace-King.
– Let’s see, let’s
see, do we have to see?
– No, I have Tens.
– Oh, he had the Queens.
– Oh my God.
– Did you have better than that?
– This is such a
ridiculous monster prize,
this is so sick.
– What did you have Brad?
– Am I allowed to say right now?
– Yeah, you’re allowed to say.
– Ace-Ten, sorry.
– At least he didn’t
also have Tens.
– So you didn’t have a Ten?
– No, he had a Ten,
but not two of them.
– Ten of Spades?
– It was a club.
Yeah, I think it was a club.
– Oh well, your one
out is still …
– I have one out.
That’s not it.
– [Chris] Kyle Bowker is going
to scoop up a $20,000 pot.
– Nice hand there Kyle.
Way to push the table around.
– [Chris] Poker Night in America
is brought to you by out trusted
friend, Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
Why settle for tequila,
step up to Kimo Sabe.
Poker Night in America, brought
to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
With Joe Stapleton and
this is Chris Hanson at
Seminole Hard Rock
Hollywood, Florida.
All right, Brad
Garrett, he’s been
the most entertaining person
at the table thus far.
Let’s see if that continues.
– Do you want me to split?
– No, we like having
you at the table.
– Professor, I need you to bring
it down just a scooch, okay?
(chips clicking)
– All in, it’s five.
– [Joe] Jason
knows he’s in a spot,
he’s not going to be super
far ahead, super often,
but folding is so boring.
– We’re here for the gambling.
– [Joe] It’s
– [Tilly] Gamble, gamble.
– Ace-Queen.
– Ace-Queen?
You got me by one.
– [Joe] Mercier, shows the Jack.
What are we all “oh-ing,”
I don’t know is happening.
– [Chris] Oh, the flop
was Jack-Queen-eight,
so they both hit their non-Ace.
– [Joe] I see.
Spades not a factor.
– [Chris] And Brandon Adams
is going to double-up.
– [Joe] Doesn’t
Brandon Adams look like
the hot, modern reboot
version of Egon Spengler?
Come on, wouldn’t he look
great in a proton-pack?
Explain about
crossing the streams?
– What a cooler, sickening.
– [Joe] Think
about it Hollywood.
– [Joe] Mercier will
be straddling this hand.
– But if you get
in you’re going to
have to play with black
chips not red chips.
– But there’s one suit available
four candidates that
could snag it anytime.
– [Joe] I hope
your engines oiled,
these guys are
firing up the props.
Looks like there’s going
to be some side-action
wagered on the board paring,
and/or suit’s coming up.
Fee with King-Jack makes
it $400 to Mercier.
– You notice when Brandon
leaves the energy,
it just, it’s like nothing.
– It sucks out of the room.
– [Chris] It’s worth the
call from the straddle.
Check out the flop,
it is Eight-Queen-Ace.
$600 to bet from Fee.
– [Joe] Jason has the top
pair, back door nut flush draw.
He’s only got one
question, where do I sign?
– [Chris] A call from Jason.
Turn is the Six of Clubs.
– [Joe] Jason’s going to be
just fine with that card.
Some hands got there
but most didn’t
unless they were
already beating him.
– [Chris] Check from Fee.
And a check from Mercier.
– [Joe] And the same
goes for this card,
very few hands just caught up.
Now, if Ryan bets here, this
will not be a value bet.
This will be a good,
old-fashioned, case of
turning a third
pair into a bluff.
I think Jason ends up
calling this quite a bit.
No offense to Ryan,
but I’ve never seen Jason
make the wrong decision, ever.
And this was an over-bet,
so Fee, is repping
the nuts or air,
kind of weird to do that with
a hand that has showdown value.
– [Chris] Wow, and he gets
the better hand to fold, nice.
– [Joe] You know, Jason
was once called a bad-rag,
and I think that was inaccurate.
I think he’s a terrible
rag, I’m just kidding,
nice hand right there.
– That’s my biggest
leak in props.
– Sleeping?
– Sleeping while
playing the hand.
– [Joe] By the
way, sleep and prop
is when your board
comes out and you forget
to mention it so
you don’t get paid.
– Am I just supposed
to just let you sleep?
– Yes, just let me
sleep, basically.
– [Joe] Yeah, don’t
remind the guy
that his flop just came out.
– [Chris] Yeah, if you
are going to be the person
who points out that
you owe somebody money.
– [Joe] There’s no
honor system in props.
Brandon Adams straddling here.
Brad Garrett raising,
King-Ten suited.
– No, no, no, I was just asking
if I should point it out.
– [Joe] Hollywood
on Hollywood action.
– [Chris] Flop is
Garrett wiggles
out of it for now.
– I don’t think there’s
been one Heart on any flop.
– The run is really bad.
– [Joe] Jen’s got two overs
and a gut-shot to the nuts.
It’s an easy call.
– [Chris] Board
pairs on the turn.
– Oh, that was almost a Heart.
– [Joe] Garrett slows down,
I assume Jennifer is
going to do the same.
No, she wants to keep
building this pot.
She bet’s $1,000.
Garrett calls, top
pair is still good.
Deuce on the river, wow.
Garrett just dodges
all kinds of danger
on the turns and rivers
and now bets $600.
– [Joe] Everybody
might love Raymond,
but it turns out the
poker Gods love Robert.
Doesn’t even get the small
bet call on the end there.
Nice fold Jen, not even
tempted with King-high.
Best fold she’s ever
made on this show.
– You make me so mad.
– You are a mother f***er.
– [Joe] Welcome back to
Poker Night in America,
which is technically
becoming Brad Garrett’s
second longest-running TV show.
– [Chris] Oh baby, we got the
straddle, the double-straddle,
and the triple-straddle.
Oh, it’s a quadruple-straddle,
come on Brandon Adams.
– All right Brandon.
– [Joe] The graphics machine
is literally smoking right now.
There is $1,575
dollars in the pot,
and we haven’t even started
looking at the cards, fantastic.
Damn Gina, it is $800 just
to limp in at this point.
– You made it eight didn’t you?
– Of course.
– Of course, what choice
did you have really?
– I love it, he kind of had to.
– I went from having
200 to 30 big blinds.
– I like the chance of it
going fold, fold, fold.
– I’m looking for pocket sevens.
It would be a good
time to wake up
with a hand like two sevens.
– [Joe] Garrett
folds Queen-Jack.
I kind of respect the
fold at those prices.
– Don’t have two sevens.
– [Chris] Now we’re
up to the straddles.
This hand looks like a
pretty easy fold to be too.
– [Chris] There’s $1,500
dollars just waiting
to be taken out there.
– Yeah, you can
always re-straddle.
– [Chris] Jen wants
to give it a rip.
– [Dealer] Raise,
make it $3,000.
– [Chris] She raises to $3,000.
– Guy defends a
– It’s mandatory, I have to.
– [Chris] I think if Jen bets,
she might take this
whole pot down.
– I had to defend.
– Oh I’m sorry,
I had a two also.
But I had other stuff too.
– Other stuff with that deuce?
– [Chris] You know, I like
losing Jennifer Tilly,
but I love winning
Jennifer Tilly.
– [Joe] Yeah, me too.
– I will not rest until
I’ve annihilated Jason.
So it’s going to be a long life.
– [Chris] We are on
day three here at
Seminole Hard Rock in
Hollywood, Florida.
And on day one, Jason
Mercier really drug
Jennifer Tilly over
the poker coals.
A couple players with Ace-King,
and then Jason wakes
up with Queens.
(chips clicking)
– [Joe] Yeah, with all
those Aces and Kings out,
I don’t think anyone’s going
to be annihilating Jason
anytime in the near future.
– [Chris] One of these two
players is going to call,
that’s for sure, which
one’s it going to be?
– [Joe] Can it be both?
– [Chris] Because if Wasserson
calls he’s maybe thinking
that Garrett would
also call behind him,
now he’s playing a big pot.
– [Joe] What a
fold by Wasserson.
– [Chris] All right,
back to Garrett.
What’s Brad going to do?
I think we’re going to
get to see Brad Garrett
play a big hand post-flop.
– I call.
– [Chris] I want to
see him put out
a bunch of those red stacks.
Jason stands to win
a lot of chips here,
literally, there’s
hundreds of them.
– [Garrett] Wait a Minute.
– [Chris] Okay, so Garrett
– Just keep it real.
Just keep it real.
– [Chris] $5,200 in the middle.
Can Garrett out flop them?
He can not.
– [Joe] Not the flop
you’re looking for
when you have Ace-King.
Almost exactly the
flop you’re looking for
when you have two Queens.
(chips clicking)
– All in.
– [Dealer] Raise all in.
– Call.
– F***.
– [Joe] Brad’s got outs sort of.
Remember another Ace
and King were folded.
– Yeah, you got
all kinds of stuff.
– [Chris] Well, if you’re
going to make that play,
doing it on the flop is, well,
if you want some life to live,
this is the spot to do it.
– I don’t like your chances.
– I had Four-Three of Clubs.
– I had Ace-King.
– Did you really?
– [Chris] Brick on the turn.
– Ah.
– It was great,
it was really fun.
Thank you.
– The day the laughter died.
– [Joe] Well Brad,
it’s been too short.
Unlike your sitcom, Til Death,
which was somehow
on for four seasons.
– [Chris] Oh, you know
you’re glad to see him go,
because now you can go back
to being the second funniest
person at the table.
– [Joe] No, people
will remember.
They will be like,
“Oh, wasn’t it great
when Brad Garrett was here, and
the show was actually funny.
– [Chris] Yeah, it’s true.
Well, we all know that
Brad is down five K,
but find out where everyone
else stacks up after the break.
– I hope you lose.
– I hope you win Jen.
If it’s not against me I hope
you win.
– He does not hope I win.
You make me so mad.
You are a mother (bleep).
(bleep) I hate him.
I can’t win.
Poker Night in America
is brought to you
by our trusted friend,
Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
Why settle for tequila,
step up to Kimo Sabe.
– [Joe] Show me the money.
Literally, let’s see where
everyone’s money is or isn’t.
Poor Brad Garrett,
zero point zero.
All right kids, that’s all
for Poker Night in
America this time.
Come back next time
to see who fills in
the enormous hole left by
Brad Garrett’s chip stack.
The hole in the comedy will be
filled by, as usual, no one.
– Yeah, that’s us.
– Oh, sorry Chris.
– We can totally do that.
– Sure.
– Hey, I’m the funny
one on the show.
– No, you’re really nailing it.
– I think we got it.
– Where’s our Emmy?
– [Chris] For more from
Poker Night in America,
visit us at or you can
connect with us on Facebook,
Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter.
For up-to-date-information,
full episodes,
and unedited live streams.
Cause I’m the funny one, I’m
to say something real funny.
See it’s funny.
Poker Night in America
is brought to you
by Kimo Sabe, Mezcal.
– Jennifer, let’s say
I had a time machine
and a different head.
What do you look for in
a man, cause you know,
I’ve been following your
career a little bit,
and Bullets Over
Broadway changed my life.
I just want you to know,
it’s my favorite …
We’re off the air right now,
I’m just telling you
this as a friend.
When you saw Phil, not
that he’s not a great guy,
but what were you thinking?
– I was thinking, go away.
– Did he ride a
unicycle or something?
Did he show special skills?
No, but he was buzzing around me
trying to teach me
how to play poker.
– Did he really teach you?
– Well he did, yeah.
But I thought I knew
how to play poker,
so I wanted him
to leave me alone.

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