Breaking News! US Customs and Border Security Computer System Crashes Thousands Of Travelers Delayed

Breaking News! US Customs and Border Security Computer System Crashes Thousands Of Travelers Delayed

everybody it’s Bruce here traveling with
Bruce it’s August the 16th 2019 and at
midday today the entire computer system
for US Customs and Border Protection
crashed causing massive delays at all
airports around the United States lines
as long as five thousand passengers were
reported at LAX long lines at JFK Miami
Dallas and other airports and this
brings to mind something to remember as
a cruise ship traveler you want to
absolutely make sure that if you’re
coming into the United States from
outside for a cruise you should arrive
the day before your cruise at the
absolute minimum you may want to arrive
a couple of days to adjust for time
change but in cases like this you do not
want to be caught in a five-hour line
that should only be taking 15 minutes
who knows how long this is gonna take
the resolve now we’ve heard today that
the system has come back online we don’t
know how reliable it is there was talk
of a cyber security attack on the entire
system but cruise ships that will arrive
late tonight in Miami fort lauderdale
port canaveral and all the other US
ports will have to process their
passengers off the ships at these
terminals before they can accept new
passengers on the ship so hopefully we
won’t have lineups like this for
passengers trying to get off the cruise
ship tomorrow morning and we won’t have
long lineups like this for passengers
trying to clear us customs to come into
the USA to get on their cruise ships
we’ll stay on top of this story like I
say it’s a flowing thing it changes
minute by minute
but it seemed that earlier today it was
a system-wide outage at lasted several
hours it’s going to take many hours for
passengers to be processed flights have
been canceled already because of this
delay and we’ll just see if the
ramifications can be cleared up by
tomorrow morning join me on Monday eight
o’clock the eastern time for live crew
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17 thoughts on “Breaking News! US Customs and Border Security Computer System Crashes Thousands Of Travelers Delayed”

  1. This is absolutely unacceptable! There needs to be a back-up system in cases such as this.

    C'mon, everyone knows computers go down from time to time so, any intelligent person/agency hopefully can look 2 feet in front of themselves to anticipate such problems. Absolutely rediculious!

    Hopefully the cruise lines did the right thing and delayed their departure times to accommodate these passengers. After all, this wasn't their fault.

  2. wow we had similar issues at port miami in july getting off the msc seaside some issues with facial recognition was not working

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