*Intro Music plays*
I grew up with two sisters
And it was usually my job to take care of bug invasions [lol me to][R.I.P]
And cleanse the immediate area of apparent danger,
Whenever spiders, centipiedes, or… Whatever appears
I’d be in my room and suddenly hear a scream (Background) EHHHHH
And a cry for my help,
I’d get there and I’ll be like: “WHAT?! What is it?! I’m fighting Sephiroth right now and Donald keeps dying!
“This better be important!”
Dom’s Sister: Kill it! Oh my god kill it!
*Slight pause*
It’s not hurting anyone……
Sister: Kill it!!!!!!!!!
But it’s on the ceiling..
SIster: KILL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dom: But-
Sister: I don’t care just kill i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-it

Now, I neither like nor dislike bugs,
I don’t have a phobia of them. But I don’t welcome them with open arms when they enter the same room that I’m occupying.
I actually used to be pretty brutal with bugs. One time a spider crawled up my wall, And I caught it with my peripheral vision.
So I grabbed the nearest book, and my arms reached and, launched it at the wall
Obliterating the spider, (complete distuction)and whatever hopes and dreams it had, (sick animation)There was carnage on the wall, there was carnage on my book! I wiped it off my book, but whatever was left on the wall I didn’t clean it off, and kept it there as a message, I guess?
For any future trespassing bugs who were like:
Cockroach Dave: Bro! I need to get to the ceiling! (fast)
Cockroach Tom: Are you crazy man? While he’s around?(you serious?)
Cockaroach Tom: Did you see what he did to Will?
(R.I.P Wii the Spoder 1969-9000)
death by obliteration
Cockaroach Dave: Yeah, you’re right (peace out)
It’s probably like been 8 years since I killed Will, but his bloodstains are still on that wall.(i aint going back!)
When I used to live in Virginia, my family and I lived at the first floor of this townhouse complex (Nice)
One day, I noticed an ant colony found its into my room, and I realized that they had found a piece of cookie that fell on the gap of my table on the wall.
I tell my Dad and hes like: Here’s some bug spray, Good luck..(aka. kick their ASS)
And the can of bug spray was like pretty much full when I got it, but when the time that I was done it was probably more than half empty.
I sprayed those ants as much as I put cheese on my pasta, okay?
If I even see a square milimeter of pasta, (pasta is done)I don’t got enough cheese. Gimme the cheese bowse!(Thats alot of cheese O.O)
If I saw an ant,
that ant gotta be drowned in bug spray.
So after the massacre took place in my room, I stood on the battlefield among all the carcasses, and indulged in my victory.(demonitized)
Went to bed, And found myself very ill due to the lingering toxins of the excessive bug spray that I used.
I inhaled that (domics bro ur going to get me in trouble) all night!
Truly ironic. Good game ants, goo-Good game I-I played myself.(congratulations ya played yourself)
16-year old Dom? you-you-you played yourself.
But I mellowed out a bit now with bugs, I think.
I actually have this unwritten policy with them, If they ever enter in my line of sight.
Basically: If I catch you on the premises, you get a warning.
I’ll let you proceed with whatever business led you to getting caught by a lethal human who occupies this space.
But if I see you again, You’re dead.(you here you die)
I mean it might be a bit unfair since I don’t exactly communicate this agreement to them,
but I-I-I’m sorry if you’re just passing by, then that’s cool.
But if know that you’re lingering around, then, you gotta die
I can’t have you crawling in my mouth while i’m sleeping, (gag)
Can’t let that happen sorry, Imma have to end you
I don’t go all Starship Troopers on them anymore
I keep it a little more civil now, And give them the Sharben treatment followed by the trash can treatment.
But if it’s lucky enough to be caught on the 1st floor by a door or a window, then i’ll probably set it free(you are free small one)
I do have some exceptions for first sightings though
If you’re coming for my food, you’re dead.(not the pizza!!!)
If you’re crawling on me, somewhere on my body, you’re dead
If you’re on my bed, you deeeeaaad.
If you’re 5 cubic meters or larger in volume.
Then my bad, Take the house I-I don’t want it no more, I’m setting it on fire.
I say all this, but honestly the bugs I encounter don’t even come CLOSE to the kind of demons people in other countries have to deal with.
Australia for example
What even?
A-Are you guys okay over there?
And it’s not even just bugs, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re from Australia and you’re halfway into a snake right now while you’re watching this
Then if you are… Well, shiiiiiit…
You loyal!
I appreciate that
Ohhhhhh Boy!
Guess what’s back again?
School tiiiiimmmmeeee! aka barf
…for you guys anyway.
I’ve been done with that for years now.
(Maniac laughter)
Oh man I’m old 🙁
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(The Captioners: Rex Legason DICK and KayleeN Thats it we only made all of this Subtitles I’m so lonely ;(. )
(Not really, though)
(Also this took 1 Week to make because of school N’ Stuff>_(THE END)

100 thoughts on “Bugs”

  1. Hey Dom I just wanted to say the stereo type of bugs and snakes being massive (I'm Australian) is true but you don't see them most of us live in urban or suburban areas but the the monsters come from the dessert or the deep bush we do get gekkos blue tounges and ants

  2. I am from Australia and I've probably been bitten by a snake 2 or 3 times (I'm 12 at the moment) and one of them was legit while I was watching one of your videos, so this is VERY relatable!

  3. Honestly no offence to Australians but I ain’t going anywhere near your country with your scary/gross/big @$$ bugs and animals
    F*** NO! Ok?

  4. Wait………………..


    From Australia

    Tell my family I love them

    Wait the spider may get to them first

  5. I’m from Australia and I hate how they make fake bugs. You can’t tell which to kill. Or to run away from

  6. When you see a cockroach
    Alright time to get the bug spray
    When the cockroach starts flying

  7. After I watched this……is there something in my vent cockroach family of 20 oh he'll no.bug spray few still a live another day . In Australia family of 20 snakes get the gun son.

  8. I just saw a bug with red eyes today…
    I made sure it sniffed a lot of bug spray
    Don't sh** with bugs : |

  9. Why does dom say as class instead of assasination classroom before i watched the anime i thought it was something very very different

  10. Domics: Tokyo ghoul. Me: OMG OMG YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY YAYAYAY BUT Then I realize I have no money hello darkness my old friend

  11. I'm not afraid of spiders but when I see one I be like hell no because I don't know if it's gonna jump on me or bite me or something like that

  12. yeah, i'm gonna take my giant centipede to this awsome school, i'm gonna, ride till I cant no more, I got the joey's in the bag (old town road parody)

  13. The white grubs (3.39) r called whitchetty grubs and u can eat those bro and we aussies r fine no need to worry

  14. So I saw this cockroach on the ceiling and it was like 2 inches and it crawled into the vent at my summer school.

  15. when I cook ramen on the stove I pour the hot water out but when my sink is dirty there are ants….so I boil the ants by pouring the steaming hot water on them…

  16. One time I caught a house lizard in my periferal vision caught it it's tail fell off,I squeezed it's head and juice squirted out of it's eyes and it didn't die so I crushed the internal organs but the the open tail wound was pointing at me and the organs flew onto my face.

  17. idc about any kind of bug really i dont squish them or put them outside unless they're like invading like roaches/ants

  18. Any creature on earth: haves fear of cockroaches
    Australia: Pathetic.
    China, that haves a wasp that can dissolve your skin: YOU DARE OPPOSE ME M O R T A L

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