like in the next seven seconds if you
don’t rockstar or get on to your account
and erase everything on your detail on
character Marty FK playlist job but
before we get into that mr. States
addresses it via because I do got some
Mart account giveaways and I got some
shark card giveaway also and gift cards
if your choice what you gotta do to
order to get these cards on the top left
your screen like I said it’s variety of
them I’m willing to give out because
I’ve been showing me so much love and
support I’m willing to give back and
we’ll go ahead sing these codes out to
one of you lucky people now all you have
to do is make sure you stay watching the
video throughout the whole interview for
you to get a better chance to win when
these gift cards so without further ado
let’s go ahead and get to this video now
in this view right here I’m gonna show
you is afk playlist where as a moderate
FK job where you can go and get rep also
level up your character if you’re a low
level and also make money at the same
time now with this all right here is no
requirements at all but you can go ahead
get you a friend or a random player in
this job with you but I recommend you
having a friend because you also can be
both making money overnight and both
leveling up your GT online characters
absolutely free and absolutely without
doing no hard work all you’re gonna be
doing this having your joystick rubber
bands and you ain’t doing absolutely
nothing you’ll care to be moving around
in circles while you’re collecting a
briefcase was helping you level up and
also at the end of the job you will get
the cut and the payout each round that
will be in total seven
but depending on the rounds you win it
will make it even longer so what I mean
about that is if it’s seven rounds you
gotta win exactly seven rounds now if
you and your friend taking turns like
losing and winning we’re gonna do it by
itself because of the afk play this job
you’re gonna be able to make up to like
13 rounds or maybe even 14 depends on
the winning but most likely it’s 13 so
will be 13 rounds you lose six you win
seven or you lose seven you win six all
depending how much you win on that round
but it’s like 16 rounds with this
playlist’ job that’s why I like about
this FK you can do this overnight like I
said and 16 playlist jobs and it’s like
13 rounds I’m telling you like I do that
man right there you making over
thousands a hundred thousands and you
get a lot of level this based off this
FK job now right here I’m gonna show you
is just a simple FK job since this is
long you’re gonna be that’s why I said
this is overnight because you would have
the minigun your hand you have the
joystick out rubberband and have your
USB cord plugged in and just climb over
the rail if you want to and top of my
screen you will have rep add it on to
your level so this is very easy very
simple and very enlightening that heart
no requirements at all you can start
this at level one you can be fresh in
GTA online you can start doing this job
right now make it free money
what aren’t you doing absolutely nothing
overnight so by the time you wake up you
still have over 700 K in no time like
you should have a lot of money just by
with this playlist job for me I don’t
recommend doing it for myself because
I’m already a high level and also I have
plenty of money for me to go ahead buy
my buildings and my facilities and stuff
but for you guys out there that’s the
low level or you just need some money
overnight while you’re not playing GTA
this is a good playlist job for you to
do so if you want this job the link is
gonna be in description below if you
want any other money glitches or monies
like this go ahead check my video on my
channel I will have plenty of those for
you to go ahead and see as well so now
what you want to do
all right here I’m gonna show you right
now my friend going going in circles
keep going Clifton briefca this is gonna
be happening over tonight
your characters gonna be walking all
around the circle Clifton the briefcase
and dropping it off and then BOOM the
bottom on the screen his score won’t
keep going up
but I’m over here on the circle as well
we can be taking turns both clipped
Enriquez and both dropping it off so
that’s not really that much of a big
deal like that heart like I said before
make sure you do Robinho controller
makes you have the less dick pointing
forward and you have your controller
connected to a USB cord into your Xbox
or ps4 or whatever you’re using or PC
doesn’t really matter and now I have a
solo money glitch that’s coming out next
or it might be another card duplication
glitch if you like to see that video
please drop a like on today’s video I
really appreciate it also what you want
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the code to now if you the winner I will
send the code to that account to that
gamertag and if you wanna redeem it and
less than a certain amount a period of
time let me rephrase that if you do not
redeem the code or don’t even accept the
message when I send out the code to you
to the account it will go to the next
winner so now if you don’t redeem it
like I said you will not be the winner
no more it will go to on to the next
subscriber now you have to be subscribed
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also have to watch throughout the whole
entire video like you just did today so
I really appreciate everybody for
watching this video I hope you all have
a great day
go ahead my name is cash I will be
posting some more GTA
glitches solve you interested in that go
ahead please hit that subscribe button
leave a like and also comment down below
if you don’t want to miss out on the
might account giver from the beginning
of the video now as you can see is round
2 but i’ma going in today’s video I hope
you are enjoy and I’ll see you in my
next video
ok let’s go

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