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  1. you missed one thing ,he was the first to ever become a LEGEND and live in our hearts forever

  2. How can anybody be so foolish to believe any of this nonsense?
    Bruce Lee was an actor, he was very athletic, but the feats listed in this video are pure fantasy.
    Sorry to burst his bubble, and i dont mean to offend any Bruce Lee fans, but unfortunately Superman isn't real

  3. Bruce Lee is put in the same category as Andre the giant, Andre was nothing more than a big alcoholic cripple who could barely move, yet people talk like he was a superhuman.
    Bruce Lee probably had similar strength to an average 15 year old high school kid, he was just so skinny and light that he could move quickly

  4. Lol, love Bruce Lee, these so called records are laughable. You lost me when you compared his punching power a 260 lbs. Ali, lol. Ali's fighting weight was no where near 260. I stop watching after the pushup claim 🤣. RIP Bruce aka the G.O.A.T

  5. Wish I cud have met him… taken wayyyy too soon..I knew a kid up in Hudson, NY that did a one finger push up.. after he did it , he got up and almost broke his finger..!

  6. Ony one person beat Bruce Lee and that's the founder of Trackma none other than Mr. Travor. He is a Filipino. Bruce Lee planned a movie with him but unfortunately Bruce died. The title of the movie would be The rhytm man and the dragon.

  7. Sayang nmn hndivq cia naabitang buhay, iniidolo q parin cia khit patay n cia nung napanood q mgamovies nia…, Totoo pla tlgang magaling cia s martial arts… Kabadtrip nmn yung pumatay s knya ayaw nlng maging masaya para s knya dhil cguro s imggit kya nia pinatay c Bruce sna ngdusa cia s pgpatay nia s idol q…

  8. He was dead already when I'm watching his movies but I still a big fun of him…,, I'm sad for his early death….., He was born in 1940 and died at 1973 but me…was born in 1989 that's why i didn't watch his other movies before…, Unlike now we have a new technology to watch an older movies…so now i will go to the bruce Lee's site…. hahahaha

  9. I hope hes the champion fighter in the after life…an when i die i wanna see him..beat all his doubters.. Bruce Lee is gonna be waiting lol..i wish..hes gotta still be working out somehow..I will search for him in the afterlife. ✌ 👀

  10. Don't ascribe world records to Bruce Lee he doesn't have. A world record is something official with actual evidence and witnesses to chronicle the event.

    I like Bruce Lee but don't make him out to be some kind of superhero. He was an actor who would probably get knocked out by a streetfighter.

  11. With all due respect to Master Lee, misleading of this video creator to show Sly Stallone's lower body lifts in Rocky 4 as one of Bruce Lee's stunts.

  12. Please find another video if you want to know about Bruce Lee. This video unfortunately has a lot about Bruce which is untrue.

  13. Why was there a pic of rocky in Russia training near the end of vid. Anyone else notice that wasnt Bruce lee🤫

  14. Bruce lee is a god of martial arts best quote he made


    -Bruce lee

    I respect you :'(

  15. Isn’t it a bit weird the day he got bullied after that day he started the martial arts dummy and pretty much became the water dragon 🐉

    If that day he never got bullied?!!!! Who would he be today

  16. Any official record of known associations of martial arts for being the tournament champion ?did he become a champion on his early age?

  17. The 7.4k dislikes are from Steven Segal fans, and btw Mr Lee, your inspiration continues to guides me towards my personal liberation.

  18. What does this record mean? > He could kick 45Kg a sandbag by a side kicking no diss to mr lee just dont understand what's tryng to be said

  19. Stupid ass shit !!! Those aren't actual records , he did them but I personally know a guy that can puncture an unopened coke can with his finger !!! And I'm sure there's others that can do the other things !!! This is a list of things he did but not actual records !!! Fuckin stupid , people will put anything out there just to make a video on YouTube

  20. Such a load of crap, nobody can kick 6 times in one second. The Flash might could, if he existed. And I don't see how 1500 push ups is a record, the record is over 10,000 non-stop.

  21. This is the most ridiculous video I've ever seen. Choreographed kicks to six men and overreacting in a movie… Sorry, that's been done. And it is still fake.

  22. Could you please tell me where I can find the actual documentation of these 9 world records, as opposed to just your words, no disrespect but unless I read them for myself then they are not true. Especially since 5:14 is a scene from Rocky 4 with Sylvester Stallone doing the dragon fly sit ups come on man that right there shot a hole in your integrity

  23. Bruce Lee lutou contra o preconceito esse Tarantino é um palhaço retratar o mestre das artes marciais da maneira que ele retratou é um invejoso

  24. Few of the TRULY SPECIAL PEOPLE live to retirement age. LEE was one of these special human beings. Who are here for a short time less than 60 years. But make a huge lasting impact on millions of lives.

    RIP little dragon.

  25. He was NOT born in America!….. His father sent him to America to escape the crime gangs he would soon be joining or being jailed….read a book.

  26. 'Some people be like,that's impossible. There's no way it will be like that.' Shut up you folk,if anyone even 1 ppl can do that than you not calll it as world record

  27. Just stop inflating a movie star to legendary level. he was a good looking Asian actor who could not make it in US then went back to HongKong to cash in the KungFu movies craze at the time. He succeeded beyond his dream mainly by possessing martial arts skills other actors did not have.

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